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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF

Top 100 Science Supplies Under $5

Check out our Top 100 Science Supplies Under $5 List for 2017! From cool magnets, electric circuits componets and solar cells to cool rocks and minerals! These affordable science supplies are perfect for any classroom or science fair project!

Popularity of these science supplies changes daily so we ordered them by price rather than popularity. This will help you in matching these to your budget.

1.Buy 9V Battery Snap Connector with Leads.9V Battery Snap Connector with Leads
Use this 9 volt battery connector for science projects and more!
2.Buy Compass - 1.5 inch diameter.Compass - 1.5 inch diameter
Great compass for school science lab.
3.Buy Ceramic Bar Magnet.Ceramic Bar Magnet
This 1-1/4 inch ceramic bar magnet is a classic low-cost magnet for demonstration and experimentation!
4.Buy Color Ring Magnet.Color Ring Magnet
Cool and colorful ring magnets. Great as fridge magnets, for crafts and science projects.
5.Buy Glass Test Tube.Glass Test Tube
Standard glass test tube. Great for chemistry experiments.
6.Buy Mini Plastic Vernier Caliper.Mini Plastic Vernier Caliper
Super affordable vernier caliper for classroom use. Measurements in both inches and millimeters!
7.Buy Plastic Magnifying Lens - Dual 3X 6X.Plastic Magnifying Lens - Dual 3X 6X
Use this economical magnifying lens for outdoor lessons in the classroom!
8.Buy Liquid Filled Compass - 1.75 inch.Liquid Filled Compass - 1.75 inch
This is an excellent economical compass for classroom lessons or for scouting projects.
9.Buy Coin Vibration Motor - 3V.Coin Vibration Motor - 3V
This micro vibration motor is ideal for tooth brush robots!
10.Buy Test Tube Brush.Test Tube Brush
This test tube brush is a must-have for the science classroom or laboratory!
11.Buy Mini Lamp Receptacle.Mini Lamp Receptacle
This lamp receptacle is essential for your next electronics project!
12.Buy Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet.Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet
This 1-1/4 inch ceramic horseshoe magnet is ideal for demos and experiments!
13.Buy 1xAA Battery Holder.1xAA Battery Holder
Single AA battery holder with leads for your next science project!
14.Buy pH Paper Test Strips - Book of 100.pH Paper Test Strips - Book of 100
Booklet of 100 economy pH paper testing strips with a 1 to 14 color comparison chart.
15.Buy Keychain Magnifier.Keychain Magnifier
Take this magnifier with you anywhere, anytime!
16.Buy Red-Blue Ceramic Bar Magnet.Red-Blue Ceramic Bar Magnet
Great affordable 3 inch ceramic bar magnet with marked North and South poles.
17.Buy Alligator Cords - 2ft Red/Black Set.Alligator Cords - 2ft Red/Black Set
This set of two 2 ft long connection cables with alligator clips on both ends is great for science projects!
18.Buy Mini Knife Switch - Single.Mini Knife Switch - Single
Switch on your child’s interest in electronics!
19.Buy Single Pulley.Single Pulley
Use the Single Pulley System to lift or support loads!
20.Buy D Battery Holder.D Battery Holder
Great battery holder for D-cell batteries needed for your next science project!
21.Buy Plexiglass Mirror.Plexiglass Mirror
Use this Plexiglass mirror for your next classroom demonstration on optics principles!
22.Buy Convex Mirror D50mm F75mm.Convex Mirror D50mm F75mm
This is a helpful convex mirror for optics demonstrations!
23.Buy Petri Dish - 60mm Glass.Petri Dish - 60mm Glass
Standard glass 60mm petri dish. Great for chemistry experiments.
24.Buy DC Motor 130 - 1.5-6V with leads.DC Motor 130 - 1.5-6V with leads
This reliable and affordable 1.5 to 6V DC motor with wire leads is perfect for hobby projects.
25.Buy Mini Lamp Holder with Springs.Mini Lamp Holder with Springs
Conduct basic experiments involving electrical circuits with this mini lamp holder.
26.Buy Pyrite - Fools Gold - Bulk Mineral.Pyrite - Fools Gold - Bulk Mineral
Pyrite is one of the coolest metallic minerals out there.
27.Buy 4xAA Battery Holder with Cover & Switch.4xAA Battery Holder with Cover & Switch
This 4 AA battery holder includes an on-off switch, making it perfect for any hobby project!
28.Buy Dual Thermometer with Plastic Backing.Dual Thermometer with Plastic Backing
This dual thermometer has large, easy to read markings mounted on a plastic backing. Great for use in classrooms or home.
29.Buy Bottle Connector - Bulk.Bottle Connector - Bulk
Demonstrate tornado effects with this simple bottle connector!
30.Buy Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inches.Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inches
4" x 4" glass mirror perfect for demonstrating reflection, refraction, and the principles of optics.
31.Buy 3V DC Motor 350mA 13800RPM.3V DC Motor 350mA 13800RPM
Use this mini 3V DC motor for your next science demonstration on electricity!
32.Buy Flint Dropper Bottle - 1oz Single.Flint Dropper Bottle - 1oz Single
This durable flint dropper bottle is great for the classroom setting!
33.Buy Buzzer with Leads - 1.5V.Buzzer with Leads - 1.5V
Great buzzer for science fair projects and Morse code circuits. Optimal for 1.5V.
34.Buy Fresnel Lens Sheet.Fresnel Lens Sheet
This fresnel lens sheet is great for optics lessons and science projects!
35.Buy Mini Hobby Speaker - 2 inch 4 Ohms.Mini Hobby Speaker - 2 inch 4 Ohms
Great hobby projects mini-speaker!
36.Buy 2xD Battery Holder.2xD Battery Holder
This battery holder holds 2 D batteries--great for use in your next science fair project!
37.Buy Flat Copper Electrode.Flat Copper Electrode
Use this flat copper electrode for your electrical experiment!
38.Buy Double Pulley.Double Pulley
The Double Pulley System will easily lift or support loads for your physics experiments.
39.Buy Break Open Your Own Single Geode.Break Open Your Own Single Geode
This real-life geode is ready for you to crack open for a hands-on geology lesson!
40.Buy Aluminum Compass.Aluminum Compass
Use this compass for your next hiking trip!
41.Buy Crucible Tongs - Plated Steel.Crucible Tongs - Plated Steel
Use these crucible tongs for handling hot crucibles in the lab setting!
42.Buy 4-in-1 Pen Screwdriver.4-in-1 Pen Screwdriver
This is a great pen screwdriver for a hobby or school project toolbox!
43.Buy Plastic Forceps - Pack of 10.Plastic Forceps - Pack of 10
Excellent plastic forceps for use in the classroom!
44.Buy Iron Filings Case.Iron Filings Case
Bring back fun to the classroom and conduct an observation of the properties of magnets!
45.Buy Large Plastic Vernier Calipers.Large Plastic Vernier Calipers
Great large plastic vernier calipers for classroom use!
46.Buy Self-Locking Hemostat Pliers - 6inch.Self-Locking Hemostat Pliers - 6inch
These hemostat pliers can be used for clamping down a variety of objects!
47.Buy Coated Metal Tweezer Set - 4pcs.Coated Metal Tweezer Set - 4pcs
Use this set of coated metal tweezers for a variety of applications!
48.Buy Magnetic Wand.Magnetic Wand
A vital tool when dealing with magnets!
49.Buy Hoffman Screw Clamp.Hoffman Screw Clamp
This Hoffman screw clamp is perfect for science lab use!
50.Buy Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 100mL.Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 100mL
Use this 100mL plastic measuring cylinder for a variety of applications!
51.Buy Tape Measure Keychain.Tape Measure Keychain
Never leave home without your key chain tape measure!
52.Buy Jumbo Compass - 3 inch diameter .Jumbo Compass - 3 inch diameter
This jumbo 3 inch compass is great for school projects or class demonstrations!
53.Buy Mini Lightbulbs - 1.5V - Pack of 10.Mini Lightbulbs - 1.5V - Pack of 10
Great for electrical science projects!
54.Buy Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 pack.Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 pack
Great reference card for chemistry and physics students.
55.Buy Mini Electronics Breadboard.Mini Electronics Breadboard
High-quality mini electronics breadboard for hobby electronics projects and prototyping.
56.Buy Plastic Beaker - 500ml.Plastic Beaker - 500ml
Use this plastic beaker for your next chemistry experiment!
57.Buy Mini DC Motor with Leads.Mini DC Motor with Leads
Use this mini DC motor for your next science project or home hobby craft!
58.Buy Knife Switch - Double Pole Double Throw.Knife Switch - Double Pole Double Throw
Create interest in electronics in your classroom by using this great double knife switch!
59.Buy Magnetic Rings and Stand Set.Magnetic Rings and Stand Set
Kids will ask "How do they do that?" when they see these magnetic floating rings!
60.Buy Alcohol Thermometer -20 to 110 deg C.Alcohol Thermometer -20 to 110 deg C
Use this alcohol thermometer for experiments in the lab setting!
61.Buy 6V DC Motor 340mA 14400RPM .6V DC Motor 340mA 14400RPM
This mini 6V DC motor is perfect for small hobby projects!
62.Buy Steel Rectangular Bar Magnets - 4in pair.Steel Rectangular Bar Magnets - 4in pair
Use this pair of magnets for your next magnet experiment!
63.Buy Measuring Plastic Jug with Handle.Measuring Plastic Jug with Handle
This jug is essential for any chemistry classroom!
64.Buy Newton Spring Scale 20N.Newton Spring Scale 20N
A 20N/2000gram spring scale used for measuring forces and weights in the classroom.
65.Buy Neutralization Lens Set.Neutralization Lens Set
One double concave and one double convex lens which when combined produce a net focal length of zero. Good for optics experiments.
66.Buy 1000um Fiber Optic Cable.1000um Fiber Optic Cable
This 1,000um core size plastic fiber optic cable can be used with the fiber optic voice and data kit!
67.Buy Soft Iron Rod.Soft Iron Rod
Use this soft iron rod for a variety of classroom learning demonstrations!
68.Buy Refraction Cup.Refraction Cup
These semicircular plastic cells are perfect for observing the refractive properties of different liquids.
69.Buy Convex Glass Mirror - 3 inch.Convex Glass Mirror - 3 inch
Convex mirror measuring 3 inches (7.5cm) in diameter - great for optics experiments
70.Buy Concave Glass Mirror - 3 inch.Concave Glass Mirror - 3 inch
Concave 3 inch mirror great for use in classroom optic experiments.
71.Buy Kids Chemical Safety Goggles.Kids Chemical Safety Goggles
Recommended for protection against chemical splashes. A must have for every young chemist!
72.Buy Triple Tandem Pulley.Triple Tandem Pulley
Use this triple tandem pulley for various project applications!
73.Buy Triple Pulley.Triple Pulley
Use the Triple Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!
74.Buy Acrylic Equilateral Prism - 25 x 75 mm.Acrylic Equilateral Prism - 25 x 75 mm
Simple equilateral plastic prism. Great for science projects and classroom demonstrations.
75.Buy Plastic AA Battery Holders - Block of 4.Plastic AA Battery Holders - Block of 4
Set of 4 single AA battery holders that snap together to form either parallel or series connection.
76.Buy Hooked Brass Weight - 50g.Hooked Brass Weight - 50g
High-quality weight with a hook fitted through the center allow you to hook weights together in tandem or use them one at a time.
77.Buy Energy Ball.Energy Ball
Demonstrate circuits and conductivity with this energy ball.
78.Buy Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism.Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism
Use this right-angle glass prism for optics demonstrations!
79.Buy Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 75mm.Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 75mm
Great porcelain and mortar set for the lab!
80.Buy Alcohol Wick Lamp.Alcohol Wick Lamp
This alcohol wick lamp is a great resource for experiments requiring low heat!
81.Buy Microscope Slide Box - 50 Slides Capacity.Microscope Slide Box - 50 Slides Capacity
A great storage unit for all of those microscope slides you have lying around!
82.Buy Short Stem Funnel - 100ml Glass.Short Stem Funnel - 100ml Glass
Standard 100ml glass funnel with a 4 inch stem. Great for chemistry experiments.
83.Buy 10 Alligator Clip Leads - Medium.10 Alligator Clip Leads - Medium
Use these alligator clip leads for a variety of science projects!
84.Buy Tubular Spring Scale - Green 500g.Tubular Spring Scale - Green 500g
This 500 grams/5 Newtons tubular spring scale is essential for any science classroom!
85.Buy Human-Powered Light Bulb.Human-Powered Light Bulb
The static electricity generated by your body is enough energy to power this neon light bulb and make it glow!
86.Buy Porcelain Funnel - 120ml 70mm.Porcelain Funnel - 120ml 70mm
Use this porcelain funnel for a variety of science applications!
87.Buy Lodestone Chunk.Lodestone Chunk
A chunk of naturally magnetized magnetite! The rock that magnetically attracts iron, found in nature!
88.Buy Glass Thermometer - Dual Scale.Glass Thermometer - Dual Scale
Glass thermometer measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
89.Buy Mini Bulb Socket with Terminals - Pack of 10.Mini Bulb Socket with Terminals - Pack of 10
Most affordable mini-light bulb holders. Great for classroom use!
90.Buy Contact Key Switch.Contact Key Switch
The Contact Key can open and close a circuit and is very handy in demonstrating Morse code.
91.Buy Glass Beaker - 600ml.Glass Beaker - 600ml
Standard 600ml glass beaker. Great for chemistry experiments.
92.Buy Clamp Holder - Aluminum.Clamp Holder - Aluminum
This aluminum clamp holder is essential for use in any science classroom!
93.Buy Plastic Test Tube Rack.Plastic Test Tube Rack
Great gift for the future scientist in your family!
94.Buy Laboratory Counter / Timer.Laboratory Counter / Timer
This laboratory counter/timer is perfect for science projects or lab experiments!
95.Buy Wooden Test Tube Rack.Wooden Test Tube Rack
Be set for safe bubbling, steaming and bursting experiments with this wooden test tube rack!
96.Buy Alnico Bar Magnet.Alnico Bar Magnet
This strong Alnico bar magnet is a must for science projects.
97.Buy Color Filters - Gelatin - Pack of 5.Color Filters - Gelatin - Pack of 5
Use this set of filters for teaching about optics!
98.Buy Two Way Burner Stand.Two Way Burner Stand
Use this burner stand for your next science project involving alcohol burners!
99.Buy Glass Boiling Flask - 250ml.Glass Boiling Flask - 250ml
Use this 250ml boiling flask for your next classroom demonstration!
100.Buy Acrylic Color Filters - pack of 5.Acrylic Color Filters - pack of 5
Durable color filters for performance of optical experiments

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