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Hand-blown Glass Radiometer 3 inch - Image One
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Hand-blown Glass Radiometer 3 inch

Item#: 16153  
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A gorgeous, fully-functional, hand-blown glass radiometer.  Also known as the "ight mill" or "solar engine," the solar radiometer demonstrates with simple physics how light can be transformed into energy.  Its invention in1873 is credited to Sir William Crookes, an English physicist.  The black and polished vanes are suspended in the semi-vacuum created inside the radiometer.  The vanes, or wings, in this solar radiometer are alternately dark and light in color. When the light strikes these wings it transfers heat to each one - but not at the same degree. The lighter wing reflects the rays and the darker wing absorbs. The stronger the light, the more energy there is to heat up the darker side of the wing, as air pressure builds and raises the temperature of the air molecules on the black side, causing the wings to spin faster. It spins under natural light of the sun, or a strong light concentrated upon it.  Great for science projects, as a gift for a physics instructor, student, or enthusiast, or as an elegant conversation piece for your desk!


  • Elegant design, hand-blown glass
  • Uses heat transfer to spin
  • No batteries required; the radiometer is powered entirely by light
  • Either solar or indoor light works
  • Great desk toy
  • Great for solar science lessons

16 +
Box Size:
11.50 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches
29.21cm x 12.07cm x 12.07cm
0 lb 7 oz
0.20 kg

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