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Balloon Car Racer

Balloon power makes this 6 inch car whistle and zoom!

Item#: 10431 Age: 8+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Magnetic Gyro-Fly Wheel

This simple but amusing magnetic toy will keep you busy for hours!

Item#: 10441 Age: 6+
5 Stars (5 customer reviews)

Balloon Helicopter

This classic balloon helicopter is great for small gifts!

Item#: 10523 Age: 8+
4 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Crystal Growing Mystical Tree

With special powers, this mystical tree transforms from a paper cut-out into a beautiful tree!

Item#: 10426 Age: 12+
5 Stars (6 customer reviews)

Mini Dinosaur Excavation Kit

Have fun excavating your very own glow-in-the-dark fossil!

Item#: 14127 Age: 7+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Eerie Orb

Fun far out lights and sounds created from electricity that flows through this ball and through YOU!

Item#: 13035 Age: 5+
5 Stars (11 customer reviews)

Plastic Bubbles

Make and shape your own colorful plastic bubble creations.

Item#: 10427 Age: 5+
4 Stars (3 customer reviews)

Pinky Ball

Look up in the sky… It’s squishy, it bounces higher then expected and it’s pink! It’s the Pinky Ball.

Item#: 12268 Age: 4+
4.5 Stars (5 customer reviews)

Pin Art - Large - 7 inches

Make the coolest 3D pin art on your desk with this amazing desk toy.

Item#: 10252 Age: 8+
5 Stars (5 customer reviews)

Jacob's Ladder

An ancient toy featuring optical illusion and hands-on fun that never grows old!

Item#: 10421 Age: 5+
5 Stars (4 customer reviews)


See around corners or over walls with this cool periscope!

Item#: 10516 Age: 5+
5 Stars (4 customer reviews)

Noise Putty

Now you can re-create your own gastronomical noises without offending others!

Item#: 11163 Age: 5+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

24 Piece Magnet Set

Great assortment of magnets at an even greater price!

Item#: 10408 Age: 6+
4 Stars (6 customer reviews)

3D Mirascope

This mirascope creates a 3D hologram image!

Item#: 11692 Age: 8+
4.5 Stars (8 customer reviews)

Solar Print Refill Paper

Make beautiful solar prints with this solar print paper!

Item#: 10432 Age: 5+

Tape Measure Keychain

Never leave home without your key chain tape measure!

Item#: 12249 Age: 10+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Flashing Neutron Ball

This crazy Flashing Neutron Ball bounces just like a ball… It will astonish you!

Item#: 12254 Age: 4+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Balancing Eagle

Defy gravity with this cool balancing eagle!

Item#: 14224 Age: 5+
5 Stars (12 customer reviews)

Magnetic Levitator - Classic

This is a classic demonstration toy of the powers of magnetic fields!

Item#: 13698 Age: 5+
5 Stars (10 customer reviews)

Mood Mudd

Stretchy, stringy mood fun again and again!

Item#: 11686 Age: 5+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

IsoFlex Ball

A massage for the hand and mind!

Item#: 12255 Age: 5+
3 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Hatchin Grow Dino

Watch a dinosaur hatch out of this egg!

Item#: 12465 Age: 5+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Dinosaur Fossil Putty

This cool putty is a great way to introduce kids to dinosaurs!

Item#: 12467 Age: 3+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Lazer Fingers

Accessorize for your next party with these cool LED Lazer Fingers.

Item#: 15129 Age: 5+

Atom Ball

This quirky, squishy atom ball is safe for throwing and catching!

Item#: 14125 Age: 6+
4 Stars (2 customer reviews)

10 Color Pen

Make all kinds of colorful doodles with this 10-color pen!

Item#: 14225 Age: 5+
5 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Peg Game - Wooden Triangle Puzzle

Can you master this classic wood puzzle?

Item#: 14119 Age: 8+
5 Stars (8 customer reviews)

Solar Print Kit

This kit contains everything you need to make your own solar prints.

Item#: 10543 Age: 5+

Lemon Clock

You will be able to explore the science of batteries using this lemon clock!

Item#: 14617 Age: 6+

Rubber Band Paddle Boat

Watch as the Rubber Band Paddle Boat zips across your bathtub or cruises in the open water!

Item#: 12637 Age: 5+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Pocket Star Finder

This star finder fits easily into your pocket!

Item#: 12256 Age: 8+

Folding Binoculars

This fun toy is a great way to introduce young children to the wonders of binoculars!

Item#: 14126 Age: 6+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Rainbow Glow Dough

This stretchy rainbow dough glows in the dark!

Item#: 14611 Age: 5+

Rock Science Kit

Great kit for teaching rock classifications in the classroom setting!

Item#: 13217 Age: 8+
4.5 Stars (4 customer reviews)

Metal Jax and Ball Set

This classic metal jax and ball set is the perfect party favor!

Item#: 11682 Age: 5+
5 Stars (3 customer reviews)

Mystery Fire

Turns any fire into a brilliant display of various bright colors!

Item#: 16097 Age: 18+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Wood Fidget Puzzle

What will you make with this puzzle?

Item#: 15528 Age: 6+

Original Optic Wonder

A 7-in-1 optical tool perfect for outdoor exploration!

Item#: 15402 Age: 5+

Rainbow Pom Ball

This colorful, rubber ball is fun for kids and adults.

Item#: 15524 Age: 3+

Sci-Fi Tube - Energy Stick

The tube lights up and makes sound when you complete the circuit by making skin contact with the electrodes on either end! Connect a chain of people and use your energy to power the toy!

Item#: 16098 Age: 6+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand

Every magician needs a wand and this Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand fits the bill perfectly!

Item#: 15781 Age: 5+
5 Stars (1 customer reviews)

Jumbo Glitter Poppin Hopper

This classic and inexpensive childhood toy launches high in the air if you turn it inside out!

Item#: 16412 Age: 5+

Parafoil Kite

Easy to take along to the beach or park.

Item#: 15522 Age: 6+
4 Stars (2 customer reviews)

Fanimals - LED Light-up Hand-held Fan

Light Up Fanimals is an animated light show and personal fan all in one!

Item#: 15785 Age: 5+

Mighty Magnet Set

Great magnet kit for a young student!

Item#: 14613 Age: 6+

Mini Voice Changer

A fun and simple toy that modifies your voice in 3 different ways, producing surprising vocal effects excellent for pranks or messing with your friends.

Item#: 16093 Age: 5+

Pocket Etch A Sketch

The classic drawing toy from everybody's childhood, this time in portable pocket form!

Item#: 16411 Age: 3+

Cosmic Coil

A single strange of flexible metal that revolves around itself like a metal bubble or collapses flat - it's a dynamic, interactive art piece!

Item#: 15954 Age: 8+

Lunar Light Show

Illuminate your room in a spectrum of vibrant colors with the Lunar Light Show moon!

Item#: 16099 Age: 6+

Laser Fog Light Show

Create your own fog and laser light show using this intuitive and highly customizable self-contained fog machine!

Item#: 16643 Age: 18+

Paint Your Own Derby Racer Car

The Paint Your Own Derbery Racer car comes pre-assembled and ready to be custom painted.

Item#: 16795 Age: 5+

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