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Test & Measurement

Alligator Cords - 2ft Red/Black Set

This set of two 2 ft long connection cables with alligator clips on both ends is great for science projects!

Item#: 11114 Age: 13+

Hand Held DC Generator

An excellent demonstration model for teaching about the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy!

Item#: 10876 Age: 7+
(3 customer reviews)

DC Voltmeter 0-10V

General purpose DC Voltmeter. 0-10V DC.

Item#: 11027 Age: 13+

DC AmpMeter 0-1A

General purpose Ampmeter (current meter). 0-1A DC.

Item#: 11028 Age: 13+

6ft Tape Measure Keychain

6-foot portable tape measure featuring tension lever, rubberized grip, clip, and keychain!

Item#: 16008 Age: 10+

Backlit Digital Multimeter

Use this backlit multimeter for a variety of electrical applications!

Item#: 14732 Age: 18+

Logic Probe

A quality logic probe for your next electronics project!

Item#: 13417 Age: 12+
(3 customer reviews)

Digital Multimeter with Data Hold

This quality digital multimeter comes complete with a 9V battery and test leads.

Item#: 15841 Age: 14+

IR Non-Contact Pocket Thermometer - dual C and F

Measure temperature from -20 to 270 deg C or -4 to 518 F with this pocket non-contact IR thermometer with a laser guide.

Item#: 16208 Age: 12+


Handheld Pocket Scope - Velleman HPS140I

Great portable oscilloscope for your science lab or your home electronics project!

Item#: 14658 Age: 18+

Digital EMF Meter

This meter will sense the amount of electromagnetic radiation in a given test space. Excellent for experiments involving electromagnetic fields.

Item#: 16326 Age: 18+

Digital Sound Meter

Digital sound meters measure the decibel level of sound input, both environmental, or from devices

Item#: 16322 Age: 18+

USB Temperature Sensor with Probe - PCSensor TEMPer1F

This sensor plugs directly into your PC USB port and can measure and log temperature using an external water-proof probe. Great for science projects where temperature vs time data is required. Also perfect for manufacturing, industrial and PC applications.

Item#: 16088 Age: 14+

Standalone USB Temperature Data Logger

Temperature data logger that connects via USB directly to your computer to transmit data gathered

Item#: 16349 Age: 14+

Signal Generator - 1Hz to 8MHz

This function signal generator will generate different types of electrical waveforms over a wide range of frequencies

Item#: 16365 Age: 14+

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