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12 Days of Gifts Sale

Top 100 Science Kits for 2016

Check out our Top 100 Science Kits List for 2016! From cool chemistry sets and physics kits to mindblowing electronics and robotic kits! These kits will provide many hours of awesome fun (and your kids will learn something new!)

Popularity of these science kits changes daily so we ordered them by price rather than popularity. This will help you in matching these to your budget.

1.Buy Flying Science 4M Kit.Flying Science 4M Kit
Build a variety of cool flying toys with this great kit!
2.Buy Paper Recycling 4M Kit.Paper Recycling 4M Kit
Learn about paper recycling with this neat kit!
3.Buy Illusion Science 4M Kit.Illusion Science 4M Kit
Challenge your eyes with this cool science kit!
4.Buy Enviro Battery 4M Kit.Enviro Battery 4M Kit
This kit allows you to build your own environmentally-friendly battery!
5.Buy Cosmic Rocket 4M Kit.Cosmic Rocket 4M Kit
Launch this rocket 50 feet in the air using vinegar and baking soda!
6.Buy Kaleidoscope Making 4M Kit.Kaleidoscope Making 4M Kit
Build your own 10 inch kaleidoscope with this great kit!
7.Buy Dynamo Torch 4M Kit.Dynamo Torch 4M Kit
This kit allows you to build your own generator powered by a hand crank!
8.Buy Detective Science Fingerprint 4M Kit.Detective Science Fingerprint 4M Kit
Learn about detective science through this fun fingerprinting kit!
9.Buy CHEM C100 Test Lab.CHEM C100 Test Lab
Investigate common chemicals using this great kit!
10.Buy Bubble Science 4M Kit.Bubble Science 4M Kit
Use this bubble science kit for your next science project!
11.Buy Color-Changing Crystals Kit.Color-Changing Crystals Kit
Grow amazing crystals that change color!
12.Buy Potato Clock 4M Kit.Potato Clock 4M Kit
Caution! The fun found in this potato clock kit will SHOCK you!
13.Buy Windmill Generator 4M Kit.Windmill Generator 4M Kit
Build your own windmill generator kit by recycling a plastic bottle!
14.Buy Clean Water Science 4M Kit.Clean Water Science 4M Kit
Learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water by conducting interesting water purification experiments!
15.Buy Weather Station 4M Kit.Weather Station 4M Kit
Make your very own multi-functional weather station!
16.Buy Owl Puke Kit.Owl Puke Kit
What was once an owl's feast is now your world of discovery!
17.Buy Crystal Nightlight Kit.Crystal Nightlight Kit
Learn about the chemistry of crystal formation and the physics of light and color as you build your own fully functional crystal nightlight with this fun, hands-on kit!
18.Buy Electric Plane Launcher 4M Kit.Electric Plane Launcher 4M Kit
This kit will get your paper plane ready for takeoff!
19.Buy Two Potato Clock.Two Potato Clock
Use this clock to demonstrate the principles of an electrochemical cell!
20.Buy Brush Robot 4M Kit.Brush Robot 4M Kit
Get swept away by this fantastic robot kit that uses vibrations to move!
21.Buy Robot Duck 4M Kit.Robot Duck 4M Kit
Make a crazy robot that walks like a silly ducky!
22.Buy Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit.Make Your Own Bubble Gum Kit
The bubble gum kit is filled with fun, education and everything you need to create a soft, smooth and delicious treat!
23.Buy Brew-It-Yourself Caveman Cola.Brew-It-Yourself Caveman Cola
Brew your own cola with this great kit!
24.Buy Smart Robot 4M Kit.Smart Robot 4M Kit
Build your very own smart robot!
25.Buy Doodling Robot 4M Kit.Doodling Robot 4M Kit
Build a robot that's an artist too!
26.Buy Neon Light Writer Kit.Neon Light Writer Kit
With this hands-on project kit, you can learn about electric circuits and different lighting technologies by making your own neon sign.
27.Buy Edible Chemistry Kit.Edible Chemistry Kit
Eat your own chemistry experiments with this fun kit!
28.Buy Solar Mechanics Science 4M Kit.Solar Mechanics Science 4M Kit
Build six solar-powered models with this fun kit!
29.Buy Learn To Solder Siren Kit.Learn To Solder Siren Kit
After practicing your soldering techniques on the special area of the board, you’ll be ready to assemble this European siren with flashing LED’s!
30.Buy Pet Science Kitty College Kit.Pet Science Kitty College Kit
Teach your pet memory tricks, problem solving, and fine motor skills, and build your own cat toys and challenging intelligence tests. Learn alongside your household pet!
31.Buy 80 Piece Marble Run.80 Piece Marble Run
Create all kinds of marble run combinations with this 80-piece Marble Run set!
32.Buy Electronic AM FM Radio Kit.Electronic AM FM Radio Kit
Build your own AM/FM radio! Learn how radios work.
33.Buy Metal Detector Robot 4M Kit.Metal Detector Robot 4M Kit
Build your own metal detector robot!
34.Buy 50 Electronics Projects Kit.50 Electronics Projects Kit
Easy to build circuits teach you the operation of over 50 electronic circuits!
35.Buy 6 Crystals Growing Kit: Pink Quartz and Emerald.6 Crystals Growing Kit: Pink Quartz and Emerald
Grow your own collection of spectacular pink quartz and emerald crystals right before your eyes!
36.Buy Super Science Magnet Kit.Super Science Magnet Kit
Exciting magnet exploration for ages 8 and up!
37.Buy Snap Circuits Jr. .Snap Circuits Jr.
Build over 100 exciting electronic projects with this easy to use kit!
38.Buy Survival Gift Set.Survival Gift Set
Perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast! Be prepared for anything with this Survival Gift Set.
39.Buy Mag-Blocks Deluxe - 48-pieces.Mag-Blocks Deluxe - 48-pieces
Put your imagination to the test with the MAG-BLOCKS 48 piece colorfully fun and challenging magnetic puzzle!
40.Buy Traveling Science Gift Set.Traveling Science Gift Set
Science...on the go! Great gift set for road trips, train rides or any vacation. Keeps kids occupied and learning.
41.Buy Garage Goodies Gift Set.Garage Goodies Gift Set
This handy gift set makes 'fixing it' a snap! Chock-full of items every garage or home needs, this set is sure to be used time and time again.
42.Buy Physics Discovery Kit.Physics Discovery Kit
Use this kit to conduct experiments with models to learn about forces and simple machines!
43.Buy Magnetic Science Kit.Magnetic Science Kit
Explore the invisible and amazing power of magnets with 33 engaging experiments and games.
44.Buy Motors & Generators Kit.Motors & Generators Kit
With this kit, you can conduct 25 experiments to learn how an electric motor converts electricity into motion, and how an electric generator does just the opposite, converting motion into electricity.
45.Buy Climate & Weather Kit.Climate & Weather Kit
With 23 hands-on experiments, you can investigate specific weather phenomena as well as the climate system in general.
46.Buy Solar Mechanics Kit.Solar Mechanics Kit
Build more than 20 solar-powered models to learn about how solar cells convert energy from sunlight into mechanical energy.
47.Buy Vibrobot Kit.Vibrobot Kit
Build 7 vibrating robot models you can control and move about thanks to an imbalanced weight system! Learn about physics!
48.Buy Genetics & DNA Kit.Genetics & DNA Kit
Head into the lab for an in-depth investigation of genetics and DNA!
49.Buy Flying Science Gift Set.Flying Science Gift Set
Explore the miracle of flight with this fun and educational gift set. From helicopters to planes, this set is sure to entertain while building knowledge of the scientific principles of flight.
50.Buy Gross Science Gift Set.Gross Science Gift Set
Yuck! Kids love anything disgusting and this gift set full of stinky, slimy and gross items is sure to please.
51.Buy Space Exploration Gift Set.Space Exploration Gift Set
Fun gift set for your future astronaut! Explore space with these 'out of this world' items. Ideal for pretend play and science discovery.
52.Buy Blacklight Glow Gift Set.Blacklight Glow Gift Set
Cosmic fun for anyone! Make every day a party with these specially selected glow items.
53.Buy Classic Toys Gift Set.Classic Toys Gift Set
No batteries required. Take a trip back in time with these 'retro' toys.
54.Buy Creepy Crawly Gift Set.Creepy Crawly Gift Set
Ideal gift set for the nature loving child in your life.
55.Buy Crystal Growing Gift Set.Crystal Growing Gift Set
Learn about science while growing your own crystals and then displaying them.
56.Buy Plasma Light Gift Set.Plasma Light Gift Set
Makes a unique gift for teen or college student. This gift is sure to add a little light to anyone's day.
57.Buy Erector Evolution - 4X4.Erector Evolution - 4X4
Nothing can stop this solid 4x4 equipped with a realistic steering and a front winch to get out of all the difficult situations.
58.Buy Wind Power Kit.Wind Power Kit
This wind power kit is an excellent green science project!
59.Buy Electronics Learning Circuits Kit.Electronics Learning Circuits Kit
This kit focuses on teaching children about electricity and how electronic devices work!
60.Buy Hydropower Kit.Hydropower Kit
Check out this amazing renewable energy science kit featuring the wonders of hydroelectric power!
61.Buy Air & Water Power Kit.Air & Water Power Kit
Build your own models powered by air and water pressure to learn about the laws of physics in this kit!
62.Buy Wind Power Kit v2.0.Wind Power Kit v2.0
Explore the wonders of wind power with this amazing kit!
63.Buy 130 Electronics Projects Kit.130 Electronics Projects Kit
Start a great hobby in electronics with this state of the art electronics project lab!
64.Buy Jr. Scientist Mini Electric Guitar Kit.Jr. Scientist Mini Electric Guitar Kit
With this cool electronic kit you get to assemble your own mini electric guitar!
65.Buy Solar Power Kit.Solar Power Kit
Discover how solar cells make electricity with this awesome kit!
66.Buy Air-Stream Machines Kit.Air-Stream Machines Kit
Build 10 different models which explore the science of air pressure through fun activities!
67.Buy Rock Tumbler Kit.Rock Tumbler Kit
This great rock tumbling kit comes with everything you need to polish stones and gems!
68.Buy Electricity & Magnetism Kit.Electricity & Magnetism Kit
Over 60 circuitry, electrical, and magnetic experiments with safe, colorful snap blocks and full-color manual!
69.Buy Engino Forces, Energy and Motion Kit.Engino Forces, Energy and Motion Kit
Learn all about Newton’s Laws and Energy conservation.
70.Buy Physics Workshop Kit.Physics Workshop Kit
This science kit is an essential introduction to physics knowledge!
71.Buy Snap Circuits 300 Electronics Kit.Snap Circuits 300 Electronics Kit
Over 300 electronics projects in this kit will keep the young scientist busy!
72.Buy Physics Solar Workshop Kit v2.Physics Solar Workshop Kit v2
Learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy with this great kit!
73.Buy Snap Circuits Light Kit.Snap Circuits Light Kit
Watch what your music can create with this amazing Snap Circuits set!
74.Buy Remote Control Machines Kit.Remote Control Machines Kit
Command robotic creations with this cool construction kit!
75.Buy Solar Power PLUS Kit.Solar Power PLUS Kit
Build your own solar-powered creations and discover how solar cells generate electricity with this amazing kit!
76.Buy Snap Circuits Green.Snap Circuits Green
Teach your students about green energy sources in a creative way with this fun kit!
77.Buy Air + Water Power PLUS Kit.Air + Water Power PLUS Kit
Experiment with engines powered by air pressure and water, and build models to race your friends!
78.Buy RC Snap Rover.RC Snap Rover
Build your own remote control rover! Easy, educational and great fun!
79.Buy Physics Pro Kit.Physics Pro Kit
This advanced physics kit is perfect for older children already versed in physics knowledge!
80.Buy 4D Vision Triceratops Model.4D Vision Triceratops Model
This unique 4D triceratops model is a must-have for the dinosaur fan in your family!
81.Buy Power House Kit v2.0.Power House Kit v2.0
Build a model green house and 9 other green energy-related devices with this great kit!
82.Buy TK2 Microscope Kit.TK2 Microscope Kit
Embark on a guided journey through the microscopic world, revealing its hidden creatures and unseen structures!
83.Buy Elements of Science Kit.Elements of Science Kit
Investigate the most important phenomena in biology, chemistry, and physics by conducting more than 100 fun experiments!
84.Buy Engino Solar Power PRO - Duo Core Kit.Engino Solar Power PRO - Duo Core Kit
Build 20 different solar powered models with unique building pieces, controlled by an RC handset!
85.Buy Remote-Control Machines DLX Kit.Remote-Control Machines DLX Kit
A souped-up version of the best-selling Remote-Control Machines kit!
86.Buy Smart Car Robotics Kit.Smart Car Robotics Kit
Incredible self-driving/smartphone-tablet controlled car! Build a virtual reality city out of your living room, and drive through it with the free driving app!
87.Buy Snap Circuits Extreme 750-in-1 with PC interface.Snap Circuits Extreme 750-in-1 with PC interface
Do micro-controller projects and program them using your own computer!
88.Buy Fuel Cell X7 Kit.Fuel Cell X7 Kit
Build a model car that runs on hydrogen gas using a unique reversible fuel cell!
89.Buy Engino 100 Dual Motor RC Ultimate Set.Engino 100 Dual Motor RC Ultimate Set
The ultimate Engino building set, with 100 different model project possibilities and two included motors!
90.Buy CHEM C2000 Chemistry SuperKit v2.0.CHEM C2000 Chemistry SuperKit v2.0
This ultimate chemistry set features 250 mind-boggling experiments!
91.Buy Electronics Advanced Circuits Kit.Electronics Advanced Circuits Kit
Fantastic electronics kit for kids 10 and up!
92.Buy Fuel Cell 10 Kit.Fuel Cell 10 Kit
Learn about hydrogen fuel cells with this incredible kit!
93.Buy Celestron 5MP LCD Digital Microscope II.Celestron 5MP LCD Digital Microscope II
The LCD Digital Microscope II is a professional biological microscope at an affordable price. Up to 1600X with digital zoom!
94.Buy Ultimate Chemistry Set CHEM C3000 v2.0.Ultimate Chemistry Set CHEM C3000 v2.0
This superb chemistry set features 350 mind-boggling experiments!

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