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Dinosaur Fossil Putty

This cool putty is a great way to introduce kids to dinosaurs!

Item#: 12467 Age: 3+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Petrified Wood - Bulk Mineral

Is this really wood? Well, it certainly used to be! An essential mineral to add to any mineral collection!

Item#: 13341 Age: 7+

Dig Into Fossils Booklet

Small booklet that gets you started in the world of fantastic fossils!

Item#: 13348 Age: 5+

Matched Halves Ammonite Fossil Set

This ammonite fossil set is perfect as a small gift or for display in the classroom!

Item#: 14205 Age: 7+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Mosasaur Dino Tooth

This genuine fossil tooth is great for science projects or as a gift!

Item#: 14680 Age: 8+
4.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Fossil Starter Bag

This fossil starter bag is an excellent classroom resource or gift for the young beginning fossil collector!

Item#: 14237 Age: 8+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Dinosaur Bone

This is a genuine dinosaur bone!

Item#: 14679 Age: 8+

Oceanic Fossils Set

A small and affordable collection of oceanic fossils, including fish vertebrae, sting ray mouthplates, and shark teeth.

Item#: 15694 Age: 8+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Advanced Fossil Collection

Comprehensive collection of 30 fossils.

Item#: 15170 Age: 12+

General Fossil Collection

Selection of 15 numbered fossils.

Item#: 15169 Age: 10+

Goniatite - 2 inch Real Fossil

An authentic fossil of a goniatid, an ancient cephalopod extant in the periods leading up to the Triassic, when dinosaurs first began to appear. Makes a great gift, stocking stuffer, or party favor!

Item#: 15979 Age: 10+

Orthoceras - 1 inch Real Fossil

An authentic fossil of an orthoceras, an ancient ancestor of our modern-day squid. Makes a great gift, stocking stuffer, or party favor!

Item#: 15981 Age: 8+

Metacanthina Trilobite

An authentic fossil of the swimming, crawling, burrowing creature known as a trilobite that first appeared on our planet over 600 million years ago.

Item#: 16179 Age: 10+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

GeoCentral Fossils Science Kit

Learn about fascinating fossils and the curious creatures that created them with this 9 specimen introductory kit!

Item#: 16389 Age: 8+

Polished Fossil Coral

Preserve a piece of ecological history with this specimen of polished fossil coral.

Item#: 16380 Age: 14+

Ammonite Fossil Pair - 1.5 - 2 inch

A gorgeous and detailed pair of polished ammonite measuring 1.5 - 2 inches; excellent conversation starter or classroom display

Item#: 16645 Age: 14+

Single Orthoceras Fossil in Matrix

An authentic fossil of an orthoceras, an ancient ancestor of our modern-day squid, preserved in a rock matrix. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Item#: 16180 Age: 14+

Mosasaurus Fossil Tooth in Matrix - Large

Superb mosasaurus tooth fossil specimen for the science classroom!

Item#: 16650 Age: 14+


Fossils Videolab - 9 Lab Stations, Video DVD and Teacher's Guide

Cover your curriculum for the upcoming school year with this comprehensive kit encompassing a full week's worth of lessons and activities surrounding fossil formation, creation, and identification

Item#: 16727 Age: 18+

Fossil Hunt Kit

Item#: 16733 Age: 14+

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