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Back-to-School Science Supplies Sale
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Lenses, Mirrors & Prisms

Fresnel Lens Sheet

This fresnel lens sheet is great for optics lessons and science projects!

Item#: 10127 Age: 5+
(5 customer reviews)

Equilateral Optical Glass Prism - 25 x 75 mm

High-quality optical glass equilateral prism.

Item#: 10869 Age: 13+
(6 customer reviews)

Plastic Magnifying Lens - Dual 3X 6X

Use this economical magnifying lens for outdoor lessons in the classroom!

Item#: 14158 Age: 10+
(4 customer reviews)

Keychain Magnifier

Take this magnifier with you anywhere, anytime!

Item#: 13829 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Glass Lens Set, Set of 6

The Lens Set is an excellent set of 6 unmounted glass lenses with round edges.

Item#: 10877 Age: 13+

Acrylic Equilateral Prism - 25 x 75 mm

Simple equilateral plastic prism. Great for science projects and classroom demonstrations.

Item#: 13491 Age: 5+
(4 customer reviews)

Tedco Light Crystal Prism

Use this awesome prism to teach about optics and light in the classroom setting!

Item#: 13862 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Light Crystal Prism - Large

Discover a world of kaleidoscopic effects within this perfectly clear prism of the Light Crystal!

Item#: 13532 Age: 6+

Convex Mirror D50mm F75mm

This is a helpful convex mirror for optics demonstrations!

Item#: 13851 Age: 13+

Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism

Use this right-angle glass prism for optics demonstrations!

Item#: 14628 Age: 10+
(3 customer reviews)

Equilateral Glass Refraction Prism 75 x 9 mm

Use this equilateral block glass prism for refraction experiments!

Item#: 14477 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Illuminated LED Loupe

This illuminated LED loupe is perfect for jobs requiring a closer look!

Item#: 14933 Age: 12+
(2 customer reviews)

Color Filters - Gelatin - Pack of 5

Use this set of filters for teaching about optics!

Item#: 13992 Age: 12+
(1 customer reviews)

Glass Prism with Stand

Excellent prism for classroom demonstrations, science projects or as a desk toy.

Item#: 15186 Age: 10+
(3 customer reviews)

Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inches

4" x 4" glass mirror perfect for demonstrating reflection, refraction, and the principles of optics.

Item#: 15681 Age: 10+

UV LED Glass Loupe - 16x21mm

Use it for viewing stamps, rocks, bugs, photographs, etc.

Item#: 15733 Age: 14+

Neutralization Lens Set

One double concave and one double convex lens which when combined produce a net focal length of zero. Good for optics experiments.

Item#: 15348 Age: 13+

3.5-inch Glass Magnifier

Classically-styled 3.5-inch glass magnifier with 3X magnification, excellent for school projects or outdoors fun/indoor sleuthing!

Item#: 16023 Age: 12+

3-inch Glass Magnifier

Classically-styled 3-inch glass magnifier with 1.5-2X magnification, excellent for school projects or outdoors fun/indoor sleuthing!

Item#: 16022 Age: 12+

2.5-inch Glass Magnifier

Classically-styled 2.5-inch glass magnifier with 3-4X magnification, excellent for school projects or outdoors fun/indoor sleuthing!

Item#: 16021 Age: 12+

Refraction Cup

These semicircular plastic cells are perfect for observing the refractive properties of different liquids.

Item#: 15911 Age: 10+

Convex Mirror with Stand

This 4 inch convex mirror has a focal length of 80mm focal length and comes with a handy stand.

Item#: 15185 Age: 10+

Giant Glass Diamond

This massive giant diamond will get everyone's attention!

Item#: 14059 Age: 12+

Glass Lens & Prisms Set

Seven varying glass lenses/prisms for use with ray box or demonstrations

Item#: 15350 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)


Large Parabolic Concave Mirror

Huge convex mirror for demonstrating convex properties

Item#: 15352 Age: 16+

4 inch Mirror Ball

High-quality, classic 4 inch mirror ball.

Item#: 15861 Age: 14+

2-inch Glass Magnifier

Classically-styled 2-inch glass magnifier with 3-5X magnification, excellent for school projects or outdoors fun/indoor sleuthing!

Item#: 16020 Age: 12+


Large Spherical Convex Mirror

Huge convex mirror for demonstrating convex properties, or for security/monitoring purposes

Item#: 15351 Age: 16+

Bi-Focal Magnifier

A durable magnifying glass with comfortable grip - large lens magnifies 3X, small lens yields 5X magnification

Item#: 16306 Age: 5+

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