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Back-to-School Sale

Educational science supplies and equipment is now on sale for the new school year.
Photo of the: DC Motor 130

DC Motor 130

Item#: 17052


Photo of the: Fan Micro Car DIY STEM Kit

Fan Micro Car DIY STEM Kit

Item#: 16476


Photo of the: Mini E10 Lamp Receptacle

Mini E10 Lamp Receptacle

Item#: 13974


Photo of the: Periodic Table Banner Pen

Periodic Table Banner Pen

Item#: 15324


Photo of the: Buzzer with Leads - 3V

Buzzer with Leads - 3V

Item#: 14845


Photo of the: Student Electronics BreadBoard

Student Electronics BreadBoard

Item#: 14792


Photo of the: Magnetic Wand

Magnetic Wand

Item#: 10534


Photo of the: Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mm

Solar Cell - 5V 250mA 110x69mm

Item#: 16656


Photo of the: 10 pack Mini DC Motors - 1.5-6V

10 pack Mini DC Motors - 1.5-6V

Item#: 16260


Photo of the: Mini Plastic Vernier Calipers

Mini Plastic Vernier Calipers

Item#: 13558


Photo of the: Magdeburg Hemispheres

Magdeburg Hemispheres

Item#: 13429


Photo of the: Contact Key Switch

Contact Key Switch

Item#: 11111


Photo of the: Super Capacitor - 100F 2.7V

Super Capacitor - 100F 2.7V

Item#: 15880


Photo of the: Mini LED Microscope 160X-200X

Mini LED Microscope 160X-200X

Item#: 16323


Photo of the: 100 Assorted LEDs Pack - 5mm

100 Assorted LEDs Pack - 5mm

Item#: 16259


Photo of the: Sci-Fi Tube - Energy Stick

Sci-Fi Tube - Energy Stick

Item#: 16098


Photo of the: 60X Clip-on LED Microscope

60X Clip-on LED Microscope

Item#: 16573


Photo of the: Refraction Cup

Refraction Cup

Item#: 15911


Photo of the: Single Pulley

Single Pulley

Item#: 11103


Photo of the: 500F 2.7V Super Capacitor

500F 2.7V Super Capacitor

Item#: 16991


Photo of the: Backlit Digital Multimeter

Backlit Digital Multimeter

Item#: 14732


Photo of the: Two Potato Powered Clock

Two Potato Powered Clock

Item#: 13973


Photo of the: Fire Syringe

Fire Syringe

Item#: 13434


Photo of the: Flexible Clamp

Flexible Clamp

Item#: 15909


Photo of the: Specific Gravity Set

Specific Gravity Set

Item#: 13984


Photo of the: Acrylic Lens & Prisms Set

Acrylic Lens & Prisms Set

Item#: 15349


Photo of the: DIY DNA Model


Item#: 16873


Photo of the: Scale of Hardness Minerals Kit

Scale of Hardness Minerals Kit

Item#: 16408


Photo of the: Newtons Cradle Pendulum

Newtons Cradle Pendulum

Item#: 16921


Photo of the: Basic Molecular Model Set

Basic Molecular Model Set

Item#: 13971


Photo of the: Snaky Spring Wave Demonstration

Snaky Spring Wave Demonstration

Item#: 16965


Photo of the: Intllab Magnetic Stirrer MS-500

Intllab Magnetic Stirrer MS-500

Item#: 16571


Photo of the: Magnetic Lines of Force Viewer

Magnetic Lines of Force Viewer

Item#: 16723


Photo of the: Leyden Jar - Separable

Leyden Jar - Separable

Item#: 13978


Photo of the: Digital pH Meter

Digital pH Meter

Item#: 16123


Photo of the: Swivel Clamp Holder

Swivel Clamp Holder

Item#: 14854


Photo of the: 3D Magnetic Field Tube

3D Magnetic Field Tube

Item#: 10147


Photo of the: Periodic Table Lamp

Periodic Table Lamp

Item#: 15243


Photo of the: Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell

Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell

Item#: 13885


Photo of the: Analog DC AmpMeter 0-1A

Analog DC AmpMeter 0-1A

Item#: 11028


Photo of the: Pendulum Wave Demo

Pendulum Wave Demo

Item#: 15908


Photo of the: Ballistics Car Physics Demo

Ballistics Car Physics Demo

Item#: 15675


Photo of the: Conducting Dough Individual Kit

Conducting Dough Individual Kit

Item#: 16742


Photo of the: Ferrofluid Science Lab Kit

Ferrofluid Science Lab Kit

Item#: 17180


Photo of the: 5V USB-Powered Micro Tesla Coil

5V USB-Powered Micro Tesla Coil

Item#: 16883


Photo of the: Universal Multi Test Tube Rack

Universal Multi Test Tube Rack

Item#: 16530


Photo of the: Maxwells Wheel - Large

Maxwells Wheel - Large

Item#: 10882


Photo of the: Electrostatic Science Kit

Electrostatic Science Kit

Item#: 15343


Photo of the: Force and Reaction Fan Car

Force and Reaction Fan Car

Item#: 14075


Photo of the: Desktop Skeleton

Desktop Skeleton

Item#: 15203


Photo of the: Coriolis Effect Science Kit

Coriolis Effect Science Kit

Item#: 14231


Photo of the: Cork Borers - Set of 11

Cork Borers - Set of 11

Item#: 13989


Photo of the: Mass Force Demo Science Kit

Mass Force Demo Science Kit

Item#: 13982


Photo of the: Resonance Bowl

Resonance Bowl

Item#: 14779


Photo of the: Stringless Pendulum

Stringless Pendulum

Item#: 16740


Photo of the: Heat Transfer Science Kit

Heat Transfer Science Kit

Item#: 15845


Photo of the: Atmospheric Mat with Hook

Atmospheric Mat with Hook

Item#: 16109


Photo of the: Magnetic Ferrofluid Display

Magnetic Ferrofluid Display

Item#: 16454


Photo of the: Portable Micro Burner

Portable Micro Burner

Item#: 16533


Photo of the: Laboratory Vacuum Pump, 110V

Laboratory Vacuum Pump, 110V

Item#: 14812


Photo of the: Van de Graaff Demo DVD

Van de Graaff Demo DVD

Item#: 13784


Photo of the: Dr Johnson's Heat Engine

Dr Johnson's Heat Engine

Item#: 14907


Photo of the: Magnetic Field Model

Magnetic Field Model

Item#: 14626


Photo of the: Spark Timer Accelerator

Spark Timer Accelerator

Item#: 15158


Photo of the: Dynamic Car Set

Dynamic Car Set

Item#: 14074


Photo of the: Basic Spectrometer

Basic Spectrometer

Item#: 15161


Photo of the: Advanced Spectrometer

Advanced Spectrometer

Item#: 15162


Photo of the: Life-Size Human Skeleton

Life-Size Human Skeleton

Item#: 11958


Photo of the: Oersteds Law Apparatus

Oersteds Law Apparatus

Item#: 14623


Photo of the: Gas Law Apparatus

Gas Law Apparatus

Item#: 14836


Photo of the: Economy Color Mixing Demo

Economy Color Mixing Demo

Item#: 14814


Photo of the: Deluxe Color Mixing Demo

Deluxe Color Mixing Demo

Item#: 14816


Photo of the: Hand Held DC Generator

Hand Held DC Generator

Item#: 10876


Photo of the: Magnetic Linear Accelerator

Magnetic Linear Accelerator

Item#: 17054


Photo of the: Deluxe Stirling Generator

Deluxe Stirling Generator

Item#: 16115


Photo of the: Wheel and Axle

Wheel and Axle

Item#: 15677


Photo of the: Heros Engine Flask

Heros Engine Flask

Item#: 15774


Photo of the: Density Cube Set - 10 Cubes Set

Density Cube Set - 10 Cubes Set

Item#: 15779


Photo of the: Screen Sieves - set of 4

Screen Sieves - set of 4

Item#: 16398


Photo of the: Acrylic Wave Pendulum

Acrylic Wave Pendulum

Item#: 16290


Photo of the: Simplified Stirling Engine

Simplified Stirling Engine

Item#: 13888


Photo of the: Logic Probe

Logic Probe

Item#: 13417


Photo of the: Newtons Color Disc

Newtons Color Disc

Item#: 15591


Photo of the: Wimshurst Lightning Machine

Wimshurst Lightning Machine

Item#: 10887


Photo of the: Loop The Loop Track

Loop The Loop Track

Item#: 16936


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