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Back-to-School Science Supplies Sale
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Disk and Ring Magnets

Ceramic Ring Magnet

This ceramic ring magnet is a classic low-cost ring magnet for demonstration and experimentation!

Item#: 10229 Age: 5+
(3 customer reviews)

Ceramic Disc Magnet

This 1 inch diameter ceramic disc magnet is a classic low-cost magnet for demonstration and experimentation!

Item#: 10152 Age: 5+

Worlds Strongest Magnets

You will be amazed with these super-powerful neodymium magnets!

Item#: 10144 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Plastic-Encased Disc Magnet

This super strong disc magnet is encased in plastic with two poles indicated in different colors!

Item#: 10259 Age: 5+

Floating Magnet Rings Kit

Flip the magnets in this set for hours of fun!

Item#: 10230 Age: 5+
(2 customer reviews)

Color Ring Magnet

Cool and colorful ring magnets. Great as fridge magnets, for crafts and science projects.

Item#: 15109 Age: 5+
(1 customer reviews)

Magnetic Rings and Stand Set

Kids will ask "How do they do that?" when they see these magnetic floating rings!

Item#: 13715 Age: 7+
(2 customer reviews)

75 Counting Chips with Block Magnet

This set of 75 magnetic counting chips and one powerful plastic-encased block magnet is great for the classroom!

Item#: 10396 Age: 5+

Hook Magnet - 8lb Pull

The perfect object for lifting small metal items!

Item#: 13549 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Adhesive Magnetic Dots

Make any project instantly magnetic!

Item#: 13619 Age: 8+

3/4 inch Disc Levitation Magnet

Excellent magnet to use for showing the power of magnetic fields!

Item#: 15940 Age: 8+

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