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Top 100 Corporate Desk Gifts for 2016

Check out our Top 100 Corporate Desk Gifts! Great gifts for employees, coworkers and business associates! These make great desk toys and are guaranteed to be conversation starters! Get them now at sale prices!

Popularity of these gifts changes daily so we ordered them by price rather than popularity. This will help you in matching gifts to your budget.

1.Buy Floating Colors Timer.Floating Colors Timer
Need a unique desk toy for your co-worker? Help them keep time in a groovy way with this timer!
2.Buy IsoFlex Ball.IsoFlex Ball
A massage for the hand and mind!
3.Buy Water Wheel Timer.Water Wheel Timer
This quirky colorful timer works just like a miniature water mill!
4.Buy Selenite Tower.Selenite Tower
Beautiful crystal for a rock collection!!
5.Buy Original Slinky.Original Slinky
Everyone loves a Slinky!
6.Buy Edible Wilderness Playing Cards.Edible Wilderness Playing Cards
Use this cool deck of cards to learn 52 strategies for sourcing food in the wilderness.
7.Buy Thermodynamic Hand Boiler.Thermodynamic Hand Boiler
This is a cool, old-fashioned thermodynamic hand boiler toy!
8.Buy Handheld UV Light.Handheld UV Light
Turbo charge your glow-in-the-dark collection with this handy 6 inch UV black light!
9.Buy The Original Gyroscope.The Original Gyroscope
Check out this high-quality gyroscope!
10.Buy Spider Specimen.Spider Specimen
Great spider specimen for the science classroom.
11.Buy 3D Mirascope.3D Mirascope
This mirascope creates a 3D hologram image!
12.Buy Dinosaur Plant .Dinosaur Plant
The amazing Dinosaur Plant is probably the most fun plant you will ever find!
13.Buy Space Wonder Gyroscope.Space Wonder Gyroscope
This high precision gyroscope will amaze you with rotational speed and ease of precision.
14.Buy Magnetic Levitator - Classic.Magnetic Levitator - Classic
This is a classic demonstration toy of the powers of magnetic fields!
15.Buy Blackish Stag Beetle.Blackish Stag Beetle
Great specimen for the science classroom!
16.Buy Black Scorpion Specimen - Large.Black Scorpion Specimen - Large
This black scorpion specimen is great for the classroom setting!
17.Buy Glass Beaker Mug - 400ml.Glass Beaker Mug - 400ml
This glass beaker mug makes an excellent gift!
18.Buy Neon Pin Art.Neon Pin Art
This fun neon pin art features blacklight sensitive pins!
19.Buy Mini Plasma Ball.Mini Plasma Ball
A touch of joy. A touch of science. Light responds to your touch and to the music in your room!
20.Buy Newtons Cradle - Regular - 5.5 inches.Newtons Cradle - Regular - 5.5 inches
This classic desk toy will keep you amused!
21.Buy Solar Radiometer.Solar Radiometer
Experience this sphere powered by the sun!
22.Buy 12 inch Galileo Thermometer.12 inch Galileo Thermometer
This Galileo thermometer is 12 inches tall and has 5 floating spheres. Makes a great desk or gift item.
23.Buy Light Crystal Prism - Large.Light Crystal Prism - Large
Discover a world of kaleidoscopic effects within this perfectly clear prism of the Light Crystal!
24.Buy Metal Frame Newtons Cradle.Metal Frame Newtons Cradle
Makes a great gift for a science teacher and a fun office desktop accessory.
25.Buy Innovative Whack Pack.Innovative Whack Pack
The Innovative Whack Pack is a card deck consisting of 60 creativity strategies inspired by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus.
26.Buy Creative Whack Pack.Creative Whack Pack
The Creative Whack Pack is a creativity tool.
27.Buy Astronomy Playing Cards.Astronomy Playing Cards
Explore the far reaches of the galaxy with these crazy cool astronomy playing cards!
28.Buy Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inches.Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inches
This classic desk toy will keep you amused! Large, 7 inch tall version.
29.Buy Pin Art - Large - 7 inches.Pin Art - Large - 7 inches
Make the coolest 3D pin art on your desk with this amazing desk toy.
30.Buy Green Laser Pointer.Green Laser Pointer
Use this laser pointer for any professional presentation!
31.Buy Caffeine Glass Beaker Mug.Caffeine Glass Beaker Mug
This caffeine molecule mug makes an excellent gift!
32.Buy Marie Curie Glow Bobblehead.Marie Curie Glow Bobblehead
This expertly crafted bobblehead includes “glow-in-the-dark” lab beakers!
33.Buy Albert Einstein Bobblehead.Albert Einstein Bobblehead
This premium bobblehead, handcrafted from heavyweight polyresin, is an officially licensed and very high quality model.
34.Buy Executive Chrome Newtons Cradle.Executive Chrome Newtons Cradle
The Newton's cradle is one of the oldest and most interesting physics toys.
35.Buy Blue Extreme Amethyst Candle Holder.Blue Extreme Amethyst Candle Holder
This gorgeous candle holder has been fashioned out of a piece of blue-died amethyst.
36.Buy Spacerail - Level 2 - Marble Roller Coaster Set.Spacerail - Level 2 - Marble Roller Coaster Set
Create your own roller coaster with this challenging yet fun to build kit.
37.Buy Rose Quartz Candle Holder.Rose Quartz Candle Holder
This beautiful candle holder is carved out of natural rose quartz!
38.Buy Maxwell Wheel - Small.Maxwell Wheel - Small
Classic device for demonstrating the conservation of mechanical energy; smaller version makes a great desk toy.
39.Buy Orange Calcite Candle Holder Bookends.Orange Calcite Candle Holder Bookends
These gorgeous candle-holder bookends are made from natural citrine mineral slabs that have been cut and polished for your bookshelf use!
40.Buy Galaxy Kinetic Art.Galaxy Kinetic Art
A perpetual motion model of the galaxy, makes a good desk toy.
41.Buy Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle.Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle
The Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, writers, students, and you!
42.Buy Color Wheel Watch - White.Color Wheel Watch - White
This watch features the color wheel on its face!
43.Buy Perplexus Twist.Perplexus Twist
Check out this captivating puzzle!
44.Buy Big Ball of Whacks - 6 Colors.Big Ball of Whacks - 6 Colors
Colorful and with 192 rare earth magnets inside so it looks and feels hefty in your hand!
45.Buy Blue Ball of Whacks.Blue Ball of Whacks
The Ball of Whacks® consists of 30 magnetic design blocks that can be rearranged into endless different shapes.
46.Buy Black Ball of Whacks.Black Ball of Whacks
This new black Ball of Whacks is a perfect corporate gift. Give one to every stressed exec you know!
47.Buy 6-Color Ball of Whacks.6-Color Ball of Whacks
The Multi-Colored Ball of Whacks is comprised of 30 pyramid pieces that click together with 180 rare earth magnets.
48.Buy Green-Red Laser Pointer.Green-Red Laser Pointer
An economical red and green laser pointer with clip and batteries included!
49.Buy X-Ball - Magnetic Puzzle.X-Ball - Magnetic Puzzle
Cool creativity tool for innovators, scientists, artists, engineers, and you. Shapes you can create are only limited by your imagination!
50.Buy Ball of Whacks.Ball of Whacks
The Ball of Whacks is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, engineers, writers, students, and you!
51.Buy Hand-Blown Glass Drinking Bird.Hand-Blown Glass Drinking Bird
Is it a demonstration of a scientific law or a work of art?
52.Buy SuperSafe Green Laser Pointer.SuperSafe Green Laser Pointer
This 1mW, 532nm Super Safe Green Laser Pointer is for education, government or other settings where safety is a concern.
53.Buy Periodic Table Lamp.Periodic Table Lamp
Illuminate both your room and your mind with this ingenious Periodic Table Lamp.
54.Buy Genuine Meteorite - Large 40g Chunk.Genuine Meteorite - Large 40g Chunk
This genuine meteorite is great for the rock collector in your family!
55.Buy 21 inch Galileo Thermometer.21 inch Galileo Thermometer
This top of the line 21 inch tall Galileo thermometer features 10 floating spheres.
56.Buy Deluxe Cherry Wood 17in  Galileo Thermometer.Deluxe Cherry Wood 17in Galileo Thermometer
A beautiful desk toy for your favorite person’s office!!
57.Buy Shark 3D Wall Attack Plaque.Shark 3D Wall Attack Plaque
Giant 3D shark wall art to inspire adventure stories and lively conversations.
58.Buy Blocks and Marbles - Master Set.Blocks and Marbles - Master Set
Look forward to hours of creative maze-building!
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