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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
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Final Clearance

Periodic Table of Elements Poster - Laminated

Stick this poster on your dorm room wall and learn chemistry in your sleep!

Item#: 10068 Age: 10+
(4 customer reviews)

Slide Making Kit

Perfect addition to your microscope!

Item#: 10337 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Telephone Bug Kit

This kit allows you to build your very own telephone bug!

Item#: 10207 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Konus Space-6 Telescope

See the surface of the moon with this high-quality beginners telescope.

Item#: 10518 Age: 8+


Human Anatomy Model - Large 20 in

The large realistic model has removable organs that can be studied and set back into the correct position.

Item#: 10838 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Illusion Science 4M Kit

Challenge your eyes with this cool science kit!

Item#: 11321 Age: 9+
(1 customer reviews)

Enviro Battery 4M Kit

This kit allows you to build your own environmentally-friendly battery!

Item#: 11695 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)


Fuel Cell X7 Kit

Build a model car that runs on hydrogen gas using a unique reversible fuel cell!

Item#: 12182 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Solar Science 4M Kit

Explore the science of solar thermal energy with this neat kit!

Item#: 13400 Age: 8+

EMC2 Periodic Table of Elements Poster

Learn the Periodic Table of Elements with this great new poster!

Item#: 10916 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Glow Skeleton T-Shirt

Use this glow-in-the-dark skeleton T-shirt for Halloween events, creepy anatomy club meetings, and more!

Item#: 14976 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Brush Robot 4M Kit

Get swept away by this fantastic robot kit that uses vibrations to move!

Item#: 13397 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Air & Water Power Kit

Build your own models powered by air and water pressure to learn about the laws of physics in this kit!

Item#: 13917 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Cell Development and Reproduction Slide Set

10 prepared slides for cell development learning.

Item#: 12174 Age: 8+

US Map Poster - Laminated

Excellent laminated map of the USA!

Item#: 13291 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Rearview Specs

Rearview Specs allow you to see behind you while looking straight ahead!

Item#: 12130 Age: 5+

Complete Book Of The Microscope

This amazing 96-page book will show you how to choose, maintain, and use a microscope to see amazing things!

Item#: 12327 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Magnet Bills

Perfect for home or classroom learning math fun!!

Item#: 11142 Age: 5+

Petrified Wood - Tumbled Bulk Mineral

A wonderful addition to any rock collection!

Item#: 13663 Age: 10+

Solar Mechanics Science 4M Kit

Build six solar-powered models with this fun kit!

Item#: 14616 Age: 8+

Solar Spinner

Use this solar-powered platform to show off hobby models!

Item#: 15042 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Tumbled Pyrite

An awesome pyrite specimen for any science classroom!

Item#: 13657 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

TK2 Microscope Kit

Embark on a guided journey through the microscopic world, revealing its hidden creatures and unseen structures!

Item#: 12732 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)


Fuel Cell 10 Kit

Learn about hydrogen fuel cells with this incredible kit!

Item#: 13442 Age: 10+
(3 customer reviews)

Aluminum T-Rex Kit

Great robot for the aspiring paleontologist in your family!

Item#: 13675 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

Science Experiments On The Go Kit

Take your experiments on the road with this travel-friendly science kit!

Item#: 15067 Age: 8+

Quartz - Tumbled Bulk Mineral

Great tumbled quartz piece to add to any rock collection!

Item#: 13661 Age: 7+

Bubble Science 4M Kit

Use this bubble science kit for your next science project!

Item#: 14735 Age: 8+

Kendama Fade-Out

Check out this classic toss-and-catch skill game from Japan, now with cool fade-out design!

Item#: 15520 Age: 6+

Sharks Discovery Book

Sharks – Usborne Discovery Book provides a whole new way to learn about spectacular sharks!

Item#: 12336 Age: 5+

Dinosaur Eraser

Make mistakes extinct with this cute dinosaur eraser!

Item#: 15021 Age: 6+

Advanced All-Purpose Thermometer

This Advanced All-Purpose Thermometer allows students to measure temperatures in a range of -22 degrees F to 230 degrees F (-30C to 110C).

Item#: 15587 Age: 8+

Science With Air Book

This book features experiments on the wonders of air!

Item#: 12651 Age: 5+

Real Scorpion USB Mouse

This mouse includes a real scorpion mounted on the inside of it!

Item#: 14449 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

Duncan Phoenix Diabolo

The Duncan Phoenix Diabolo features a stable, hard rubber shell that retains its shape.

Item#: 15001 Age: 12+

Brain Quest Smart Game

It's fun to be smart with this fast-paced board game!

Item#: 14944 Age: 6+

Optical Illusions - 37 Projects Book

Use this book to understand, enjoy, and draw your very own optical illusions!

Item#: 13960 Age: 12+

Jr. Scientist Tumbling Robot Kit

Build a tumbling robot that gets up right after it has fallen down, without any outside help!

Item#: 15250 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Nightzone Hoops

Light up your game with the Nightzone Light up Hoops!

Item#: 15788 Age: 6+

Magformers - 14pc Set

Build amazing designs using intelligent magnet technology with this set!

Item#: 14006 Age: 5+

Selenite Candle Holder

This beautiful candle holder is carved out of natural selenite!

Item#: 14499 Age: 10+


Konus Academy Microscope 1000X

Heavy-duty microscope for high-school and college biology labs. Magnification of up to 1000X.

Item#: 12060 Age: 18+


Konus MotorMax-90 Telescope

View the glory of space with this hi-tech telescope set!

Item#: 11571 Age: 12+

Alien Attack Sling Shot

Fun mini slingshot with two-extra stretchy aliens who double as ammunition!

Item#: 16278 Age: 5+

The Genius of Charles Darwin Poster

This poster is a great tribute to Charles Darwin!

Item#: 14172 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Muscular System Poster - Laminated

Covers the anatomy of the human muscular system with beautiful, intricate, newly designed illustrations.

Item#: 15429 Age: 18+

Catchy AIR Kendama - Red

Classic toss-and-catch skill game from Japan with a new air-flow technology!

Item#: 15885 Age: 9+

Crystal Nightlight Kit

Learn about the chemistry of crystal formation and the physics of light and color as you build your own fully functional crystal nightlight with this fun, hands-on kit!

Item#: 15738 Age: 8+

Celestron 5MP Handheld Digital Microscope PRO

This Celestron digital microscope rises to a new level with the included adjustable-height stand.

Item#: 15392 Age: 18+

Analyze This - Biology Slide Set Book

Did you just purchase the Biology Slide Set? Then this book is a must-have resource for you!

Item#: 14080 Age: 12+


GeoCards USA are 5 Card Games in One That Make Geography Fun!

Item#: 15398 Age: 4+

Air-Stream Machines Kit

Build 10 different models which explore the science of air pressure through fun activities!

Item#: 15224 Age: 8+

Burj al Arab 3D MetalEarth

Check out this super-detailed model of the Burj al Arab!

Item#: 14746 Age: 14+
(1 customer reviews)

GEOPuzzle USA and Canada

From Arizona and Alberta to Washington and Yukon, GeoPuzzle USA and Canada makes learning geography fun!

Item#: 15328 Age: 4+
(1 customer reviews)

WHiP Yo-Yo

The Whip yo-yo from YoYo Factory is perfect for mid-level players!

Item#: 14767 Age: 8+

EL T-Shirt Badge - Clock

Use this EL T-shirt badge for counting down New Year's Eve!

Item#: 14178 Age: 13+

4D Woolly Mammoth Anatomy Model

This is an excellent woolly mammoth anatomy model for any classroom!

Item#: 13880 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Auto Fuse Set - 120pcs

This affordable set of 120 car fuses includes six most common fuses.

Item#: 15625 Age: 18+

Solar Space Wings Kit

Watch shape memory alloy technology in action with this solar-powered kit!

Item#: 14906 Age: 13+

Hard Hat

Use this high-quality hard hat to protect you from falling items!

Item#: 14408 Age: 16+
(1 customer reviews)

Zoology Study Chart

No need to go to the zoo to study--this zoology study chart will help anyone needing to learn more about the differences of the animal kingdom!

Item#: 13301 Age: 14+

Skeletal System Poster - Laminated

Thorough coverage includes multiple views of the full body, skull, vertebral column, hands, and feet, identifying both bones and bone structures, with labels for reference.

Item#: 15430 Age: 18+

What Is Biology All About - Illustrated Book

Discover what life is, how it works, and why biology is more exciting today than ever before in this great book!

Item#: 13265 Age: 8+

GEOPuzzle Animals

GeoPuzzle Animals shows 30 species of land, air and sea creatures.

Item#: 15329 Age: 4+

Jumper Wire Set - Assorted 140pcs

This jumper wire set is an excellent choice for any electronics project!

Item#: 14780 Age: 14+
(2 customer reviews)

Blocks and Marbles - Super Set

This set includes 45 hardwood blocks, 14 marbles and a sturdy canvas storage bag. Made in USA.

Item#: 15554 Age: 10+

Camping Rope - 50ft

Fifty feet of diamond braid, low stretch, abrasion-resistant camping rope - useful in survival and camping situations.

Item#: 15701 Age: 8+

Tundra Playing Cards

Enjoy the popular Tundra comic strip with this fun set of playing cards!

Item#: 15087 Age: 8+

Bear Smart Playing Cards

Learn to stay safe in bear-populated areas with this great set of playing cards!

Item#: 15089 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Glow Fossil Science 4M Kit

Play like a paleontologist and learn the science of fossils.

Item#: 15102 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Periodic Table in the Body Poster

A full periodic table poster with information for each element pertaining to its role in biological processes.

Item#: 15374 Age: 5+

FairyBerries - White

Place these small 3/4 inch diameter clear balls everywhere around your party venue.

Item#: 15451 Age: 12+

EL MotionWire - Pink

Pink EL MotionWire with constant chasing / moving light.

Item#: 15459 Age: 12+

Caves Playing Cards

Learn about caves while playing a fun game of cards.

Item#: 15742 Age: 8+

The Cartoon Periodic Chart Poster

Entertaining periodic chart poster features all 118 elements of the periodic table, represented by fun cartoons! Works perfectly as a source of mnemonic devices for remembering all the elements!

Item#: 16219 Age: 7+

Green Magic Wand Kaleidoscope

Get one of the craziest and coolest kaleidoscopes around!

Item#: 16038 Age: 6+

Air + Water Power PLUS Kit

Experiment with engines powered by air pressure and water, and build models to race your friends!

Item#: 15219 Age: 8+


Electronics Advanced Circuits Kit

Fantastic electronics kit for kids 10 and up!

Item#: 15220 Age: 10+


Plant & Animal Cell Model Activity Set

This plant and animal cell model activity set is a must-have resource for the science classroom!

Item#: 14227 Age: 12+
(1 customer reviews)

Giant Blue Political Inflatable Globe

Jumbo-sized 3 foot diameter inflatable globe is great for play and learning.

Item#: 15331 Age: 6+

Duncan Skyhawk Offstring Yo-Yo

Versatile and customizable offstring yo-yo allows you to launch the durable wide bodied unit into the air and catch it on the string. Endless tricks, and excellent for both beginners and professionals.

Item#: 15950 Age: 12+

Wildflowers of America Playing Cards

Discover wildflowers of America with this fun 52-card standard playing cards deck.

Item#: 15740 Age: 8+

Jasper Spearhead - Large

Large, 5-7 inches, spearhead made from colorful jasper.

Item#: 15746 Age: 18+

120W Car Power Inverter

This handy car power inverter can power your laptop and charge your mobile phone with a built-in USB port!

Item#: 15619 Age: 18+

Amazing Microscopic World Poster

50 vibrant pictures with text from one of the world's best photo-microscopists!

Item#: 15842 Age: 12+

Star Sphere - 8 inch with 36 LEDs

The StarSphere produces a brilliant holographic cluster of white stars inside a clear plastic globe.

Item#: 15863 Age: 18+

MaBoRun - Amazing Big Wheel

The Amazing Big Wheel MaBoRun is equipped with a massive wheel that operates by the same principle as a water mill, conveying marbles to the top of the ramp to begin their descent through a short but exciting track with twists, turns, and traps!

Item#: 16071 Age: 6+

Jr. Scientist Mini Electric Guitar Kit

With this cool electronic kit you get to assemble your own mini electric guitar!

Item#: 15251 Age: 8+

Engino Solar Power PRO - Duo Core Kit

Build 20 different solar powered models with unique building pieces, controlled by an RC handset!

Item#: 15257 Age: 8+

Animal Reproduction - 10 Prepared Slides

Learn about animal reproduction through this introductory slide set!

Item#: 14271 Age: 14+

Astronomy and Space Sticker Book

This book is an exciting introduction to the wonders of space.

Item#: 15446 Age: 6+

Harbottle Apparatus

Help students understand the meaning of fluid pressure and pressure reduction.

Item#: 15145 Age: 12+

4D Vision Triceratops Model

This unique 4D triceratops model is a must-have for the dinosaur fan in your family!

Item#: 14291 Age: 14+

Protostar Yo-Yo

This all-plastic intermediate-level yo-yo is great for the seasoned yo-yo user!

Item#: 14769 Age: 8+

MudWatt Core Kit - Electricity from Mud

Use the natural energy generated by bacteria found in soil to generate energy, and track its expansion using the included app! An excellent science fair idea.

Item#: 16190 Age: 8+

Shark 3D Wall Attack Plaque

Giant 3D shark wall art to inspire adventure stories and lively conversations.

Item#: 15476 Age: 10+

Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip

Captured liquid crystals in a strip provide precise temperature measurements

Item#: 15375 Age: 6+

Assorted Flint Glass Tubing

Set includes an assortment of 36 flint glass tubes of varying outer diameters.

Item#: 15686 Age: 13+

Mini Bean Kick Bag

This vibrant and colorful kick bag is filled with a combination of fluff and beans

Item#: 16292 Age: 5+

MaBoRun - Amazing Stair Climber

The Amazing stair Climber MaBoRun is equipped with a twin stair that takes the balls down a track set up with a series of traps. Easy assembly and simple parts with lucid instructions will allow your child to build confidence and independence as they construct their own exciting mini marble run!

Item#: 16069 Age: 6+

MaBoRun - Amazing Shooter

The Amazing Shooter MaBoRun features a fully-functional and impressive catapult that fires the marbles directly into a funnel slide at the top of the ramp to begin their descent through a short but exciting track with twists and turns!

Item#: 16070 Age: 6+

Magformers Inspire Set - 30pc

High-quality durable magnetic design kit including 30 excitingly colored pastel pieces and a full-color idea booklet! Makes an excellent gift for boys and girls alike!

Item#: 16042 Age: 3+


Magformers Light Show Set - 55pc

Build amazing designs using intelligent magnet technology with this set; powerful LED lights are included, allowing you to illuminate your creations and explore new design possibilities!

Item#: 16043 Age: 3+

Remote-Control Machines: Custom Cars Kit

Automotive engineering hits the fast-track with this kit that allows you to construct ten different remote-controlled cars! Learn about the various componenets of real cars, such as wheels, transmissions, and engines. Explore the physics of speed, acceleration, energy, and aerodynamics.

Item#: 16333 Age: 8+

Science Pics Magnet Set

A set of 10 scientific magnets to post around the classroom - helps reinforce science vocabulary!

Item#: 16197 Age: 5+

Tin Can Edge Detector Robot 4M Kit

Using a recycled beverage can, build an edge-detecting goofy robot that will never fall off an elevated surface!

Item#: 16171 Age: 9+

Isotta Discovery Car

An easy-to-assemble colorful car with transparent parts so that you can observe how each functions both separately, and in tandem with each other, in order to make the car work; fun, and educational!

Item#: 16178 Age: 3+

Slackline HQ Inspiration

Great for gymnasts, skiers, surfers or anyone who wants to develop better balance or just have fun.

Item#: 15569 Age: 8+

How Clean is the Air? Kit

Learn all about air pollution and how clean the air you breathe is with this educational kit.

Item#: 15337 Age: 14+


Atmosphere in Crisis Kit

Create and treat air pollutants to understand their causes and effects, and the necessity and means for controlling such pollutants

Item#: 15336 Age: 16+

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