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Physics Lab Gear

Equilateral Optical Glass Prism - 25 x 75 mm

High-quality optical glass equilateral prism.

Item#: 10869 Age: 13+
(6 customer reviews)

Mini Knife Switch - Single

Switch on your child’s interest in electronics!

Item#: 11109 Age: 13+
(5 customer reviews)

Mini Lightbulbs - 1.5V - Pack of 10

Great for electrical science projects!

Item#: 11108 Age: 8+
(4 customer reviews)

Buzzer with Leads - 1.5V

Great buzzer for science fair projects and Morse code circuits. Optimal for 1.5V.

Item#: 13409 Age: 14+
(3 customer reviews)

Soft Iron Rod

Use this soft iron rod for a variety of classroom learning demonstrations!

Item#: 14822 Age: 10+
(3 customer reviews)

Contact Key Switch

The Contact Key can open and close a circuit and is very handy in demonstrating Morse code.

Item#: 11111 Age: 13+

Alligator Cords - 2ft Red/Black Set

This set of two 2 ft long connection cables with alligator clips on both ends is great for science projects!

Item#: 11114 Age: 13+

Single Pulley

Use the Single Pulley System to lift or support loads!

Item#: 11103 Age: 13+

Hand Held DC Generator

An excellent demonstration model for teaching about the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy!

Item#: 10876 Age: 7+
(3 customer reviews)

Mini DC Motor with Leads

Use this mini DC motor for your next science project or home hobby craft!

Item#: 13975 Age: 5+

Glass Lens Set, Set of 6

The Lens Set is an excellent set of 6 unmounted glass lenses with round edges.

Item#: 10877 Age: 13+

Acrylic Equilateral Prism - 25 x 75 mm

Simple equilateral plastic prism. Great for science projects and classroom demonstrations.

Item#: 13491 Age: 5+
(4 customer reviews)

Double Tandem Pulley

Use the Double Tandem Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!

Item#: 11106 Age: 13+

Double Pulley

The Double Pulley System will easily lift or support loads for your physics experiments.

Item#: 11104 Age: 13+

Physics Workshop Kit

This science kit is an essential introduction to physics knowledge!

Item#: 10931 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Triple Pulley

Use the Triple Pulley System for Physics experiments, loads, or any other weighty need!

Item#: 11105 Age: 13+

DC Voltmeter 0-10V

General purpose DC Voltmeter. 0-10V DC.

Item#: 11027 Age: 13+

Heat Conductometer

Heat conductometer with aluminum, brass, steel, nickel, and copper spokes.

Item#: 10875 Age: 13+

Ball and Ring - Thermal Expansion Set

This thermal expansion set, also known as “ball and ring”, is a popular device to demonstrate thermal expansion.

Item#: 10871 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

DC AmpMeter 0-1A

General purpose Ampmeter (current meter). 0-1A DC.

Item#: 11028 Age: 13+

Magdeburg Hemispheres

These simple versions of the original Magdeburg Hemispheres can be used for a great vacuum demonstration.

Item#: 13429 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Physics Discovery Kit

Use this kit to conduct experiments with models to learn about forces and simple machines!

Item#: 11366 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Fire Syringe

Teach the scientific principle behind diesel engines with this interesting science experiment!

Item#: 13434 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Physics Solar Workshop Kit v2

Learn how solar cells transform light into electrical energy with this great kit!

Item#: 11367 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Wimshurst Machine

The Wimshurst Machine is a high quality static machine for student labs.

Item#: 10887 Age: 13+
(3 customer reviews)

Hoffman Screw Clamp

This Hoffman screw clamp is perfect for science lab use!

Item#: 14835 Age: 18+

Aluminum Compass

Use this compass for your next hiking trip!

Item#: 14103 Age: 10+

Maxwells Wheel - Large

This classic device is used to demonstrate the conservation of mechanical energy.

Item#: 10882 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

Triple Tandem Pulley

Use this triple tandem pulley for various project applications!

Item#: 14046 Age: 13+

Physics Pro Kit

This advanced physics kit is perfect for older children already versed in physics knowledge!

Item#: 11934 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Cristalheat - Supercooled Heat Pack

An excellent demonstration tool to show the process of supercooling!

Item#: 13494 Age: 13+
(3 customer reviews)

Physics Simple Machines Kit

Build simple machines and learn about physics with this great kit!

Item#: 13909 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Deluxe DC Crank Generator

A hand-cranked 12-volt DC generator, useful for experiments or as a unique flashlight

Item#: 15239 Age: 10+
(1 customer reviews)

Leyden Jar - Separable

Demonstrate storage of electrical charges using this apparatus!

Item#: 13978 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Compass Board

This compass board is great for demonstrating the powers of magnetism!

Item#: 13979 Age: 10+

Newton Spring Scale 5N

A 5N/500gram spring scale used for measuring forces and weights in the classroom.

Item#: 15382 Age: 12+

Liquid Crystal Sheet

Use this liquid crystal sheet to observe temperature changes as indicated by color changes.

Item#: 15189 Age: 5+

Electromagnet - Dissectible

This electromagnet is great for classroom demonstrations!

Item#: 14033 Age: 12+
(4 customer reviews)


Determine wind speed for your next science lesson using this durable anemometer!

Item#: 13457 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)

DC Motor Kit

Assemble your own DC motor and learn by doing!

Item#: 15153 Age: 8+
(1 customer reviews)

Specific Gravity Set

Use this set to teach about gravity in the physics classroom!

Item#: 13984 Age: 12+

Equal Mass Set

Great apparatus to use for lessons on density in the physics classroom!

Item#: 13983 Age: 12+

Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell

Check out this great experiment demonstrating the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy!

Item#: 13885 Age: 16+

12mm Steel Balls - Set of 12

Use this set of steel balls for a variety of experiments!

Item#: 14828 Age: 10+

Force and Reaction Fan Car

Use this fan car to demonstrate the difference between force and mass!

Item#: 14075 Age: 13+

Internal Combustion Engine Model - Gasoline

Use this engine model to show how gasoline engines work!

Item#: 13981 Age: 13+
(2 customer reviews)

Dynamic Car Set

Use this dynamic car set for velocity and conservation experiments in the classroom!

Item#: 14074 Age: 13+

Laboratory Gyroscope

Use this great laboratory gyroscope for teaching in the classroom setting!

Item#: 14874 Age: 13+

Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus

With this apparatus you can actually observe increases and decreases in a liquid's conductivity!

Item#: 15159 Age: 8+

Voltaic Cell with Porous Cup and Electrodes Set

This voltaic cell is excellent for demonstrating electro-chemical reactions!

Item#: 14073 Age: 14+
(1 customer reviews)

Cloud Forming Apparatus

Use this instrument to show how clouds form!

Item#: 13993 Age: 16+

Simplified Stirling Engine

This is an excellent demonstration of the principles of Stirling engines!

Item#: 13888 Age: 16+

Solenoid / Electromagnet with Iron Core

Study the magnetic field of a current-carrying coil, and how an iron core affects it.

Item#: 15155 Age: 14+

Mass Force Demo Kit

Use this kit to teach the principle of inertia!

Item#: 13982 Age: 13+

Simple Halls Carriage

Demonstrates relationship of work and energy in physics/dynamics experiments

Item#: 15344 Age: 5+

Rotational Inertia Ring and Disk

This set includes disk and ring with equal mass and radius. Great for the classic rotational inertia physics experiment!

Item#: 13493 Age: 13+

Bell Jar with Bell and Pressure Plate

Use this model to demonstrate the inability of sound waves to travel through a vacuum!

Item#: 14813 Age: 14+

Pendulum Clamp

This is a must-have pendulum clamp for any science classroom!

Item#: 14135 Age: 14+

Overflow Can

Aluminum overflow can with spout for measuring volume by way of fluid displacement

Item#: 15345 Age: 12+

Electric Double Walled Calorimeter

Use this calorimeter for a variety of heat experiments!

Item#: 14848 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)


Illuminated Orbiter - Sun-Moon-Earth

This illuminated orbiter is great for demonstrations in the astronomy classroom!

Item#: 14226 Age: 18+

Oersteds Law Apparatus

Use this apparatus to demonstrate Oersted's Law!

Item#: 14623 Age: 12+

AC/DC Generator

Double your teaching and experimental possibilities - demonstrates AC and DC properties!

Item#: 15144 Age: 14+

Spark Timer Accelerator

Affordable spark timer for your physics lab.

Item#: 15158 Age: 14+

Coriolis Effect Kit

Learn about the Coriolis Effect using this helpful kit!

Item#: 14231 Age: 12+

Roman Arch Kit

This kit allows you to make your very own Roman arch for teaching purposes!

Item#: 13887 Age: 12+

Inclined Plane

Explore the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane with this apparatus!

Item#: 14829 Age: 12+

Flask Electroscope

Use this flask electroscope to detect electric charges!

Item#: 14624 Age: 13+

Large Brass Weight Set

8 Slotted brass weights of varying weight and horizontal hanger w/ handle

Item#: 15333 Age: 7+

Voltaic Cell

Use this voltaic cell for a variety of applications!

Item#: 14844 Age: 13+
(1 customer reviews)


Tornado Demonstration Model

Check out this weather-related phenomenon that comes right into the classroom!

Item#: 14228 Age: 18+

Harbottle Apparatus

Help students understand the meaning of fluid pressure and pressure reduction.

Item#: 15145 Age: 12+

Green Cotton Pulley Thread

82 feet of durable, non-stretch cotton for use with any of our pulleys

Item#: 16118 Age: 8+


Solar System Simulator

See the solar system in action!

Item#: 15167 Age: 12+



Working model representing the sun, earth, and moon and their relationships.

Item#: 15168 Age: 12+


Force Table

Great force table for accurate study of forces, vectors, etc. Every physics classroom should have one!

Item#: 13431 Age: 10+

Heat Transfer Kit

Study the heat transfer from one substance to the other.

Item#: 15845 Age: 14+


This is an affordable, plastic Astrolabe which is great for hobby projects or classroom use.

Item#: 15846 Age: 12+

Ballistic (Shock) Pendulum Apparatus

This classroom-quality experimental apparatus is excellent for demonstrating the Law of Conservation of Momentum and Trajectory.

Item#: 15676 Age: 18+

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