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Science Meets Art

Thermodynamic Hand Boiler

This is a cool, old-fashioned thermodynamic hand boiler toy!

Item#: 10216 Age: 8+
(7 customer reviews)

Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inches

This classic desk toy will keep you amused! Large, 7 inch tall version.

Item#: 10063 Age: 8+
(25 customer reviews)

Pin Art - Large - 7 inches

Make the coolest 3D pin art on your desk with this amazing desk toy.

Item#: 10252 Age: 8+
(5 customer reviews)

Water Wheel Timer

This quirky colorful timer works just like a miniature water mill!

Item#: 13845 Age: 9+
(3 customer reviews)

Floating Colors Timer

Need a unique desk toy for your co-worker? Help them keep time in a groovy way with this timer!

Item#: 13390 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Magnetic Levitator - Classic

This is a classic demonstration toy of the powers of magnetic fields!

Item#: 13698 Age: 5+
(9 customer reviews)

Wood Grain Newtons Cradle

This Newton's Cradle features a wood-grain base, giving it class and style!

Item#: 14396 Age: 8+
(6 customer reviews)

Hand-Blown Glass Drinking Bird

Is it a demonstration of a scientific law or a work of art?

Item#: 15098 Age: 18+
(4 customer reviews)

Eulers Disk

Spin science into art with this awesome toy!

Item#: 11168 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

4-in-1 Burning Torch Flame Light

Use this neat flame light for a variety of decorative applications!

Item#: 14043 Age: 16+
(6 customer reviews)

Mini Light Base - 6 pack

Six miniature light bases containing one superstrong LED light each, with adhesive on the opposite side. Create impromptu lamps out of old bottles, vases, and more!

Item#: 15668 Age: 6+

Solar Powered Rainbowmaker

Make an endless set of rainbows with this awesome toy!

Item#: 13768 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Mathy Tattoos

Use these fun math tattoos to show off your math smarts!

Item#: 14804 Age: 8+

Galaxy Kinetic Art

A perpetual motion model of the galaxy, makes a good desk toy.

Item#: 15417 Age: 7+
(2 customer reviews)

Magic Loops

A fun shape-shifting toy you can manipulate into a variety of different fun forms!

Item#: 16095 Age: 8+

Real Scorpion USB Mouse

This mouse includes a real scorpion mounted on the inside of it!

Item#: 14449 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

Tripod Periodic Table Lamp

Illuminate both your room and your mind with this ingenious Periodic Table Lamp.

Item#: 15244 Age: 12+

Interplanetary Tattoos

Fun space-themed tattoos

Item#: 15315 Age: 4+

Green Sand Hourglass

Fun and unconventional method for telling time! Makes a great addition to any desk or living room - give one as a gift, or pick one up for yourself

Item#: 15708 Age: 12+

Big Ball of Whacks - 6 Colors

Colorful and with 192 rare earth magnets inside so it looks and feels hefty in your hand!

Item#: 15798 Age: 18+

The Original Hoberman Sphere

The Hoberman Sphere expands and contracts with a magical motion so fluid and simple that kids can't help but play with it for hours.

Item#: 15449 Age: 5+

Cosmic Coil

A single strange of flexible metal that revolves around itself like a metal bubble or collapses flat - it's a dynamic, interactive art piece!

Item#: 15954 Age: 8+

Standing Rainbowmaker by Kikkerland

Make an endless set of rainbows with this amazing display featuring exposed colorful gears, swarvoski crystal material, and a solar panel to power it all!

Item#: 16048 Age: 13+

Pocket Etch A Sketch

The classic drawing toy from everybody's childhood, this time in portable pocket form!

Item#: 16411 Age: 3+

Mona Lisa Pixel Art Set

With Pixel Art, both kids and adults can reproduce an artistic masterpiece using multiply colored pegs! Just place the guide sheets, indicating what color peg goes where, and start sticking the pegs in their proper places to begin the puzzle!

Item#: 16176 Age: 7+

Shark 3D Wall Attack Plaque

Giant 3D shark wall art to inspire adventure stories and lively conversations.

Item#: 15476 Age: 10+

3D T-Rex Junior Attack Plaque

Small 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex bust to mount on your wall!

Item#: 15944 Age: 10+

Flip Sand Art - Black and White

Black and white rectangular sand art, composed entirely of water and sand, with an air barrier between the two - creates mountain, ocean, valley and dune patterns as the sand trickles down

Item#: 16156 Age: 12+

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