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Crystal Growing Kits

Crystal Growing Mystical Tree

With special powers, this mystical tree transforms from a paper cut-out into a beautiful tree!

Item#: 10426 Age: 12+
5 star rating (5 customer reviews)

Magic Rocks

Place colored stones into a solution and watch them grow into beautiful, colorful crystal formations.

Item#: 15526 Age: 10+

NG Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Kit

Dig deeper, and discover the fascinating crystal structures of minerals and rocks with this great kit!

Item#: 13915 Age: 8+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Magical Crystal - Blue

Grow your very own brilliant aquamarine-colored crystal in just 10 to 12 days, with initial results appearing on day 1!

Item#: 15548 Age: 10+

Crystal Nightlight Kit

Learn about the chemistry of crystal formation and the physics of light and color as you build your own fully functional crystal nightlight with this fun, hands-on kit!

Item#: 15738 Age: 8+

Crystal Growing Gift Set

Learn about science while growing your own crystals and then displaying them.

Item#: 15806 Age: 12+

4M Crystal Growing Kit

Cultivate a color-customizable crystal you can grow in the comfort of your own home!

Item#: 16253 Age: 10+ Logo

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