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Science Fair Supplies Sale
Science Fair Supplies Sale
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Creative Corporate Gifts

Thermodynamic Hand Boiler

This is a cool, old-fashioned thermodynamic hand boiler toy!

Item#: 10216 Age: 8+
(7 customer reviews)

Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inches

This classic desk toy will keep you amused! Large, 7 inch tall version.

Item#: 10063 Age: 8+
(25 customer reviews)

Green Laser Pointer - Black

High-quality green laser pointer projects a green dot up to an incredible 2 miles away.

Item#: 10098 Age: 18+
(7 customer reviews)

Water Wheel Timer

This quirky colorful timer works just like a miniature water mill!

Item#: 13845 Age: 9+
(3 customer reviews)

Floating Colors Timer

Need a unique desk toy for your co-worker? Help them keep time in a groovy way with this timer!

Item#: 13390 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Revolving Multi-Color Fiberoptic Light

A neat addition to any work desk or classroom!

Item#: 13263 Age: 8+
(6 customer reviews)

Wood Grain Newtons Cradle

This Newton's Cradle features a wood-grain base, giving it class and style!

Item#: 14396 Age: 8+
(6 customer reviews)

Green Laser Pointer - Silver

High-quality green laser pointer projects a green dot up to an incredible 2 miles away.

Item#: 13482 Age: 18+
(4 customer reviews)

Executive Chrome Newtons Cradle

The Newton's cradle is one of the oldest and most interesting physics toys.

Item#: 15712 Age: 18+
(2 customer reviews)

Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer

This Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer allows the user to adjust the diameter of the beam by simply turning the aperture.

Item#: 13478 Age: 18+
(4 customer reviews)

SuperSafe Green Laser Pointer

This 1mW, 532nm Super Safe Green Laser Pointer is for education, government or other settings where safety is a concern.

Item#: 13480 Age: 18+
(1 customer reviews)

Metal Frame Newtons Cradle

Makes a great gift for a science teacher and a fun office desktop accessory.

Item#: 15642 Age: 14+

Glass Sand Timers - 1min 3 min 5 min

A series of three color-coded sand hourglasses embedded in a wooden base, measuring 1, 3, and 5 minutes respectively.

Item#: 16158 Age: 10+

Newton Glass Timer - 5 mins

A fascinating and incredibly unique time-keeping device, this piece features an elegantly shaped hourglass sand timer suspended in a glass cylinder filled with blue liquid.

Item#: 16152 Age: 16+

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