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Demo Equipment

Single Pulley

Use the Single Pulley System to lift or support loads!

Item#: 11103 Age: 13+

Hand Held DC Generator

An excellent demonstration model for teaching about the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy!

Item#: 10876 Age: 7+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Glass Lens Set, Set of 6

The Lens Set is an excellent set of 6 unmounted glass lenses with round edges.

Item#: 10877 Age: 13+

Double Pulley

The Double Pulley System will easily lift or support loads for your physics experiments.

Item#: 11104 Age: 13+

Double Tandem Pulley

Use the Double Tandem Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!

Item#: 11106 Age: 13+

Triple Pulley

Use the Triple Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!

Item#: 11105 Age: 13+

DC Voltmeter 0-10V

General purpose DC Voltmeter. 0-10V DC.

Item#: 11027 Age: 13+

Heat Conductometer

Heat conductometer with aluminum, brass, steel, nickel, and copper spokes.

Item#: 10875 Age: 13+

Ball and Ring - Thermal Expansion Set

This thermal expansion set, also known as “ball and ring”, is a popular device to demonstrate thermal expansion.

Item#: 10871 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Magdeburg Hemispheres

These simple versions of the original Magdeburg Hemispheres can be used for a great vacuum demonstration.

Item#: 13429 Age: 13+
4.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

DC AmpMeter 0-1A

General purpose Ampmeter (current meter). 0-1A DC.

Item#: 11028 Age: 13+

Fire Syringe

Teach the scientific principle behind diesel engines with this interesting science experiment!

Item#: 13434 Age: 13+
4 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell

Check out this great experiment demonstrating the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy!

Item#: 13885 Age: 16+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Wimshurst Lightning Machine

The Wimshurst Machine is a high quality static machine for student labs.

Item#: 10887 Age: 13+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Pulley Table Clamp

A low cost pulley for simple machines experiments which can be clamped to a table.

Item#: 15770 Age: 14+

Triple Tandem Pulley

Use this triple tandem pulley for various project applications!

Item#: 14046 Age: 13+

Maxwells Wheel - Large

This classic device is used to demonstrate the conservation of mechanical energy.

Item#: 10882 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Bi-Metal Compound Bar

Demonstrate the physics of thermal expansion. This compound bar has a bimetal strip mounted in a wooden handle. Because of unequal expansion of two metals, bending will occur when heated.

Item#: 11952 Age: 13+

DC Motor Kit

Assemble your own DC motor and learn by doing!

Item#: 15153 Age: 8+
4 star rating (1 customer reviews)


Determine wind speed for your next science lesson using this durable anemometer!

Item#: 13457 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Electromagnet - Dissectible

This electromagnet is great for classroom demonstrations!

Item#: 14033 Age: 12+
4.5 star rating (4 customer reviews)

Quadruple Pulley

Use this quadruple pulley for various project applications!

Item#: 14045 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Lamp Board - 5 lamps

Use this device to demonstrate different kinds of electrical hook-ups!

Item#: 14035 Age: 8+
4.5 star rating (2 customer reviews)

Equal Mass Set

Great apparatus to use for lessons on density in the physics classroom!

Item#: 13983 Age: 12+

Specific Gravity Set

Use this set to teach about gravity in the physics classroom!

Item#: 13984 Age: 12+

Thermoelectric Generator

Use this generator to demonstrate the 2nd law of thermodynamics!

Item#: 14618 Age: 12+
5 star rating (3 customer reviews)

Open DC Motor Demo - 1.5V

An effective and inexpensive tool for classroom demonstrations of DC motors, and electro-magnetic processes more generally

Item#: 16348 Age: 14+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Electromagnet Kit

Use this kit to introduce electromagnetic principles in the classroom setting!

Item#: 14852 Age: 13+

Internal Combustion Engine Model - Gasoline

Use this engine model to show how gasoline engines work!

Item#: 13981 Age: 13+
4.5 star rating (3 customer reviews)


Resonance Bowl

Show the behavior of waves using an ancient demonstration!

Item#: 14779 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Cloud Forming Apparatus

Use this instrument to show how clouds form!

Item#: 13993 Age: 16+

Lucite Light Rod

This is a two-foot length of acrylic rod that has been bent into the curlicue form shown.

Item#: 13792 Age: 12+

Dynamic Car Set

Use this dynamic car set for velocity and conservation experiments in the classroom!

Item#: 14074 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Force and Reaction Fan Car

Use this fan car to demonstrate the difference between force and mass!

Item#: 14075 Age: 13+

Long Metal Coil Spring - Extends to 30 feet

This long metal coil spring is ideal for visually demonstrating wave properties, such as frequency, wavelength, and interference, in the classroom.

Item#: 16119 Age: 12+

Bernoulli Bag - Pack of 4

How many breaths does it take to fill and 8 foot long tube? Just one!

Item#: 15593 Age: 10+

Lenz Law Copper Tube

Use this copper tube to demonstrate Lenz's Law!

Item#: 14638 Age: 12+

Nitinol Wire - 1ft

Alloy metal wire consisting of Nickel and Titanium; returns to its original shape, in spite of bending, when dropped in hot water, and can be retrained to take on a new default shape!

Item#: 16342 Age: 16+

Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus

With this apparatus you can actually observe increases and decreases in a liquid's conductivity!

Item#: 15159 Age: 8+

Pulley with Table Clamp

Cast-iron clamp and plastic pulley perfect for classroom demonstrations

Item#: 15678 Age: 8+

Voltaic Cell with Porous Cup and Electrodes Set

This voltaic cell is excellent for demonstrating electro-chemical reactions!

Item#: 14073 Age: 14+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Solenoid / Electromagnet with Iron Core

Study the magnetic field of a current-carrying coil, and how an iron core affects it.

Item#: 15155 Age: 14+

Bell Jar with Bell and Pressure Plate

Use this model to demonstrate the inability of sound waves to travel through a vacuum!

Item#: 14813 Age: 14+

Wheel and Axle

Plastic stepped pulley fitted with ball bearing and steel rod - teaches mechanics and conservation of energy

Item#: 15677 Age: 8+

New York Demonstration Balance

Check out this excellent experiment demonstrating the law of torque!

Item#: 13886 Age: 16+

Simplified Stirling Engine

This is an excellent demonstration of the principles of Stirling engines!

Item#: 13888 Age: 16+

Maxwell Wheel - Small

Classic device for demonstrating the conservation of mechanical energy; smaller version makes a great desk toy.

Item#: 15450 Age: 14+


Kilovoltron Van de Graaff Generator

This smaller transportable Van de Graaff Generator will easily fit in any classroom!

Item#: 13775 Age: 18+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Mass Force Demo Kit

Use this kit to teach the principle of inertia!

Item#: 13982 Age: 13+

Aluminum Tuning Forks - Set of 8

Set of 8 aluminum tuning forks ranging from 256 to 512 Hz in frequency.

Item#: 15775 Age: 14+

Rotational Inertia Ring and Disk

This set includes disk and ring with equal mass and radius. Great for the classic rotational inertia physics experiment!

Item#: 13493 Age: 13+

Electric Double Walled Calorimeter

Use this calorimeter for a variety of heat experiments!

Item#: 14848 Age: 13+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Van de Graaff Demo DVD

An excellent DVD for use with the Winsco Van de Graaf generator!

Item#: 13784 Age: 18+

Electric Plume for Van de Graaff Generator

This is an accessory that can be used with any Van de Graaff generator.

Item#: 13780 Age: 18+

Roman Arch Kit

This kit allows you to make your very own Roman arch for teaching purposes!

Item#: 13887 Age: 12+

Magnetic Field Model

Use this magnetic field model to show the power of magnets!

Item#: 14626 Age: 8+

Pendulum Clamp

This is a must-have pendulum clamp for any science classroom!

Item#: 14135 Age: 14+


Illuminated Orbiter - Sun-Moon-Earth

This illuminated orbiter is great for demonstrations in the astronomy classroom!

Item#: 14226 Age: 18+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Newtons Color Disc

Great for classroom demonstrations.

Item#: 15591 Age: 18+

Coffee Cup Stirling Engine

A fully functional stirling engine model operates solely from the power provided by the heat of the surface on which it is placed, meaning it works especially well placed over the rim of a piping-hot mug of coffee

Item#: 15711 Age: 14+


Power Supply for Spectrum Discharge Tubes

Use this power supply for spectrum discharge tubes to create an awesome demonstration!

Item#: 14242 Age: 18+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Oersteds Law Apparatus

Use this apparatus to demonstrate Oersted's Law!

Item#: 14623 Age: 12+

AC/DC Generator

Double your teaching and experimental possibilities - demonstrates AC and DC properties!

Item#: 15144 Age: 14+


Static charges are created on the plastic base by rubbing it with the included cloth!

Item#: 13785 Age: 18+

Flask Electroscope

Use this flask electroscope to detect electric charges!

Item#: 14624 Age: 13+

Economy Color Mixing Demo

Create hundreds of color combinations using this color mixing demo!

Item#: 14814 Age: 12+
3 star rating (1 customer reviews)


Acrylic Wave Pendulum

Combining physics and art, the pendulum wave demonstration uses kinetic energy to create a beautiful art display. Can also be used to simulate phases, beats, and frequencies for classroom lessons and demonstrations.

Item#: 16290 Age: 14+
5 star rating (1 customer reviews)

Ice Melting Kit

Fun demo of the difference in thermal conductivity of two different materials.

Item#: 15773 Age: 14+

Color Paddles - Set of 18

Explore the exciting world of color and color mixing with these color paddles.

Item#: 15590 Age: 8+

Flame Salts

A selection of six salts for student use in observing spectra of some fairly common elements.

Item#: 13791 Age: 18+


Gas Law Apparatus

Use this apparatus to demonstrate Boyle's Law!

Item#: 14836 Age: 14+

Coriolis Effect Kit

Learn about the Coriolis Effect using this helpful kit!

Item#: 14231 Age: 12+


Discharge Electrode - Large Mounted

Large mounted discharge electrode for the Winsco Van de Graaff Generator.

Item#: 13777 Age: 18+

Neon Wand

Use this wand with a Van d Graaf generator to create a cool visual effect!

Item#: 13783 Age: 18+

Deluxe Color Mixing Demo

Demonstrate color addition and shadows using this color mixing apparatus!

Item#: 14816 Age: 14+

Fluorescent Liquids

A set of permanently mounted vials of liquids which fluoresce brilliantly under ultraviolet light.

Item#: 13790 Age: 18+

Heros Engine Flask

Demonstrate the principle of jet propulsion.

Item#: 15774 Age: 14+

Atmospheric Mat with Hook

Durable and thick rubber mat with detachable hook demonstrates principle of atmospheric pressure/allows you to lift disproportionately heavy objects

Item#: 16109 Age: 12+


Deluxe Stirling Generator

A fully assembled, handsome and high-quality stirling engine - demonstrates properties of thermodynamics as heat energy is converted to mechanical/electrical energy - excellent for classroom demonstrations

Item#: 16115 Age: 18+

Harbottle Apparatus

With just a balloon and a bottle, this item has the WOW factor you have been searching for!

Item#: 15145 Age: 12+

Lung Demo Kit

Build a demonstration model of a human lung and learn the basic concepts of respiratory physiology with this kit!

Item#: 15148 Age: 12+


Winsco Van de Graaff Generator

Provides the power to execute all the basic electrostatic demonstrations on an energetic and dramatic scale with up to 350,000 volts!

Item#: 13773 Age: 18+


Force Table

Great force table for accurate study of forces, vectors, etc. Every physics classroom should have one!

Item#: 13431 Age: 10+

Constant Motion Machine

This car moves with a uniform speed and can accommodate other equipment on top.

Item#: 15771 Age: 14+


Solar System Simulator

See the solar system in action!

Item#: 15167 Age: 12+



Working model representing the sun, earth, and moon and their relationships.

Item#: 15168 Age: 12+

Horizontal Cast and Collision Tester

Study horizontal and vertical motion, conservation of energy, and momentum with this fun and classroom-ready collision testing kit!

Item#: 15674 Age: 13+

Ballistics Car

Demonstrates that the forward velocity of a ball ejected vertically is the same as the forward velocity of the vehicle from which it was ejected. Excellent for use in the classroom.

Item#: 15675 Age: 13+

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