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Chalcopyrite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch) - Image One
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Chalcopyrite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)

Item#: 16256  
List Price:$8.99
Deal Price: $4.99 /each
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Chalcopyrite is the most important copper ore on the earth today. Ores are a type of rock that contain minerals that are extracted and refined for use in a variety of ways. Often confused with pyrite, chalcopyrite actually is less brittle and rarely comes in crystalline form in comparison to pyrite. It is often referred to as yellow copper due to the high quantity of copper it contains. This specimen is of a tarnished variety, which creates a fabulous multi-colored metallic luster. This is definitely going to benefit you if you need a new unique-looking mineral to show off in your science classroom or your home collection!

Chalcopyrite Specifications:

Color: Brass yellow, may have iridescent purplish or green tarnish
Color of streak: Greenish black
Moh’s hardness: 3.5
Specific gravity: 4.1 - 4.3
Cleavage: Indistinct on {011}
Fracture: Irregular to uneven
Crystal system: Predominantly the disphenoid and resembles a tetrahedron
Chemical composition: CuFeS2
Transparency: Opaque
Refractive index: None
Double refraction: None
Dispersion: None
Pleochroism: None
Absorption spectrum: None
Fluorescence: None

Please be aware that this is a natural mineral and as such each piece is one of a kind. The one you receive may not be exactly the same as the ones pictured but it will be similar. Price is per each piece. They come in irregular shapes, sizes and weights.

Indistinct on {011}
Indistinct on {011}
Indistinct on {011}
Predominantly the disphenoid and resembles a tetrahedron, commonly massive, and sometimes botryoidal

14 +
Box Size:
3.00 x 2.50 x 1.00 inches
7.62cm x 6.35cm x 2.54cm
0 lb 7 oz
0.18 kg

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