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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
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Iron Filings and Shapes

Iron Filings - 12oz Bottle

This tube contains loose iron filings ideal for experimentation with magnetic fields!

Item#: 10153 Age: 8+
(4 customer reviews)

Iron Filings Case

Bring back fun to the classroom and conduct an observation of the properties of magnets!

Item#: 13757 Age: 6+
(7 customer reviews)

3D Magnetic Field Tube

This amazing plastic tube with iron filings enables one to visualize magnetic fields in 3D!

Item#: 10147 Age: 6+
(2 customer reviews)

75 Counting Chips with Block Magnet

This set of 75 magnetic counting chips and one powerful plastic-encased block magnet is great for the classroom!

Item#: 10396 Age: 5+

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