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Desktop Signal Generator / Counter - Dual Channel 20MHz - Image One Desktop Signal Generator / Counter - Dual Channel 20MHz - Image two
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Desktop Signal Generator / Counter - Dual Channel 20MHz

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Introducing our advanced DDS Function Signal Generator from the cutting-edge series, a versatile instrument designed for precision and high-performance signal generation. Featuring a sophisticated combination of FPGA integrated circuits and a high-speed MCU microprocessor, this signal generator boasts a stable inner circuitry base with a high-precision oscillator, ensuring unparalleled signal stability. The application of SMT process technology significantly enhances anti-interference capabilities and prolongs the instrument's lifespan.

Key Features:

  • DDS Technology: Utilizes DDS direct digital synthesis for precise, stable, and low-distortion output signals.
  • Dual Independent Channels: CH1 and CH2 offer completely symmetrical channels, each independently configurable.
  • User-Defined Waveforms: Supports user-defined waveforms with a memory depth of 2048*12 bits and a sampling rate of 250MSa/s.
  • Burst Output Function: Features pulse trains burst output with three trigger modes for versatile applications.
  • Measurement Functions: Includes a 100MHz frequency meter and counter function.
  • Amplitude and Offset Adjustments: Signal output amplitude ranges from 10mVpp to 20Vpp, with a DC offset adjustment range of -10V to 10V.
  • Digital Signal Output: Offers a digital signal output function with a CMOS output range of 0~10V.
  • High Resolution: Waveform generator with up to 12 bits width, ensuring delicate output waveforms with low distortion.
  • CNC Functions: Full CNC functionality for displaying and adjusting current output signal parameters such as amplitude, offset, frequency, duty cycle, and phase difference.
  • Computer Connectivity: Connects to a computer for remote control, allowing users to edit and download arbitrary waveforms.
  • High Frequency Accuracy: Achieves frequency accuracy up to 10^(-6) magnitude with a total range frequency resolution of 10mHz.
  • Tracking Function: Built-in frequency, amplitude, offset, duty cycle, and waveform parameters follow function for easy use.
  • Scanning Features: Includes frequency linear sweep and logarithmic sweep functions with customizable start and end points.
  • Storage Capability: Can store up to 20 user-defined parameter sets for convenient recall.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Operates through key input with an LCD1602 display in English, allowing for direct digital setting or continuous adjustment via the knob.
  • Input Protection: Features input over-voltage protection with an extended power input range of AC85V to AC260V.
  • Output Protection: Equipped with output short-circuit protection, ensuring continued operation in load short-circuit situations for over 60 seconds.

Experience the next level of signal generation with our DDS Function Signal Generator, an ideal instrument for electronics engineers, electronic laboratories, teaching, and research applications.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency Parameters

Frequency Range

Sine Wave

Normal Modes(Optional): 0Hz~6MHz / 0Hz~12MHz / 0Hz~20MHz / 0Hz~24MHz

Square Wave


Triangle Wave


Other Waveform


The Min. Frequency Resolution

10mHz (0.01Hz)

Frequency Accuracy


Frequency Stability

(+/-)2*10^(-6)/3 Hours

Phase Adjustment Range


Phase Resolution

Waveform Parameters

Output Waveform Types

Sine/Triangle/Square/Sawtooth/Pulse Wave, Lorentz Pulse, Multi-tone, Random Noise, Electrocardiogram, Trapezoidal Pulse, Symplectic Pulse, Narrow Pulse, Gaussian White Noise, Amplitude Modulated Waveform,
Frequency Modulated Waveform and User Defined Waveform

Sine Wave

Harmonic Distortion ≤0.8%(Referent Frequency 1KHz)

Square Wave

Rise/Fall Time

≤20ns(Referent Frequency 100KHz, 10Vpp)



Duty Cycle


Sawtooth Wave


≥98% (0.01Hz~10KHz)

Pulse Wave

Pulse Width Adjusting Range


Rise/Fall Time


TTL Output

Level Amplitude



>20 TTL Load

Rise/Fall Time


CMOS Output

Low Level


High Level


Level Rise/Down Time


Waveform Output

Output Impedance

50Ω(+/-10%) (Typical)

Output Amplitude

≥20Vpp(No Load)


All signals output can work above 60s under the condition of load short circuit

DC Offset

Offset Adjustment Range


Offset Resolution


External Measurements

Frequency Measuring Range

GATE-TIME=1S 1Hz - 100MHz

Input Voltage Range


Counting Range


Periodic Measurement

20ns Resolution, the Max. Measurable 20s

Scanning Function

Scan Mode

Linear Sweep, Logarithm Sweep

Scan Object


Scan Time


Frequency Setting Range

Start Point and End Point can be set arbitrarily

Frequency Scan Range

It is determined by the sweep parameter settings

General Parameters





M0 to M19 (01 for default value)


Interface Mode

Using USB to Serial Interface

Communication Speed



Command Line Mode, Protocol Complete Open

Power Supply

Plug Type(Optional)

US Plug / EU Plug

Voltage Range

AC 85V to AC 260V


Display Type

LCD 1602 Display


Temperature: 0~40°C

Humidity: <80%


19 * 18 * 7cm / 7.5 * 7 * 2.75in (L * W * H)


577g / 20.36oz

Package Size

25 * 21 * 9.5cm / 9.84 * 8.27 * 3.74in (L * W * H)

Package Weight

913g / 32.23oz

18 +
Approx. Ship Size:
10.00 x 8.50 x 4.00 inches
25.40cm x 21.59cm x 10.16cm
1 lb 15 oz
0.88 kg

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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