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The Original Gyroscope

Check out this high-quality gyroscope!

Item#: 10091 Age: 8+
5 star rating (9 customer reviews)

Thermodynamic Hand Boiler

This is a cool, old-fashioned thermodynamic hand boiler toy!

Item#: 10216 Age: 8+
5 star rating (8 customer reviews)

Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inches

Buy Newton's Cradle or balance balls here! This classic science desk toy that will keep you amused and teach you physics.

Item#: 10063 Age: 8+
5 star rating (30 customer reviews)

Jacob's Ladder

An ancient toy featuring optical illusion and hands-on fun that never grows old!

Item#: 10421 Age: 5+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

3D Magnetic Field Tube

This amazing plastic tube with iron filings enables one to visualize magnetic fields in 3D!

Item#: 10147 Age: 6+
5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

24 Piece Magnet Set

Great assortment of magnets at an even greater price!

Item#: 10408 Age: 6+
4 star rating (6 customer reviews)

Optical Illusions Playing Cards

A collection of 54 eye-catching optical illusions that fool the eye and delight the imagination.

Item#: 10544 Age: 5+
5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Water Wheel Timer

This quirky colorful timer works just like a miniature water mill!

Item#: 13845 Age: 9+
5 star rating (4 customer reviews)

Old World Kaleidoscope

Rotate this 6.5 inch kaleidoscope to experience a constantly changing view of the world!

Item#: 10435 Age: 5+
5 star rating (8 customer reviews)

Floating Colors Timer

Need a unique desk toy for your co-worker? Help them keep time in a groovy way with this timer!

Item#: 13390 Age: 6+
4.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Dual Color Z Liquid Timer

This Z-shaped three-minute timer creates a cool visual effect!

Item#: 14440 Age: 6+
5 star rating (4 customer reviews)

Physics Workshop Kit

This science kit is an essential introduction to physics knowledge!

Item#: 10931 Age: 8+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Lemon Clock

You will be able to explore the science of batteries using this lemon clock!

Item#: 14617 Age: 6+

Blue Magic Wand Kaleidoscope

Get one of the craziest and coolest kaleidoscopes around!

Item#: 13449 Age: 6+
5 star rating (7 customer reviews)

Pocket Star Finder

This star finder fits easily into your pocket!

Item#: 12256 Age: 8+

Wood Grain Newtons Cradle

This Newton's Cradle features a wood-grain base, giving it class and style!

Item#: 14396 Age: 8+
4.5 star rating (6 customer reviews)

Edible Wilderness Playing Cards

Use this cool deck of cards to learn 52 strategies for sourcing food in the wilderness.

Item#: 15085 Age: 10+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)


My First Lab Cordless ULTIMATE Microscope

This microscope is so versatile you can even take it with you on a job site!

Item#: 11215 Age: 11+

3 LED COB Lumifier - 3.4 inch 3X

This 3X lumifier features 3 ultrabright COB LEDs illumination and an optical grade glass.

Item#: 15611 Age: 8+
5 star rating (6 customer reviews)

Slush Stress Ball

This slushy stress ball is a great tactile toy for keeping your hands occupied

Item#: 16440 Age: 6+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)


Fuel Cell X7 Kit

Build a model car that runs on hydrogen gas using a unique reversible fuel cell!

Item#: 12182 Age: 10+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)

DNA Ball

A squishy ball filled with smaller neon balls - yields a strange but satisfying squeeze!

Item#: 16198 Age: 6+

Genetics & DNA Kit

Head into the lab for an in-depth investigation of genetics and DNA!

Item#: 12731 Age: 10+
3 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Illuminated Mini 16X Microscope

This pocket 16X microscope comes with illumination LEDs. Great for observations on the go.

Item#: 15605 Age: 8+
5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Circle Sand Art - Blue

Blue circle sand art, composed entirely of water and sand, with an air barrier between the two - creates mountain, ocean, valley and dune patterns as the sand trickles down

Item#: 16157 Age: 12+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Original Optic Wonder

A 7-in-1 optical tool perfect for outdoor exploration!

Item#: 15402 Age: 5+

Fun Straws

Use this drinking straw set to create all kinds of cool designs!

Item#: 14510 Age: 5+
3 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Magnetic Sand Timer

One of the coolest desk toys of all time! A different sculpture every time!

Item#: 15726 Age: 14+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Multifunction 60 SMD Flashlight

Multifunction 60 SMD Flashlight features 4 high-quality LEDs and 60 flat, super-powerful light strips on the side that utilize Surface Mount Technology.

Item#: 15935 Age: 13+
5 star rating (4 customer reviews)

MuscleWires Monster Moving Hand Kit

Build a hand that realistically moves its fingers using shape memory allow technology!

Item#: 14905 Age: 12+

Power House Kit v2.0

Build a model green house and 9 other green energy-related devices with this great kit!

Item#: 13099 Age: 10+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Switch Pitch

Toss it in the air and watch the colors magically flip!

Item#: 15729 Age: 6+

Y-Ball Magnetic Puzzle

The Y-Ball Magnetic Puzzle is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, engineers, writers, students, and you!

Item#: 14588 Age: 14+

DNA Model

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge and learn about the key to genetics with this DNA model!

Item#: 13702 Age: 10+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Colorflame Tea Lights

A set of six tea light candles in four different colors that produce flames that burn the same color as the candle itself!

Item#: 16199 Age: 16+

100 Rocks and Minerals of the U.S.A.

A massive mounted set of 100 rocks and minerals found in the US,

Item#: 15378 Age: 8+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Colorflame Candles

A set of twelve birthday candles in six different colors that produce flames that burn the same color as the candle itself!

Item#: 16200 Age: 16+


Konus Academy Microscope 1000X

Heavy-duty microscope for high-school and college biology labs. Magnification of up to 1000X.

Item#: 12060 Age: 18+


Konus MotorMax-90 Telescope

View the glory of space with this hi-tech telescope set!

Item#: 11571 Age: 12+


Celestron 5MP LCD Digital Microscope II

The LCD Digital Microscope II is a professional biological microscope at an affordable price. Up to 1600X with digital zoom!

Item#: 15393 Age: 18+

Magnetic Ferrofluid Display

Ferrofluid is an astonishing liquid that reacts in strange and unexpected ways to the influence of a magnetic field; using included magnets, you can spike, toss, drop, and pull the strange, smooth substance

Item#: 16454 Age: 18+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Tumble Wonder

Go forwards, backwards, in circles, this one will keep you engaged for hours!

Item#: 16498 Age: 6+

Parachute Launchers

Launch your own parachuters!

Item#: 16496 Age: 3+

Play Dirt! Bugs in a Jar

The cleanest dirt on planet Earth!

Item#: 16494 Age: 3+

4M Crystal Growing Kit

Cultivate a color-customizable crystal you can grow in the comfort of your own home!

Item#: 16253 Age: 10+


Robotics Workshop Kit

Build and program robots with this complete robotics engineering system. Using sensors, motors, a core controller, and hundreds of snap-together building pieces, you can follow the instuctions to assemble ten different robots. The versatile parts also allow you to make robots according to your own designs.

Item#: 16331 Age: 10+

Snap Circuits Jr. Select

Build over 130 projects using over 30 parts, with introductory level projects for young electricians using Snap Circuits' easy-to-pick-up design system

Item#: 15971 Age: 8+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Coffee Cup Stirling Engine

A fully functional stirling engine model operates solely from the power provided by the heat of the surface on which it is placed, meaning it works especially well placed over the rim of a piping-hot mug of coffee

Item#: 15711 Age: 14+

United States ScrunchMap

An extremely portable and durable map of the United States, comes with a travel bag; just scrunch and store!

Item#: 15658 Age: 7+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Duncan Skyhawk Offstring Yo-Yo

Versatile and customizable offstring yo-yo allows you to launch the durable wide bodied unit into the air and catch it on the string. Endless tricks, and excellent for both beginners and professionals.

Item#: 15950 Age: 12+

Foucault Sand Pendulum - 22 inch Cherry Wood

A miniature novelty version of the famous experiment conducted to demonstrate the Earth's rotation - etches out beautiful patterns in the sand below it as it swings to and fro

Item#: 16460 Age: 15+


Engino Solar Power PRO - Duo Core Kit

Build 20 different solar powered models with unique building pieces, controlled by an RC handset!

Item#: 15257 Age: 8+


Snap Circuits Sound & Light Deluxe Kit

This Deluxe Kit combines two of Snap Circuits' most popular kits, Light and Sound! Over 250 projects included with detailed, full-color instructional booklet

Item#: 15970 Age: 8+

Galileo Thermometer Sphere by Kikkerland

Wonder at the beauty of science as colorful globes rise and fall according to the temperature

Item#: 16710 Age: 18+

Engino Forces, Energy and Motion Kit

Learn all about Newton’s Laws and Energy conservation.

Item#: 15255 Age: 9+

Snap Circuits STEM

Learn about electricity and magnetism, and how they relate to each other.

Item#: 16566 Age: 8+

Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G.

Learn the basics of electricity, engineering, and circuitry with full color, curriculum-rich, easy-to-follow instructions.

Item#: 16567 Age: 8+

Dinosaurs Wild Cards

These Dinosaurs knowledge sets include 36 colorful cards and a detailed companion fact book.

Item#: 16611 Age: 5+

Build Your Own Rubiks Cube Kit

Now you can make your own Rubik's Cube and learn how to solve it at the same time!

Item#: 16612 Age: 8+

Lava In a Bottle

Perform a fun science experiment that creates a miniature lava lamp in a plastic beaker using water, oil, and chemical reactions!

Item#: 16391 Age: 8+


Four Legged ALLBOT

This is the four-legged ALLBOT® - modular robot system with Arduino® compatible robot shields.

Item#: 16210 Age: 10+


TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope

Learn how to use a basic microscope with this elegant and comprehensive quality beginners kit including 3 fascinating slides

Item#: 16558 Age: 10+


Magformers Math Activity Set - 124pc

Math and magnetic magic combine in this intelligent magnetic construction set that teaches basic mathematical concepts using Magformers pieces as visual aid!

Item#: 16041 Age: 3+

Snap Circuits Motion

Build over 165 projects using over 50 parts, all concerned with motion and physics, using Snap Circuits' unique and easy to pick-up design system

Item#: 15969 Age: 8+


Two Legged ALLBOT

This is the two-legged ALLBOT® - modular robot system with Arduino® compatible robot shields.

Item#: 16209 Age: 12+

Snap Circuits Snapino

Snapino® is an introduction to the open-source Arduino hardware-software coding environment embraced by the Maker community worldwide.

Item#: 16565 Age: 12+


3-in-1 Lab Station: Multimeter, Power Supply and Soldering Iron

This 3-in-1 lab space saving station features a full function multimeter, adjustable power supply and variable temperature soldering iron!

Item#: 16687 Age: 18+


The Big Engineering Makerspace Kit

Discover physical laws with vehicles, machinery, and technical equipment across three scientific disciplines and five experiment types Make cool models like a dragster, microscope, submarine, and more.

Item#: 16703 Age: 8+

Guardian Bot Robot - Programmable with RC

Fully programmable robotic companion with infrared remote control with over 50 different functions, facial expressions, recording capability, and so much more!

Item#: 16705 Age: 5+

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