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Magnetic Periodic Table Set - Image One Magnetic Periodic Table Set - Image One
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Magnetic Periodic Table Set

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Use this investigation of the first 20 elements of the Periodic Table to illustrate the core concepts of atomic theory. This selection of magnetic element cards will stick to the black or white board in a classroom or office, and are designed to minimize the extra information given on more advanced periodic tables while focusing on essential points. This allows students to become active learners as they discover the concepts and trends as they sequentially build the table. The cards can be used to illustrate several major concepts including Families & Periods, Atomic Number & Mass, Electron Shells & Valency, and Isotopes. The set includes elements 1-20 plus: Hydride(H-), 14 additional elements (4 x H, 3 x O, 2 x CL, 1 x F, 2 x Na, 2 x K). 3Mg Isotopes, and Au & Pb. Teacher's notes also included.


  • Contains 40 elemental cards and 2 blanks
  • Each elemental card shows atomic mass/number, symbol, element name/shells, and valency
  • Duplicate/extra cards in addition to first 20: 4xH, 3xO, 2xCl, 1xF, 2xNa, 2xK, 1xAu, 1xPb
  • Students learn hands-on as they employ pattern recognition to discover the relationships between elements
  • Teacher's guide and notes are included - excellent for use in the classroom or as a home study tool

12 +
Box Size:
6.50 x 4.75 x 1.25 inches
16.51cm x 12.07cm x 3.18cm
2 lb 15 oz
1.31 kg

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