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Science Fair Supplies Sale
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2/22 Flash Sale

Touchable Bubbles

Touchable Bubbles bring an astounding twist to the fun of liquid bubbles!

Item#: 10704 Age: 5+
(7 customer reviews)

Syringe Ballpoint Pens - Set of 4

Check out these awesome pens that looks just like a syringe!

Item#: 11965 Age: 8+
(13 customer reviews)

Magnetic Wand

A vital tool when dealing with magnets!

Item#: 10534 Age: 6+
(5 customer reviews)

Optical Calcite - Bulk Mineral

Great image-doubling optical calcite!

Item#: 10968 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Iron Filings Case

Bring back fun to the classroom and conduct an observation of the properties of magnets!

Item#: 13757 Age: 6+
(7 customer reviews)

Magic Worm

This magic worm provides plenty of creepy crawly fun!

Item#: 12275 Age: 6+
(2 customer reviews)

Dig Into Rocks Booklet

Small booklet that gets you started in the wonderful world of rocks, minerals and crystals.

Item#: 10980 Age: 7+

Large Plastic Vernier Calipers

Great large plastic vernier calipers for classroom use!

Item#: 14936 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Wide Range pH Test Paper

This pH paper is a must for any chemistry classroom!

Item#: 13889 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)

Sparkling Wheel

A colorful wheel that produces bright sparks of light whilst spinning

Item#: 15404 Age: 5+
(3 customer reviews)

Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 pack

Great reference card for chemistry and physics students.

Item#: 15097 Age: 12+
(7 customer reviews)

Agate Slab - Small Blue

Awesome rock to show your students when teaching geology!

Item#: 11205 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Double Tandem Pulley

Use the Double Tandem Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!

Item#: 11106 Age: 13+

Petri Dish - 60mm Glass

Standard glass 60mm petri dish. Great for chemistry experiments.

Item#: 13065 Age: 13+

Plastic Forceps - Pack of 10

Excellent plastic forceps for use in the classroom!

Item#: 13608 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)

2xD Battery Holder

This battery holder holds 2 D batteries--great for use in your next science fair project!

Item#: 14014 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)

Test Tube Clamp

Great quality stainless steel rust resistant test tube clamp!

Item#: 11223 Age: 13+

Plastic Beaker - 250ml

Use this plastic beaker for your next chemistry project!

Item#: 13990 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

Glow-in-the-Dark Rock

This glow-in-the-dark rock makes a great party favor!

Item#: 14633 Age: 8+

100g Calibration Weight

Use this 100g weight for calibrating scales!

Item#: 14771 Age: 14+

Microscope Cover Glass - 22x22mm 100pcs

Laboratory quality cover glass slides. 22 x 22 mm - 1 oz package of 100 slides.

Item#: 13606 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Purple Laser Pointer

Watch this laser pointer emit a cool purple beam!

Item#: 15048 Age: 18+
(11 customer reviews)

Flip-N-Spin Ladybug Wind-Up

Watch this lady get all bugged out!!

Item#: 12459 Age: 5+

Magnetic Metal Clips - set of 4

Use these magnetic metal clips for a variety of office or home applications!

Item#: 14913 Age: 8+

Hoffman Screw Clamp

This Hoffman screw clamp is perfect for science lab use!

Item#: 14835 Age: 18+

Aluminum Compass

Use this compass for your next hiking trip!

Item#: 14103 Age: 10+

Crucible Tongs - Plated Steel

Use these crucible tongs for handling hot crucibles in the lab setting!

Item#: 14483 Age: 13+

4-in-1 Burning Torch Flame Light

Use this neat flame light for a variety of decorative applications!

Item#: 14043 Age: 16+
(6 customer reviews)

Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer

This Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer allows the user to adjust the diameter of the beam by simply turning the aperture.

Item#: 13478 Age: 18+
(4 customer reviews)

Metal Detector Robot 4M Kit

Build your own metal detector robot!

Item#: 14221 Age: 12+
(2 customer reviews)

Coated Metal Tweezer Set - 4pcs

Use this set of coated metal tweezers for a variety of applications!

Item#: 14911 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

LED Pocket Microscope 20x - 40x

This pocket microscope is perfect for looking at 3D objects!

Item#: 14646 Age: 10+

Self-Locking Hemostat Pliers - 6inch

These hemostat pliers can be used for clamping down a variety of objects!

Item#: 14912 Age: 12+
(1 customer reviews)

Benchtop Pro Digital Scale - 2000g x 0.1g

Great 2000g x 0.1 g digital scale!

Item#: 14772 Age: 14+
(3 customer reviews)

50g Calibration Weight

Use this 50gweight for calibrating scales!

Item#: 14770 Age: 14+

Galaxy Kinetic Art

A perpetual motion model of the galaxy, makes a good desk toy.

Item#: 15417 Age: 7+
(2 customer reviews)

5-in-1 Survival Compass

Multipurpose survival compass with whistle, mirror, flint striker, inner compartment, and carrying cord! Essential for wilderness excursions.

Item#: 15704 Age: 8+

Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck

Build your own monster truck powered by salt water!

Item#: 14928 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)

Electromagnet Kit

Use this kit to introduce electromagnetic principles in the classroom setting!

Item#: 14852 Age: 13+

N50 Neodymium Cube Magnet - 10x10x10mm

N50-grade (higher quality) super-strong neodymium cube magnets measuring 10x10x10mm

Item#: 16388 Age: 18+

Acrylic Lens & Prisms Set

Seven varying acrylic lenses/prisms for use with ray box or demonstrations

Item#: 15349 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

2.5-inch Glass Magnifier

Classically-styled 2.5-inch glass magnifier with 3-4X magnification, excellent for school projects or outdoors fun/indoor sleuthing!

Item#: 16021 Age: 12+

Rain Gauge

Simple and affordable plastic rain gauge measures rainfall up to 120mm (5in)!

Item#: 15996 Age: 8+

Liquid Timer Pen - Purple

Why write with a regular pen when you can use this colorful, boredom buster?

Item#: 15615 Age: 8+

Equilateral Acrylic Prism - 1 x 2 inches

Simple equilateral plastic prism. Great for science projects and classroom demonstrations.

Item#: 16406 Age: 5+

300C DC Motor 1.5-6.5V High Torque

High torque DC motor operates on 1.5 - 6.5 volts - excellent for a wide variety of purposes, including science fairs, hobby mechanics, and much more

Item#: 16033 Age: 14+

Brain Quest Smart Game

It's fun to be smart with this fast-paced board game!

Item#: 14944 Age: 6+

Magformers - 14pc Set

Build amazing designs using intelligent magnet technology with this set!

Item#: 14006 Age: 5+

Bat Specimen

Real bat specimen preserved in a clear acrylic block that can be studied from all angles.

Item#: 15533 Age: 12+
(2 customer reviews)

Maxwell Wheel - Small

Classic device for demonstrating the conservation of mechanical energy; smaller version makes a great desk toy.

Item#: 15450 Age: 14+

Liquid Timer Pen - Pink

Why write with a regular pen when you can use this colorful, boredom buster?

Item#: 15617 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Panda LED Keychain with Sound

Adorable panda keychain featuring 2 bright LEDs roars when it lights up!

Item#: 15998 Age: 6+
(2 customer reviews)

Glass Pipette MOHR - 10ml

This high-quality, laboratory-grade glass pipette is perfect for use in classroom and workplace labs.

Item#: 16246 Age: 14+

Blood Pressure Set

A kit containing both a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor

Item#: 15335 Age: 7+

FairyBerries - White

Place these small 3/4 inch diameter clear balls everywhere around your party venue.

Item#: 15451 Age: 12+

Suction Ball

This entertaining suction ball features 30 suction cups and red/blue flashing lights

Item#: 16291 Age: 4+

Water Vortex Lamp

This exciting lamp brings a miniature tornado of swirling, rushing water. It's a twister in a tube, and it lights up too!

Item#: 16314 Age: 14+

Torpedo Level

An affordable and compact level perfect for use in a variety of home, garden, office, or lab improvement projects

Item#: 16416 Age: 8+

1000 Solar UV Beads

Like magic,these solar beads instantly change color in the sun!

Item#: 16127 Age: 7+

Color Changing Airzooka

Blast a ball of air at your friends from a plastic cannon! Plus, color-changing airzooka features 5 different LED light modes for extended play in the dark!

Item#: 15951 Age: 12+

Invisible Ink - 8oz

Large 8oz bottle of hard to find blue invisible ink. Visible under UV blacklight.

Item#: 15454 Age: 18+

Deluxe Dissecting Set - 12 Pieces

Great comprehensive dissecting set for school labs.

Item#: 15147 Age: 18+

Eureka Ball

This amazing new creativity tool will help you tap into your Eureka moments!

Item#: 15797 Age: 18+

Copper - Natural Sculpted Specimen

A naturally sculpted copper specimen taken directly from the Earth - each piece is totally unique in shape and bears a brilliant reddish-golden-brown coloration - makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

Item#: 16164 Age: 7+

Alien Attack Sling Shot

Fun mini slingshot with two-extra stretchy aliens who double as ammunition!

Item#: 16278 Age: 5+

4 Pack Tweezers Set

A pack of four stainless steel tweezers perfect for electronic repair, precision assembly, working with circuit boards, robotics, or various other hobby projects.

Item#: 16230 Age: 12+

Shark Tooth - 1 inch Real Fossil

Inexpensive authentic shark tooth fossil! Looks great in the classroom, and makes an excellent gift, party favor, or stocking stuffer!

Item#: 15982 Age: 10+

Heros Engine Flask

Demonstrate the principle of jet propulsion.

Item#: 15774 Age: 14+

3D T-Rex Junior Attack Plaque

Small 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex bust to mount on your wall!

Item#: 15944 Age: 10+

Mini Bean Kick Bag

This vibrant and colorful kick bag is filled with a combination of fluff and beans

Item#: 16292 Age: 5+

Micro Speaker - 8ohm 1W with leads

Excellent miniature speaker for a variety of hobby or electronic projects

Item#: 16321 Age: 14+

Digital Sound Meter

Digital sound meters measure the decibel level of sound input, both environmental, or from devices

Item#: 16322 Age: 18+


Strobotop is a fun flash-animation toy that magically makes pictures and patterns come to life with an incredibly realistic illusion of motion!

Item#: 16384 Age: 6+

C Clamp - 3 inch

A metal 3" C Clamp great for use at home or in the lab.

Item#: 16415 Age: 14+

Bi-Focal Magnifier

A durable magnifying glass with comfortable grip - large lens magnifies 3X, small lens yields 5X magnification

Item#: 16306 Age: 5+

KidzLabs 4M Green Energy Kit

3 popular and engaging science projects in one big box! Build a potato clock, a motor-generated crank-operated torch light, and a windmill that powers a small LED light. Each activity also makes a great science fair project.

Item#: 16252 Age: 9+

Orthoceras - 1 inch Real Fossil

An authentic fossil of an orthoceras, an ancient ancestor of our modern-day squid. Makes a great gift, stocking stuffer, or party favor!

Item#: 15981 Age: 8+

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