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Solar Cells

Solar DIY Micro Car Kit

A simple and highly affordable miniature solar car kit that includes everything you need (aside from soldering equipment) to build a small but speedy vehicle powered solely by the strength of the sun!

Item#: 16090 Age: 14+
(1 customer reviews)

Solar Cell - 1.5V 400mA 80x60mm

A polycrystalline 1.5V 400mA solar cell great for use with our 1.5V buzzers, motors, lightbulbs and more

Item#: 16240 Age: 14+

Solar Car

Use this solar car to show the applications of solar energy for everyday life!

Item#: 13844 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Solar Space Wings Kit

Watch shape memory alloy technology in action with this solar-powered kit!

Item#: 14906 Age: 13+

5W Solar Panel - 20V 300mA

Use this 5W solar panel for a variety of applications!

Item#: 14672 Age: 18+

18V 150mA Solar Panel with Alligator Clips

This polycrystalline silicon solar panel operates at a voltage of 18, and a current of 150mA. Its relatively small size makes it a great fit for many science fair projects involving solar power.

Item#: 16316 Age: 14+

12V 10W Waterproof Solar Panel

This monocrystalline silicon solar panel operates at a voltage of 12, and a wattage of 10W. The unit is also waterproof, making it excellent for boating or camping applications

Item#: 16329 Age: 18+

11.1V 3A Lithium Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controllers are essential for ensuring the smooth functioning of a solar panel and its battery. This 3A model will keep your battery charged at a constant of 11.1V.

Item#: 16355 Age: 18+

Solar Bicycle Tail Light

Solar-powered bicycle tail light with 2 super-bright red LEDs and 3 different light functions; mounts to the back of your bike under the seat.

Item#: 16089 Age: 14+

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