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Classroom Magnet Kits

20 Magnet Marbles - Solid Color

There are countless experiments one can do with these magnet marbles!

Item#: 10146 Age: 5+
4 star rating (4 customer reviews)

24 Piece Magnet Set

Great assortment of magnets at an even greater price!

Item#: 10408 Age: 6+
4 star rating (6 customer reviews)

Magnet Wand with Marbles

Experiment with the hidden force of magnetism with this great set!

Item#: 11672 Age: 4+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

75 Counting Chips with Block Magnet

This set of 75 magnetic counting chips and one powerful plastic-encased block magnet is great for the classroom!

Item#: 10396 Age: 5+

Super Science Magnet Kit

Exciting magnet exploration for ages 8 and up!

Item#: 10391 Age: 8+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Magnets In Motion Kit

Create currents and discover gravity while exploring the theory of Lenz's Law with this kit!

Item#: 10231 Age: 8+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)


Classroom Magnet Kit - Level 1

This introductory magnet kit is great for young students in a classroom setting!

Item#: 10392 Age: 5+

Mini Magnetic Pole Finder

This simple and affordable tool will allow you to reveal the inner workings of a magnet by demonstrating the characteristics and properties of invisible exterior magnetic fields.

Item#: 16117 Age: 12+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Bumper Cars - Pair

A set of 2 plastic bumper cars, designed to carry magnets and demonstrate the attractive and repulsive properties of magnets with unlike and like poles.

Item#: 16116 Age: 8+

Magnetic Dry-Erase Name Plates

A set of 20 reusable dry-erase name plates perfect for any grade-level classroom

Item#: 16194 Age: 5+

Magnetic Sphere with Iron Filings Kit

Using this kit and the materials contained within, students will study the interaction between iron filings and a magnetic field sphere with a magnet embedded in its center, and relate their findings to the properties and function of the earth's magnetic field

Item#: 16397 Age: 14+

Science Pics Magnet Set

A set of 10 scientific magnets to post around the classroom - helps reinforce science vocabulary!

Item#: 16197 Age: 5+

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