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Safety Test & Measurement

Wide Range pH Test Paper

This pH paper is a must for any chemistry classroom!

Item#: 13889 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)

Alcohol Thermometer -20 to 110 deg C

Use this alcohol thermometer for experiments in the lab setting!

Item#: 14476 Age: 15+
(2 customer reviews)

Tape Measure Keychain

Never leave home without your key chain tape measure!

Item#: 12249 Age: 10+

Dual Thermometer with Plastic Backing

This dual thermometer has large, easy to read markings mounted on a plastic backing. Great for use in classrooms or home.

Item#: 13153 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Glass Thermometer - Dual Scale

Glass thermometer measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit

Item#: 15687 Age: 13+

Wall Thermometer with Hygrometer

A highly affordable, light-weight thermometer displays an accurate temperature read-out in both Farenheit and Celsisus, and includes a hygrometer, which measures humidity

Item#: 16102 Age: 14+

How Clean is the Water? Kit

An informative ecological kit which allows you to test for bacteria, chloride content, pH level in regard to a sample of water.

Item#: 15338 Age: 16+

Wide Range pH Solution Kit

A kit containing everything you need to determine whether test solutions are acidic or basic.

Item#: 15372 Age: 13+

Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip

Captured liquid crystals in a strip provide precise temperature measurements

Item#: 15375 Age: 6+


Atmosphere in Crisis Kit

Create and treat air pollutants to understand their causes and effects, and the necessity and means for controlling such pollutants

Item#: 15336 Age: 16+

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