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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
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Map Compass

This compact and affordable map compass is ideal for any day of exciting exploration!

Item#: 10520 Age: 8+
(3 customer reviews)

Compass - 1.5 inch diameter

Great compass for school science lab.

Item#: 15604 Age: 6+
(2 customer reviews)

Jumbo Compass - 3 inch diameter

This jumbo 3 inch compass is great for school projects or class demonstrations!

Item#: 10327 Age: 5+
(2 customer reviews)

Liquid Filled Compass - 1.75 inch

This is an excellent economical compass for classroom lessons or for scouting projects.

Item#: 15596 Age: 6+

Compass Set - 2 pack

Great compass set to use in a classroom setting!

Item#: 14363 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Aluminum Compass - 1.75 inch

Easy to read and has a sturdy fob so that a compass chain may be attached.

Item#: 15627 Age: 6+

Aluminum Compass

Use this compass for your next hiking trip!

Item#: 14103 Age: 10+

3-in-1 Compass-Thermometer Ruler

This multi-functional tool has many uses.

Item#: 15631 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Compass Board

This compass board is great for demonstrating the powers of magnetism!

Item#: 13979 Age: 10+

Compass Thermometer Carabiner

It is a compass and a thermometer!

Item#: 15632 Age: 8+

5-in-1 Survival Compass

Multipurpose survival compass with whistle, mirror, flint striker, inner compartment, and carrying cord! Essential for wilderness excursions.

Item#: 15704 Age: 8+

Mini Liquid Compass - Pack of 10

A set of 10 miniature liquid-filled compasses, excellent for science experiments involving magnets

Item#: 16309 Age: 6+

Magnetic Field Model

Use this magnetic field model to show the power of magnets!

Item#: 14626 Age: 8+

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