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Rocks & Gems

Pyrite - Fools Gold - Bulk Mineral

Pyrite is one of the coolest metallic minerals out there.

Item#: 10971 Age: 7+
(2 customer reviews)

Optical Calcite - Bulk Mineral

Great image-doubling optical calcite!

Item#: 10968 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Amethyst - Bulk Mineral

This beautiful mineral is actually quartz with iron impurities!

Item#: 10973 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Break-Your-Own Geodes Kit

Small booklet that gets you started in the wonderful world of rocks, minerals and crystals.

Item#: 10967 Age: 10+
(3 customer reviews)

Quartz Point - Bulk Mineral

Neat Quartz points, made from one of the most abundant and most useful minerals on Earth.

Item#: 10970 Age: 7+

Hematite - Bulk Mineral

Hematite is the most important iron ore. Essential for study of geology.

Item#: 10974 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Obsidian Arrowhead

Great gift for any occasion or for little Jimmy’s cowboy birthday party!

Item#: 11198 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Sandstone - Bulk Mineral

One of the most essential rocks for study of geology.

Item#: 10978 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Agate Slab - Small Blue

Awesome rock to show your students when teaching geology!

Item#: 11205 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

Gypsum Rosettes - Bulk Mineral

Beautiful gypsum rosettes or desert roses. Great for geology study.

Item#: 10975 Age: 7+

Rose Quartz - Bulk Mineral

Pretty rock for a special loved one!

Item#: 11200 Age: 7+

Orange Calcite - Bulk Mineral

Beautiful rock to add to your rock collection!

Item#: 11199 Age: 7+

Amazonite - Bulk Mineral

Unique rock to add to your rock collection!

Item#: 11197 Age: 7+

Chalcopyrite - Rough Bulk Mineral

A unique mineral that will show off the breadth of your knowledge for your next science project!

Item#: 13346 Age: 7+
(2 customer reviews)

Star Mica - Bulk Mineral

Your eyes will be “starry-eyed” when you see this cool mineral!

Item#: 11201 Age: 7+

Rocks and Minerals Placemat

Learn while you eat with this rocks and minerals place mat!

Item#: 12344 Age: 4+
(2 customer reviews)

Break Open Your Own Single Geode

This real-life geode is ready for you to crack open for a hands-on geology lesson!

Item#: 14200 Age: 12+
(1 customer reviews)

Citrine Points - Bulk Mineral

Neat rock for the geology fanatic in your family!

Item#: 11206 Age: 7+

Rock Science Kit

Great kit for teaching rock classifications in the classroom setting!

Item#: 13217 Age: 8+
(4 customer reviews)

Fluorite - Bulk Mineral

A MUST-HAVE for the rock collector in your family!

Item#: 12300 Age: 8+

Petrified Wood - Bulk Mineral

Is this really wood? Well, it certainly used to be! An essential mineral to add to any mineral collection!

Item#: 13341 Age: 7+

Mineral Science Kit

Learn to test, classify and identify using the tools and 15 mineral specimens included in this kit!

Item#: 13218 Age: 8+
(2 customer reviews)

Selenite Tower

Beautiful crystal for a rock collection!!

Item#: 12299 Age: 6+

Selenite - Bulk Mineral

An essential mineral to add to any mineral collection!

Item#: 13343 Age: 7+

Rocks and Minerals of the USA

A great affordable rock collection!

Item#: 14024 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Emerald Quartz - Bulk Mineral

This emerald quartz specimen is a great addition to any rock collection!

Item#: 14257 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

White Streak Plates - set of 10

Keep this set of streak plates on hand for rock identification!

Item#: 14233 Age: 10+

Garnet - Bulk Mineral

This garnet specimen is a great addition to any rock collection!

Item#: 14260 Age: 7+

Petrified Wood - Tumbled Bulk Mineral

A wonderful addition to any rock collection!

Item#: 13663 Age: 10+

Lodestone Chunk

A chunk of naturally magnetized magnetite! The rock that magnetically attracts iron, found in nature!

Item#: 15472 Age: 18+
(1 customer reviews)

Mineral Test Kit

Use this mineral test kit for classroom learning or as part of a science project!

Item#: 14232 Age: 10+

Tumbled Pyrite

An awesome pyrite specimen for any science classroom!

Item#: 13657 Age: 7+
(1 customer reviews)

GeoCentral Minerals Science Kit

Learn where minerals are commonly found using this awesome kit!

Item#: 14261 Age: 8+
(3 customer reviews)

Gems of the USA

An affordable way to get your child interested in collecting geological specimens!

Item#: 14025 Age: 6+
(1 customer reviews)

Quartz Cluster - Small

This small quartz cluster is a great addition to any rock collection!

Item#: 14635 Age: 8+

Quartz - Tumbled Bulk Mineral

Great tumbled quartz piece to add to any rock collection!

Item#: 13661 Age: 7+

NG Crystals, Rocks and Minerals Kit

Dig deeper, and discover the fascinating crystal structures of minerals and rocks with this great kit!

Item#: 13915 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Fluorescent Minerals Collection

Use this fluorescent minerals collection for your next science lesson!

Item#: 14236 Age: 10+
(2 customer reviews)

Genuine Meteorite - Large 40g Chunk

This genuine meteorite is great for the rock collector in your family!

Item#: 14598 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Native Copper Nugget

Check out this genuine natural copper nugget!

Item#: 14600 Age: 8+

Tektite - Rough Specimen

An incredible geological/astronomical specimen produced under the intense conditions of meteorite impact

Item#: 16165 Age: 7+

Dendritic Crystal

Dendrite is a crystal that develops with a multi-branching tree-like form.

Item#: 15747 Age: 14+


Artificial Bismuth crystal grown from molten Bismuth in a laboratory setting featuring iridescent colors caused by natural oxidation and a crystal lattice structure resembling a temple or ziggurat

Item#: 16163 Age: 14+

Copper - Natural Sculpted Specimen

A naturally sculpted copper specimen taken directly from the Earth - each piece is totally unique in shape and bears a brilliant reddish-golden-brown coloration - makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

Item#: 16164 Age: 7+

Jasper Spearhead - Large

Large, 5-7 inches, spearhead made from colorful jasper.

Item#: 15746 Age: 18+

Septarian Slab

Sample of a septarian slab mined from a concretion - a beautiful and unique geological formation

Item#: 16167 Age: 8+

Streak Plates Class Pack - 40 White + 40 Black

A set of 40 black and 40 white streak plates! This classroom set allows you to test the hardness and streak color of a huge variety of specimens!

Item#: 16362 Age: 14+

Sulfur - Bulk Mineral

Sulfur, a vital element that is used in a wide variety of manufacturing or chemical processes. It is bright yellow and often takes the odor of rotting eggs.

Item#: 16402 Age: 14+

Talc - Bulk Mineral

Talc, the softest mineral on the Moh's hardness scale, and the primary ingredient in baby powder

Item#: 16403 Age: 14+

Quartzite - Bulk Mineral

Quartzite, a metamorphic rock that is formed via heat and pressure applied to quartz sandstone.

Item#: 16404 Age: 14+

Pumice - Bulk Mineral

Pumice, a very low-density volcanic rock, the only rock that floats in water

Item#: 16401 Age: 14+

Snakeskin Rock

A beautiful and unique tumbled rock formed from pebbles of jasper and quartz minerals, called a conglomerate, that takes on the appearance of snakeskin.

Item#: 16168 Age: 7+

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