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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF

Top 100 Stocking Stuffers for Christmas 2017

Check out our Top 100 Stocking Stuffers for Christmas and Holiday Season 2017! From cool wind-up toys to puzzles that flex curious minds and miniature wonders of science. Everyone loves our stocking stuffers! These cool toys have been pre-tested to fit perfectly into your Christmas Stocking.

Popularity of these stocking stuffers changes daily so we ordered them by price rather than popularity. This will help you in matching these to your budget.

1.Buy Balloon Helicopter.Balloon Helicopter
This classic balloon helicopter is great for small gifts!
2.Buy Hatchin Grow Dino.Hatchin Grow Dino
Watch a dinosaur hatch out of this egg!
3.Buy Balloon Car Racer.Balloon Car Racer
Balloon power makes this 6 inch car whistle and zoom!
4.Buy Crystal Growing Mystical Tree.Crystal Growing Mystical Tree
With special powers, this mystical tree transforms from a paper cut-out into a beautiful tree!
5.Buy Atom Ball.Atom Ball
This quirky, squishy atom ball is safe for throwing and catching!
6.Buy Orthoceras Fossil in a Box.Orthoceras Fossil in a Box
This orthoceras fossil is perfect as a small gift or for display in the classroom!
7.Buy Mini Dinosaur Excavation Kit.Mini Dinosaur Excavation Kit
Have fun excavating your very own glow-in-the-dark fossil!
8.Buy Mood Mudd.Mood Mudd
Stretchy, stringy mood fun again and again!
9.Buy Eerie Orb.Eerie Orb
Fun far out lights and sounds created from electricity that flows through this ball and through YOU!
10.Buy Flashing Neutron Ball.Flashing Neutron Ball
This crazy Flashing Neutron Ball bounces just like a ball… It will astonish you!
11.Buy Astronaut Ice Cream.Astronaut Ice Cream
Enjoy your ice cream just as the astronauts do!
12.Buy Tangle Jr. Classic.Tangle Jr. Classic
This puzzle lets you create fun necklaces, bracelets and more!
13.Buy JacobJacob's Ladder
An ancient toy featuring optical illusion and hands-on fun that never grows old!
14.Buy Equilateral Optical Glass Prism - 25 x 75 mm.Equilateral Optical Glass Prism - 25 x 75 mm
High-quality optical glass equilateral prism.
15.Buy Magic Rocks.Magic Rocks
Place colored stones into a solution and watch them grow into beautiful, colorful crystal formations.
16.Buy DNA Ball.DNA Ball
A squishy ball filled with smaller neon balls - yields a strange but satisfying squeeze!
17.Buy Robot Finger Push Puppet.Robot Finger Push Puppet
Great stress reliever for your desk!
18.Buy Mosasaur Dino Tooth.Mosasaur Dino Tooth
This genuine fossil tooth is great for science projects or as a gift!
19.Buy IsoFlex Ball.IsoFlex Ball
A massage for the hand and mind!
20.Buy Pet Tornado.Pet Tornado
Shake the Pet Tornado clockwise and watch the mini tornado funnel form before your eyes!
21.Buy Water Wheel Timer.Water Wheel Timer
This quirky colorful timer works just like a miniature water mill!
22.Buy Fulgurite - Lightning in a Box.Fulgurite - Lightning in a Box
This genuine specimen of a fulgurite is perfect for any science classroom!
23.Buy Floating Colors Timer.Floating Colors Timer
Need a unique desk toy for your co-worker? Help them keep time in a groovy way with this timer!
24.Buy Wall Bugs.Wall Bugs
Fling these cute bugs at a window and watch them "crawl" down with their super-sticky legs!
25.Buy Folding Binoculars.Folding Binoculars
This fun toy is a great way to introduce young children to the wonders of binoculars!
26.Buy Matched Halves Ammonite Fossil Set.Matched Halves Ammonite Fossil Set
This ammonite fossil set is perfect as a small gift or for display in the classroom!
27.Buy Illuminated Mini 16X Microscope.Illuminated Mini 16X Microscope
This pocket 16X microscope comes with illumination LEDs. Great for observations on the go.
28.Buy Original Slinky.Original Slinky
Everyone loves a Slinky!
29.Buy Lemon Clock.Lemon Clock
You will be able to explore the science of batteries using this lemon clock!
30.Buy Solar UV Beads - 250pcs.Solar UV Beads - 250pcs
Like magic,these solar beads instantly change color in the sun!
31.Buy Duncan Wheels Yo-Yo.Duncan Wheels Yo-Yo
This is an ideal yo-yo for the beginner yo-yo user in your family!
32.Buy 4M Fridge Rover.4M Fridge Rover
Wind up the Fridge Rover gear and let it go on the fridge!
33.Buy Owl Pellet.Owl Pellet
See what this owl ate for dinner with this REAL owl pellet!
34.Buy Edible Wilderness Playing Cards.Edible Wilderness Playing Cards
Use this cool deck of cards to learn 52 strategies for sourcing food in the wilderness.
35.Buy Glow Glux.Glow Glux
Check out this awesome super putty that brilliantly glows in the dark!
36.Buy Deluxe Pocket Kite.Deluxe Pocket Kite
Fly a kite anywhere, anytime with this fantastic pocket-size kite!
37.Buy Thermochromic Glux.Thermochromic Glux
This putty has awesome color-shifting abilities!
38.Buy Dinosaur Bone.Dinosaur Bone
This is a genuine dinosaur bone!
39.Buy Discover America Playing Cards.Discover America Playing Cards
the traveling type? With these Discover America Playing Cards, you can visit the entire United States without leaving your home!
40.Buy 6-Piece Magnet Set.6-Piece Magnet Set
This magnet exploration set contains ceramic magnet assortment and a mini-compass. Ideal for science fair projects.
41.Buy Thermodynamic Hand Boiler.Thermodynamic Hand Boiler
This is a cool, old-fashioned thermodynamic hand boiler toy!
42.Buy Scientists Playing Cards.Scientists Playing Cards
Have a fun and educational experience with the game of SCIENTISTS.
43.Buy Inventors Playing Cards.Inventors Playing Cards
Have a fun and educational experience with the game of INVENTORS.
44.Buy Gold Glux.Gold Glux
This glux putty is a shimmering beautiful gold coloring!
45.Buy Mathy Tattoos.Mathy Tattoos
Use these fun math tattoos to show off your math smarts!
46.Buy WorldWorld's Simplest Motor
Watch electrical energy create motion with the world's simplest motor!
47.Buy Triops Eggs.Triops Eggs
From the age of the dinosaurs come these amazing Triops eggs!
48.Buy Dinosaurs Playing Cards.Dinosaurs Playing Cards
Each of the 52 cards has a high quality picture of a different dinosaur.
49.Buy Rocks and Minerals of the USA.Rocks and Minerals of the USA
A great affordable rock collection!
50.Buy Interplanetary Tattoos.Interplanetary Tattoos
Fun space-themed tattoos
51.Buy Illuminated LED Loupe.Illuminated LED Loupe
This illuminated LED loupe is perfect for jobs requiring a closer look!
52.Buy Metal Jax and Ball Set.Metal Jax and Ball Set
This classic metal jax and ball set is the perfect party favor!
53.Buy Magnetic Glux.Magnetic Glux
This interesting putty is infused with magnetic bits!
54.Buy Wilderness Survival Playing Cards.Wilderness Survival Playing Cards
Ever wonder how to survive in the wilderness? These cards can help!
55.Buy Old World Kaleidoscope.Old World Kaleidoscope
Rotate this 6.5 inch kaleidoscope to experience a constantly changing view of the world!
56.Buy Sea Monkeys Original Instant Life.Sea Monkeys Original Instant Life
Just add water and you have Sea-Monkeys!
57.Buy Floating Magnet Rings Kit.Floating Magnet Rings Kit
Flip the magnets in this set for hours of fun!
58.Buy Nostalgic Pack Gyroscope.Nostalgic Pack Gyroscope
There is no toy better than the classic gyroscope to engage both the hands and the minds of youngsters.
59.Buy Collapsible Pint Glass.Collapsible Pint Glass
The original, go anywhere, collapsible plastic glass.
60.Buy Parafoil Kite.Parafoil Kite
Easy to take along to the beach or park.
61.Buy Handheld UV Light.Handheld UV Light
Turbo charge your glow-in-the-dark collection with this handy 6 inch UV black light!
62.Buy The Original Gyroscope.The Original Gyroscope
Check out this high-quality gyroscope!
63.Buy T-Rex Pen.T-Rex Pen
This is a terrifying desk accessory for pre-historic writers!
64.Buy Optical Illusions Playing Cards.Optical Illusions Playing Cards
A collection of 54 eye-catching optical illusions that fool the eye and delight the imagination.
65.Buy Gravitron Gyro.Gravitron Gyro
This interactive galactic action toy lets kids feel the power of a real spaceship in their hand! Kids will love experiencing gyroscopic inertia just like a real astronaut.
66.Buy Gold Magic Wand Kaleidoscope.Gold Magic Wand Kaleidoscope
Get one of the craziest and coolest kaleidoscopes around!
67.Buy World ScrunchMap.World ScrunchMap
An extremely portable and durable map of the world, comes with a travel bag; just scrunch and store!
68.Buy Biology Knowledge Cards.Biology Knowledge Cards
This deck of information-packed cards will expand your knowledge of the fascinating field of biology.
69.Buy Bugs Knowledge Cards.Bugs Knowledge Cards
Learn about beetles, butterflies, moths and other awesome bugs with this great set of cards!
70.Buy Original Optic Wonder.Original Optic Wonder
A 7-in-1 optical tool perfect for outdoor exploration!
71.Buy Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo.Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo
The automatic yo-yo is here! Featuring Auto-Return Technology, Reflex™ automatically returns to the hand without having to tug the string!
72.Buy Sci-Fi Tube.Sci-Fi Tube
The tube lights up and makes sound when you complete the circuit by making skin contact with the electrodes on either end! Connect a chain of people and use your energy to power the toy!
73.Buy Magical Crystal - Blue.Magical Crystal - Blue
Grow your very own brilliant aquamarine-colored crystal in just 10 to 12 days, with initial results appearing on day 1!
74.Buy My Mystery UFO.My Mystery UFO
Mystify your friends as your UFO hovers and seems to defy gravity!
75.Buy Stainless Steel Yo-Yo.Stainless Steel Yo-Yo
This quality economical yo-yo features a stainless steel ball bearing axle!
76.Buy Mineral Science Kit.Mineral Science Kit
Learn to test, classify and identify using the tools and 15 mineral specimens included in this kit!
77.Buy Rock Science Kit.Rock Science Kit
Great kit for teaching rock classifications in the classroom setting!
78.Buy E=mc2 T-Shirt.E=mc2 T-Shirt
Cool t-shirt with Einstein's most famous equation. Our exclusive!
79.Buy Kendama Stripes.Kendama Stripes
Great for improving hand-eye coordination and sharpening your reflexes.
80.Buy Atom Ball - 4 pack.Atom Ball - 4 pack
This is a 4-pack of a quirky, squishy atom ball!
81.Buy Rubiks Cube.Rubiks Cube
The world's #1 brain-teasing puzzler is still going strong with billions of puzzling combinations, but only one solution!
82.Buy Rattleback - Multicolor Pack of 10.Rattleback - Multicolor Pack of 10
Get 10 of the simplest and coolest physics toys out there in one set!
83.Buy Blue Magic Wand Kaleidoscope.Blue Magic Wand Kaleidoscope
Get one of the craziest and coolest kaleidoscopes around!
84.Buy Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo.Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo
Use this cool Sea Monkeys zooquarium to teach your child how to take care of a pet!
85.Buy Solar Radiometer.Solar Radiometer
Experience this sphere powered by the sun!
86.Buy Molecules Memory Game.Molecules Memory Game
Use this fun memory game to teach your students about different molecules!
87.Buy Sea-Monkeys MagiQuarium.Sea-Monkeys MagiQuarium
This toy combines the wonders of Sea Monkeys and glow-in-the-dark fun, all in one!
88.Buy Periodic Table Playing Cards.Periodic Table Playing Cards
The cards show the name of the element, the atomic number, group, natural state and common usages!
89.Buy Electric Paint Pen.Electric Paint Pen
Electric Paint provides a great platform for discovering, playing, repairing, and designing with electronics; it can be used as both a liquid wire and as a conductive adhesive!
90.Buy Creative Whack Pack.Creative Whack Pack
The Creative Whack Pack is a creativity tool.
91.Buy Moon and Planets Memory Game.Moon and Planets Memory Game
A tile matching game featuring stunning images taken from NASA spacecraft photography!
92.Buy 3D Magnetic Field Tube.3D Magnetic Field Tube
This amazing plastic tube with iron filings enables one to visualize magnetic fields in 3D!
93.Buy Leaping Lights Watch.Leaping Lights Watch
This unique timepiece utilizes LED light sequences to signal the time and date.
94.Buy Contemporary Coils Watch.Contemporary Coils Watch
This is probably the most bizarre watch you'll encounter! A green inner coil tells the time - each coil end points to either the hour or the minute
95.Buy Planetary System Watch.Planetary System Watch
This watch is great for star-gazers and spacey dreamers, featuring a minimalistic solar system design rendered in white against the black face of the timepiece.
96.Buy PhiTOP.PhiTOP
What is the PhiTOP? It is a prolate ellipsoid with a highly specific ratio of length/width. It is a unique spinning top. It is a beautiful kinetic artwork. It is an elegant miniature sculpture. It is an effective stress reliever. And it demonstrates a bevy of scientific concepts from disparate studies in the field of physics!
97.Buy Ball of Whacks.Ball of Whacks
The Ball of Whacks is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, engineers, writers, students, and you!
98.Buy Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle.Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle
The Star-Ball Magnetic Puzzle is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, writers, students, and you!
99.Buy Y-Ball Magnetic Puzzle.Y-Ball Magnetic Puzzle
The Y-Ball Magnetic Puzzle is the perfect creativity tool for innovators, artists, engineers, writers, students, and you!
100.Buy SuperSafe Green Laser Pointer.SuperSafe Green Laser Pointer
This 1mW, 532nm Super Safe Green Laser Pointer is for education, government or other settings where safety is a concern.

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