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Eerie Orb

Item#: 13035   5 star rating 11 customer reviews
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The UFO Ball is an awesome gift, teaching tool, decoration and more in one! In a very basic way it demonstrates circuits and conductivity. Simply touch both metal strips and see the reaction of the ball. Or use it in a group by having Person A touch one metal strip and Person B touch the other strip, then letting person A and person B touch each other--watch what happens!


  • Simple educational toy that demonstrates circuits and conductivity
  • Makes neat sound effects while in use
  • Ball is 1.5in in diameter
  • Works most effectively in low lighting or darkness
  • Good as a stocking stuffer or for demonstration purposes in the classroom

5 +
Approx. Ship Size:
5.00 x 3.50 x 1.50 inches
12.70cm x 8.89cm x 3.81cm
0 lb 1 oz
0.02 kg

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating  Great Attention Getter
Teresa McKee from Northridge, CA
I use these to show people how electrical currents run through our bodies as a group. It's a big WOW factor and gets everyone engaged!

5 star rating  Simple fun...
SpaceTeach from Philadelphia, PA, USA
This is a great toy to demonstrate some cool science.

5 star rating  UFO BALL
P. Murphy from MD
Great teaching tool for multiple topic areas. i.e. STEM activities. Nutrition: balanced diet, ball lights up. Junk foods, no light. Students can create their own edu activity using ball as a prop and present it to class.

5 star rating  UFO Ball - Fun!
Jennifer S. from New Jersey
This is an awesome way to gets kids charged up about energy!

5 star rating   Elyse from NY
Came packaged well and quickly. The product was exactly what I was looking for. My primary reason for the purchase was for work however my 3 year old took ownership immediately. Fun and educational.

5 star rating   Betsy from NYC
This is amazing! Get a group of friends (anywhere from three to thirty or more!) and have them stand in a circle and hold hands, except for your hand that is holding the ball and the hand of the person on one side of you. Then tell everyone that you are going to demonstrate how the electromagnetic fields of everyone's body creates one continuous circuit. Then you and the person next to you each touch one of the contacts on the UFO ball. The loud buzz that sounds will demonstrate that the circuit has been completed, and everyone will see how the energy fields of human bodies interact! It's very cool!!

5 star rating  Much more than a toy......a truly
Dr Bruce Copley from Cape Town, South Africa
The UFO ball is sold as a toy but it does much more than just entertain people. I have used it for many years as a unique EDUTAINMENT tool with tens of thousands of adults all over the world ranging from life term prisoners to senior citizens. It rarely fails to elicit "aaha" insights and it works with as many as 100 people holding hands in a circle. I have used it very effectively to practically illustrate and highlight human metabolism, holism, interconnectedness, the power of gathering in circles as opposed to rows, invisible energy fields, whole brain functioning and integration, community building, passion, etc.

5 star rating  Out of this World
Tammy Powell from Orlando, FL
This is the second UFO ball I have purchased, and it is one of my favorite products. Great for "wow-ing" the little ones or for classroom use in teaching circuits. We have had up to thirty students joining hands to complete the circuit and activate the flashing light and sound effects generated by the ball.

5 star rating  UFO Ball
Hendrik from South-Africa
Great product. Great Fun. Great service from Xump.

5 star rating  UFO Ball
JR from USA,MA,Cambridge
This is an amazing little object that illustrates the conduction of electricity.

5 star rating  UFO Balls
Ron Rioux from New Mexico
Very helpful in teaching electrical circuits concepts

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