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Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
Final Clearance - save up to 75% OFF
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Product# Product Name Brand Price
15897$300 Scratch and Ding Mystery BoxxUmp.com$175.00
1466410 Alligator Clip Leads - Medium$3.95
1422510 Color PenToysmith$2.95
1626210 pack 1xAA Battery HoldersxUmp.com$6.95
1626610 pack 1xAA Battery Holders with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$9.95
1626310 pack 2xAA Battery HoldersxUmp.com$7.95
1626710 pack 2xAA Battery Holders with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$11.00
1627010 pack 2xD Battery HoldersxUmp.com$20.00
1626410 pack 3xAA Battery HoldersxUmp.com$8.95
1626810 pack 3xAA Battery Holders with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$11.00
1626510 pack 4xAA Battery HoldersxUmp.com$9.95
1626910 pack 4xAA Battery Holders with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$14.00
1623910 pack Buzzers with Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$17.00
1644910 pack Buzzers with Leads - 3V$17.00
1645010 pack Buzzers with Leads - 9V$17.00
1626010 pack Mini DC Motors - 1.5-6VxUmp.com$12.95
1626110 pack Push-Button SwitchesxUmp.com$15.00
1563410 Watt Mini Glue Gun$3.95
1592610 White + 5 UV LED + Red Laser Flashlight$15.00
16259100 Assorted LEDs Pack - 5mm xUmp.com$4.95
15378100 Rocks and Minerals of the U.S.A.$69.00
13267100 Things to Spot in the Night SkyUsborne Books$9.95
161271000 Solar UV Beads$22.00
162761000g x 0.1g Digital Pocket Scale (DigiWeigh)$9.00
161051000g x 0.1g Mini Bench Digital Scale$15.00
144551000g x 0.1g Precision Digital Scale$19.00
153651000ml Glass Filtering Flask$20.00
102411000um Fiber Optic CableElenco$2.95
14771100g Calibration Weight$2.00
15355100ml Glass Burette$26.99
15369100ml Glass Separatory Funnel$20.00
15367100ml Glass Volumetric Flask$6.49
1634510A 12V Lithium Battery Solar Charge Controller$25.00
1603210-pack Desoldering Wick - 10 x 5ft$15.00
1596110W Megaphone$17.00
1611210X Achromatic DIN Microscope Objective$35.00
1635511.1V 3A Lithium Solar Charge Controller$12.00
16057110 Magnet Numbers Set$16.00
1018312 inch Galileo Thermometer$14.00
1616012 Minerals Educational Set$19.95
16056120 Magnet Letters Set$17.00
15619120W Car Power Inverter$15.00
1482812mm Steel Balls - Set of 12$7.95
1632912V 10W Waterproof Solar PanelxUmp.com$49.00
1635612V 4400mAh Lithium Battery$45.00
1635712V 9800mAh Lithium Battery$65.00
10213130 Electronics Projects KitElenco$44.00
1523114-in-1 Educational Solar RobotOWI$29.00
1639915 Minerals Study Kit$20.00
1631815W Stereo Audio AmplifierxUmp.com$7.95
1631618V 150mA Solar Panel with Alligator ClipsxUmp.com$14.00
103991in Alnico Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$4.95
164311N4001 Diode - 1A 50VxUmp.com$0.29
148421xAA Battery HolderxUmp.com$0.96
162741xAA Battery Holder with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$1.36
154652 AA Panasonic Alkaline Plus Batteries$0.92
154672 AAA Panasonic Alkaline Plus Batteries$0.95
133152 Alnico Bar Magnets - 3 inch LongDowling Magnets$14.00
154702 D Panasonic Alkaline Plus Battery$2.95
101432 inch Alnico Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$6.95
158602 inch Mirror Ball - set of 6$4.95
164262.1mm DC Power Jack - Female Chassis Mount$1.49
160212.5-inch Glass Magnifier$2.00
1014620 Magnet Marbles - Solid ColorDowling Magnets$6.95
16058200 Magnet Pattern Blocks Set$17.00
15899200g Calibration Weight$2.50
11289200g x 0.01g High Accuracy Digital Scale$26.00
1634620A 12V Lithium Battery Solar Charge Controller$35.00
1039521 inch Galileo Thermometer$47.00
1040824 Piece Magnet SetToysmith$8.50
1639524LED Adjustable Frequency Strobe$10.95
15363250ml Glass Filtering Flask$11.00
15370250ml Glass Separatory Funnel$25.00
15368250ml Glass Volumetric Flask$15.00
15360250ml Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask$4.29
1535325ml Glass Burette$19.99
1563825ml Plastic Gem Jars - 12pk$4.95
160202-inch Glass Magnifier$1.69
160402-Pack Edible Wilderness and Survival Cards$13.00
160312-Pack World Placemat + USA Placemat$7.95
140152xAA Battery HolderxUmp.com$1.08
158772xAA Battery Holder B2BxUmp.com$1.20
158712xAA Battery Holder with 9V SnapxUmp.com$1.32
140162xAA Battery Holder with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$1.44
164242xAA to D Battery ConverterxUmp.com$1.49
140142xD Battery HolderxUmp.com$1.88
161013 Blade PropellerxUmp.com$0.55
161083 Laser Pointers Set - Red Green BluexUmp.com$29.00
156113 LED COB Lumifier - 3.4 inch 3X$8.00
160233.5-inch Glass Magnifier$2.49
164253.5mm Stereo Jack - Female Chassis Mount$0.49
163583.7V 5000mAh Lithium Battery Cell$7.00
159403/4 inch Disc Levitation Magnet$0.25
159413/4 inch Ring Levitation Magnet - 1/4 hole$0.25
161063000g x 0.1g Lab Benchtop Digital Scale$39.00
16033300C DC Motor 1.5-6.5V High TorquexUmp.com$2.00
1535936 Piece Chemistry Glassware Kit$79.00
101473D Magnetic Field TubeDowling Magnets$19.00
116923D MirascopeToysmith$7.95
104103D Solar System Mobile 4M Kit4M$20.00
159443D T-Rex Junior Attack Plaque$22.00
103983in Alnico Cow MagnetDowling Magnets$5.95
156313-in-1 Compass-Thermometer Ruler$0.95
153133-in-1 Diffraction Grating$34.00
162873-in-1 Wood Puzzle Gift Set$19.00
160223-inch Glass Magnifier$2.00
158533V CR1220 Lithium Coin Cell Battery with Leads$1.29
146553V DC Motor 350mA 13800RPMVelleman$1.69
161203V-12V DC Variable Power Supply$49.00
162723xAA Battery HolderxUmp.com$1.12
162753xAA Battery Holder with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$1.48
154664 AA Panasonic Alkaline Plus Batteries$1.85
154684 AAA Panasonic Alkaline Plus Batteries$1.85
158614 inch Mirror Ball$3.95
162304 Pack Tweezers Set$2.00
1611340X Achromatic DIN Microscope Objective$35.00
1625840X-150X Pocket LED Microscope$19.00
144354D Animal Cell Model4D Vision$29.00
154614D Exploded Skull Anatomy Model4D Vision$32.00
138774D Female Reproductive Anatomy Model4D Vision$25.00
138134D Human Muscle and Skeleton Model4D Vision$22.00
138784D Male Reproductive Anatomy Model4D Vision$25.00
144364D Plant Cell Model4D Vision$29.00
142914D Vision Triceratops Model4D Vision$69.00
138804D Woolly Mammoth Anatomy Model4D Vision$19.00
140434-in-1 Burning Torch Flame Light$22.00
138254-in-1 Pen Screwdriver$2.00
138244-in-1 PRECISION Pen Screwdriver$1.49
156914-in-1 Solar Soil Sensor$19.95
162534M Crystal Growing Kit$10.00
107054M Diving Submarine4M$5.95
122584M Fridge Rover4M$5.95
142204M Kitchen Science Kit4M$14.95
162734xAA Battery HolderxUmp.com$1.36
140174xAA Battery Holder with Cover & SwitchxUmp.com$1.56
1021250 Electronics Projects KitElenco$25.00
1640050 Rocks and Minerals Classroom Set$49.95
1537950 Rocks and Minerals of the U.S.A.$30.00
16248500 Plastic Pipettes - Graduated 3ml$20.00
10491500g x 0.1g Digital Pocket Scale (US-Magnum)$18.00
15364500ml Glass Filtering Flask$15.00
15371500ml Glass Separatory Funnel$29.00
15361500ml Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask$6.29
16107500X USB Digital Microscope with StandxUmp.com$39.00
1477050g Calibration Weight$2.00
1535450ml Glass Burette$22.99
1536650ml Glass Volumetric Flask$5.95
157045-in-1 Survival Compass $2.00
162115LED Dynamo Flashlight + USB Charger$4.95
146725W Solar Panel - 20V 300mA$39.00
155586 inch Plasma BallTedco$32.00
157946-Color Ball of WhacksCreative Whack$34.00
147076ft Audio Cable - Stereo to Stereo Plug$1.29
160086ft Tape Measure Keychain$1.69
135126-in-1 Educational Solar Kit$9.95
160666inch NS Alnico Bar Magnet$7.95
101426-Piece Magnet SetDowling Magnets$5.95
146566V DC Motor 340mA 14400RPM Velleman$2.95
163546V/12V 10A Solar Charge Controller$12.00
1039675 Counting Chips with Block MagnetDowling Magnets$6.95
146617W Mono Amplifier Solder KitVelleman$14.00
158628 inch Mirror Ball$12.00
159278 White LED + Red Laser Flashlight$7.95
1489480 Piece Marble RunToysmith$20.00
159369 LED Glow-in-the-Dark Flashlight$3.95
159949 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight$3.95
158729V Battery Snap Connector with LeadsxUmp.com$0.29
154699V Panasonic Alkaline Plus Battery$2.79
15144AC/DC Generator$69.00
15347Acrylic Color Filters - pack of 5$5.59
13491Acrylic Equilateral Prism - 25 x 75 mm$3.35
15349Acrylic Lens & Prisms Set$22.00
16290Acrylic Wave Pendulum$95.00
12342Addition Tables Placemat$3.49
10149Adhesive Magnet Strip - 10ft RollDowling Magnets$4.49
13619Adhesive Magnetic DotsDowling Magnets$4.75
15592Adjustable Beaker Stand for Micro Burner$12.00
15356Adjustable Double Burette Clamp$11.00
13478Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer$22.00
15879Adjustable Red Laser Module - Dot 650nm 5mWxUmp.com$5.95
16451Adjustable Red Laser Module - Line 650nm 5mW$5.95
12931Adjustable Stage for 540X Lens$29.95
15587Advanced All-Purpose Thermometer$4.00
15170Advanced Fossil Collection$43.00
15993AG-13 Alkaline Batteries - 20 pack$2.95
15241Agar Powder - 10g$12.95
15240Agar Powder - 3g$7.95
11817Agate Geode Half$4.99
11205Agate Slab - Small BlueGeocentral$2.00
13917Air & Water Power KitThames & Kosmos$35.00
15219Air + Water Power PLUS KitThames & Kosmos$55.00
15924Air Power Racer KitOWI$24.95
14243Air Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
15224Air-Stream Machines KitThames & Kosmos$45.00
15743Albert Einstein Bobblehead$20.00
14476Alcohol Thermometer -20 to 110 deg C$2.95
14154Alcohol Wick Lamp$3.95
16278Alien Attack Sling Shot$2.00
14876Alligator Clips - Black - 24pc$2.95
14875Alligator Clips - Red - 24pc$2.95
16394Alligator Cords - 10 pack - 2ft Red/Black Set$5.95
14484Alligator Cords - 2ft - pack of 6$3.95
11114Alligator Cords - 2ft Red/Black Set$1.39
10386Alnico Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$4.95
13314Alnico Bar Magnet - 6 inch LongDowling Magnets$13.00
15113Alnico North-South Magnet Bars - PairDowling Magnets$5.95
15114Alnico Red-Green Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$4.29
12748Alnico Science KitDowling Magnets$19.95
14103Aluminum Compass$2.00
15627Aluminum Compass - 1.75 inch$1.59
13675Aluminum T-Rex KitOWI$10.00
15775Aluminum Tuning Forks - Set of 8$39.00
15842Amazing Microscopic World Poster$15.00
11197Amazonite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
15758Amazonite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
10973Amethyst - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
11822Amethyst - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$3.99
15091Amethyst Candle Holder$34.00
15762Amethyst Point - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$6.99
16242Ammonite and Orthoceras Fossil Plate 3$99.00
16182Ammonite Fossil Bookends$59.00
15962Analog DC Lab Power Supply 0-15V 2A$75.00
14080Analyze This - Biology Slide Set BookC & A Scientific$3.00
14774Anatomy 2 Study ChartBarCharts$4.95
14271Animal Reproduction - 10 Prepared SlidesKonus$14.00
16277Animated Pet Fish$7.95
12478Ant Life Cycle StagesInsect Lore$7.95
15104Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation 4M Kit4M$18.00
15135Antique Globe - 4 inch$17.00
14924Anti-Static Mat with Ground CableVelleman$18.00
14246Argon Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
14925Assembled 7W Mono AmplifierVelleman$20.00
15686Assorted Flint Glass Tubing$29.00
14922Assorted Transistors Set - 100 pcsVelleman$18.00
10423Astronaut Ice CreamToysmith$4.00
16047Astronaut USB Light by KikkerlandKikkerland$20.00
15446Astronomy and Space Sticker BookUsborne Books$7.00
13226Astronomy Playing Cards$15.00
15336Atmosphere in Crisis Kit$119.00
16109Atmospheric Mat with Hook$23.00
14125Atom BallToysmith$3.29
15890Atom Ball - 4 packxUmp.com$12.00
14431ATR - All Terrain Robot KitOWI$49.00
12519Attacking Inchworm Solar Robot KitOWI$13.00
16187Aura Amethyst$3.95
15625Auto Fuse Set - 120pcs$5.00
16373Azurite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$5.99
14732Backlit Digital Multimeter$13.00
13538Balancing Bird$4.50
14224Balancing EagleToysmith$3.95
10871Ball and Ring - Thermal Expansion Set$10.95
12181Ball of WhacksCreative Whack$34.00
15676Ballistic (Shock) Pendulum Apparatus$49.95
15675Ballistics Car$35.00
10431Balloon Car RacerToysmith$2.95
10523Balloon HelicopterToysmith$2.59
15715Balloon Helicopter Classroom 12 Pack$12.00
13971Basic Molecular Model Set$19.00
15538Bat Skeleton SpecimenReal Insect$49.00
15533Bat SpecimenReal Insect$24.00
16313Bath Bomb Factory - Wild Science Kit$29.00
11624Batteries for Astro-Jax$3.00
14820Beaker Tongs$5.95
15089Bear Smart Playing Cards$4.00
16225Bee Life Cycle Stages$7.95
14813Bell Jar with Bell and Pressure Plate$89.00
14772Benchtop Pro Digital Scale - 2000g x 0.1g$25.00
15593Bernoulli Bag - Pack of 4$7.95
16306Bi-Focal Magnifier$2.00
15798Big Ball of Whacks - 6 ColorsCreative Whack$34.00
15799Big Ball of Whacks - RedCreative Whack$34.00
11952Bi-Metal Compound Bar$5.95
16175Bing Bang Bounce$39.00
13295Bio Lab Basics Study ChartBarCharts$4.99
15688BIO2 Inflatable Animal Cell$16.00
15689BIO2 Inflatable Plant Cell$15.00
14264Biology Cell and Animal Tissues - 25 SlidesKonus$38.00
10939Biology Knowledge CardsPomegranate$8.95
15795Black Ball of WhacksCreative Whack$34.00
15975Black Scorpion - Small Specimen$4.00
14448Black Scorpion Specimen - LargeReal Insect$12.00
15697Black Streak Plates - set of 10$10.00
15748Black Tourmaline - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$10.99
15765Black Tourmaline In Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch$10.99
13806Blackish Stag BeetleReal Insect$12.00
15812Blacklight Glow Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
15424Black-White Neo Button MagnetDowling Magnets$2.95
13929Blast BowToysmith$19.95
15448Blocks and Marbles - Master SetTedco$115.00
15554Blocks and Marbles - Super SetTedco$45.00
11740Blood and Guts Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$13.00
15335Blood Pressure Set$22.00
15796Blue Ball of WhacksCreative Whack$34.00
15761Blue Extreme Amethyst Candle Holder$19.95
15985Blue Kyanite - Large Chunk (2-4 inch)$8.99
15311Blue Litmus Paper - 100 strips$1.29
13449Blue Magic Wand Kaleidoscope$13.00
15531Blue Pi T-ShirtxUmp.com$12.00
15709Blue Sand Hourglass$8.95
15760Botryoidal Hematite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$6.99
14834Bottle Connector - Bulk$1.59
13710Bottle Connector Classroom Set of 20$32.00
14944Brain Quest Smart Game$22.00
14200Break Open Your Own Single Geode$1.99
10967Break-Your-Own Geodes KitGeocentral$12.00
15972Brown Scorpion - Small Specimen$4.00
13397Brush Robot 4M Kit4M$12.00
14735Bubble Science 4M Kit4M$12.00
12239Bug Vacuum SetToysmith$13.00
13473Bugs Knowledge CardsPomegranate$8.95
16116Bumper Cars - Pair$5.95
14868Bunsen Burner$8.99
14133Burette Clamp - Single Coated Jaws$6.95
14746Burj al Arab 3D MetalEarth$3.00
12482Butterfly Life Cycle StagesInsect Lore$7.95
16228Butterfly Pavilion School Kit with Vouchers$59.00
13409Buzzer with Leads - 1.5VxUmp.com$1.75
14845Buzzer with Leads - 3V$1.75
15858Buzzer with Leads - 9V$1.75
16415C Clamp - 3 inch$2.00
14253Caffeine Glass Beaker Mug$19.00
15701Camping Rope - 50ft$4.00
12338Canada Map Placemat$3.49
15061Candy Chemistry Kit Thames & Kosmos$34.00
16444Carabiner Tape Measure$1.79
14252Carbon Dioxide Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
16161Carborundum Mineral Specimen$3.25
12929Carrying Case for GE-5$59.00
15885Catchy AIR Kendama - Red$10.00
15886Catchy AIR Kendama - Teal$15.00
15742Caves Playing Cards$5.00
14479Cavity Tile - Spotting Tile - Polypropylene$0.59
16195Ceiling Hook Magnets$9.95
16372Celestite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$4.99
15392Celestron 5MP Handheld Digital Microscope PROCelestron$79.00
15393Celestron 5MP LCD Digital Microscope IICelestron$229.00
15967Celestron CB2000CF Binocular Lab MicroscopeCelestron$299.00
15965Celestron CM1000C Lab MicroscopeCelestron$125.00
15966Celestron CM2000CF Lab MicroscopeCelestron$219.00
15964Celestron CM800 Lab MicroscopeCelestron$99.00
15395Celestron FirstScopeCelestron$79.00
15394Celestron Infiniview 5MP LCD Digital MicroscopeCelestron$175.00
15436Celestron PentaView LCD Digital MicroscopeCelestron$399.00
15438Celestron Prepared Slides - 100 piece boxCelestron$75.00
15437Celestron Prepared Slides - 50 piece boxCelestron$45.00
12174Cell Development and Reproduction Slide SetKonus$17.00
12660Centipede SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
10151Ceramic Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$0.50
10401Ceramic Block MagnetDowling Magnets$0.95
14782Ceramic Capacitors Set - 224pcsVelleman$20.00
10152Ceramic Disc MagnetDowling Magnets$0.39
10150Ceramic Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$0.95
10400Ceramic Latch MagnetDowling Magnets$0.29
13386Ceramic Levitation Disc MagnetDowling Magnets$0.79
10229Ceramic Ring MagnetDowling Magnets$0.49
15811Cerebral Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
16256Chalcopyrite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
13346Chalcopyrite - Rough Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.79
13907CHEM C100 Test LabThames & Kosmos$13.00
10494CHEM C1000 Chemistry Kit v2.0Thames & Kosmos$55.00
10495CHEM C2000 Chemistry SuperKit v2.0Thames & Kosmos$159.00
12148CHEM C500 Chemistry Set v2.0Thames & Kosmos$34.00
15987Chocolate Science Lab KitThames & Kosmos$20.00
11203Chrysocolla - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.69
15757Chrysocolla - Large Chunk (2-4 inch)$5.99
16157Circle Sand Art - Blue$17.00
15759Citrine Druzy - Large Chunk (2-4 inch)$8.99
11206Citrine Points - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
14137Clamp Holder - Aluminum$4.39
14136Clamp Holder - Cast Iron$3.49
10392Classroom Magnet Kit - Level 1Dowling Magnets$79.00
10393Classroom Magnet Kit - Level 2Dowling Magnets$79.00
10394Classroom Magnet Kit - Level 3Dowling Magnets$109.00
13401Clean Water Science 4M Kit4M$14.00
15474Cliff Hangers - Set of 6 Wind-Ups$22.00
16299Cliff Hangers Wind-ups 24pc Box with Display$79.95
15062Climate & Weather KitThames & Kosmos$31.00
13840Cloth Tape Measure$0.79
13993Cloud Forming Apparatus$15.00
14911Coated Metal Tweezer Set - 4pcs$2.00
16418COB LED Light Switch$6.00
16436COB LED Mini Light Switch$5.99
15995Cob LED Stick Light - 100 Lumens$4.95
16330Code Gamer Kit$145.00
15711Coffee Cup Stirling EnginexUmp.com$59.00
16364Coin Bank Globe$10.00
15873Coin Vibration Motor - 3VxUmp.com$0.95
15717Collapsible Pint GlassToysmith$6.95
15951Color Changing AirzookaCan You Imagine$22.00
13992Color Filters - Gelatin - Pack of 5$4.95
15590Color Paddles - Set of 18$8.95
15109Color Ring MagnetDowling Magnets$0.59
15831Color Wheel Watch - White$29.00
15068Color-Changing Crystals KitThames & Kosmos$13.00
16200Colorflame Candles$4.95
16199Colorflame Tea Lights$5.50
15604Compass - 1.5 inch diameter$0.50
13979Compass Board$12.00
14363Compass Set - 2 pack$1.79
15632Compass Thermometer Carabiner$1.79
12327Complete Book Of The MicroscopeUsborne Books$12.00
15910Complete Geometric Optics Demo Set$99.00
15682Concave Glass Mirror - 3 inch$2.99
15159Conductivity of Solutions Apparatus$11.00
15771Constant Motion Machine$19.00
13536Constant Velocity Car$8.95
11111Contact Key Switch$3.99
16353Contemporary Coils WatchxUmp.com$19.95
15683Convex Glass Mirror - 3 inch$2.95
13851Convex Mirror D50mm F75mm$1.49
15185Convex Mirror with Stand$9.95
10548Cool Blue Light Experiment KitCopernicus Toys$18.00
16164Copper - Natural Sculpted Specimen$2.00
16377Copper Ore - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$4.99
13885Copper-Zinc Voltaic Cell$12.00
14231Coriolis Effect Kit$44.00
13989Cork Borers - Set of 12$55.00
15954Cosmic Coil$11.99
10532Cosmic Rocket 4M Kit4M$12.00
13150Cotton Tipped Applicator Sticks$9.95
16288Cozy Dinosaur Slippers$24.00
15992CR2032 Alkaline Batteries - 9 pack$2.95
15537Crab SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
14921Crawling Microbug Solder KitVelleman$15.95
15800Creative Whack PackCreative Whack$15.00
13154Creepy Crawlies Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
15807Creepy Crawly Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
11059Cricket, Locust, Beetle and CrabC & A Scientific$12.50
13494Cristalheat - Supercooled Heat Pack$5.95
14483Crucible Tongs - Plated Steel$2.00
15864Crushed Crystals Fiber-Optic Lamp$9.95
15806Crystal Growing Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
10426Crystal Growing Mystical TreeToysmith$2.95
15738Crystal Nightlight KitThames & Kosmos$15.00
14666Cutter and Stripper Tool$3.50
13408D Battery Holder$1.49
14671Dancing Oobleck ApparatusxUmp.com$79.00
11028DC AmpMeter 0-1A$9.99
15874DC Motor 130 - 1.5-6V with leadsxUmp.com$1.49
16452DC Motor 260 - 1.5-6V with leads$1.79
15153DC Motor Kit$11.00
11027DC Voltmeter 0-10V$9.99
11192Deluxe Cherry Wood 17in Galileo Thermometer$47.00
14816Deluxe Color Mixing Demo$79.00
15817Deluxe Cork Borer - set of 6$15.00
15239Deluxe DC Crank Generator$14.00
15147Deluxe Dissecting Set - 12 Pieces$24.00
11984Deluxe Electricity and Magnetic Combination Kit$29.00
15308Deluxe Gold Leaf Electroscope$29.00
13972Deluxe Molecular Model Set$59.00
13691Deluxe Pocket KiteToysmith$5.95
14092Deluxe Snap RoverSnap Circuits$99.95
16115Deluxe Stirling Generator$99.00
15747Dendritic Crystal$3.95
15779Density Cube Set - 10 Cubes Set$29.00
15320Density of Liquids Kit$47.00
15752Desert Rose Cluster - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$6.99
15203Desktop Skeleton$26.00
14803Desoldering Pump$4.95
13381Desoldering WickElenco$1.25
11006Detective Science Fingerprint 4M Kit4M$12.00
13830Diagonal Cutter Plier $2.95
15237Dicot Stem Model$39.00
15405Die Cast Potato GunToysmith$4.95
13348Dig Into Fossils BookletGeocentral$1.99
10980Dig Into Rocks BookletGeocentral$2.00
13278Digestive System Study ChartBarCharts$3.99
16325Digital Anemometer$19.00
16326Digital EMF Meter$39.00
14475Digital Instant Read Thermometer C/F$9.00
14660Digital Multimeter - Velleman DVM93UVelleman$22.00
15841Digital Multimeter with Data Hold$12.00
16080Digital Particle/Temperature Meter - TDS-3$12.00
16123Digital pH Meter$15.00
16322Digital Sound Meter$22.00
16319Digital Thermometer Module with ProbexUmp.com$2.95
16434Digital Timer - Classroom, Lab, Kitchen$2.99
14937Digital Vernier CalipersxUmp.com$12.00
14679Dinosaur Bone$5.95
15021Dinosaur Eraser$1.50
12467Dinosaur Fossil PuttyToysmith$2.95
16289Dinosaur Hand Puppet$7.95
11246Dinosaurs Playing Cards$5.95
15984Diopside - Large Chunk (2-4 inch)$6.99
13778Discharge Electrode - Hand-HeldWinsco$99.00
13777Discharge Electrode - Large MountedWinsco$245.00
11242Discover America Playing Cards$5.95
10092Discovery PackTedco$14.00
14411Disposable Foam Ear Plugs$0.29
13151Disposable Scalpels - pack of 10C & A Scientific$6.00
12341Division Tables Placemat$3.49
16350DIY Flashing LED Circuit KitxUmp.com$2.50
16198DNA Ball$4.95
13702DNA Model$69.00
13398Doodling Robot 4M Kit4M$17.00
14134Double Burette Clamp$15.00
11104Double Pulley$1.99
11106Double Tandem Pulley$1.99
14907Dr Johnson's Heat Engine$49.00
15532Dragonfly SpecimenReal Insect$15.00
16419Dual COB LED Light Switch$9.95
14440Dual Color Z Liquid Timer$4.95
16320Dual Scale C/F Sticker ThermometerxUmp.com$0.95
13153Dual Thermometer with Plastic BackingC & A Scientific$1.59
16092Duncan Lime Light Yo-Yo$9.95
15001Duncan Phoenix DiaboloDuncan$15.00
16296Duncan Quick Cube$7.95
16297Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo$9.95
15950Duncan Skyhawk Offstring Yo-YoDuncan$21.00
13635Duncan Wheels Yo-YoDuncan$5.95
14074Dynamic Car Set$16.00
11696Dynamo Torch 4M Kit4M$12.00
10837E=mc2 T-ShirtxUmp.com$12.00
14392Economy Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet$0.25
14814Economy Color Mixing Demo$35.00
16433Economy DC Crank Generator - USB 5VxUmp.com$7.95
15146Economy Dissecting Set - 7 Pieces$9.00
14806Edible Chemistry KitCopernicus Toys$18.00
15085Edible Wilderness Playing Cards$5.95
13035Eerie OrbToysmith$3.95
16046Einstein Coin Bank by KikkerlandKikkerland$12.00
16232Einstein Computer Sitter$15.00
16052Einstein Solar FigurineKikkerland$20.00
15459EL MotionWire - Pink$12.00
14178EL T-Shirt Badge - Clock$12.00
15595Electric Bell$15.00
14848Electric Double Walled Calorimeter$12.00
16340Electric Paint Pen$15.00
11693Electric Plane Launcher 4M Kit4M$15.00
13780Electric Plume for Van de Graaff GeneratorWinsco$29.00
15624Electrical Clips Set - 28pcs$4.95
15229Electricity & Magnetism KitThames & Kosmos$53.00
15830Electricity Kit$25.00
14783Electrolytic Capacitors Set - 120pcsVelleman$18.00
14033Electromagnet - Dissectible$15.99
14852Electromagnet Kit$22.00
10155Electromagnet SetDowling Magnets$39.00
10215Electronic AM FM Radio KitElenco$20.00
14923Electronic Christmas Tree Solder KitVelleman$7.95
15220Electronics Advanced Circuits KitThames & Kosmos$149.00
10211Electronics Components CourseElenco$11.00
14336Electronics Learning Circuits KitThames & Kosmos$44.00
16430Electronics Project Box - Large$9.99
16429Electronics Project Box - Medium$4.99
16428Electronics Project Box - Small $2.99
10206Electronics Solder Tool KitElenco$17.00
15343Electrostatic Kit$29.00
11635Elements of Science KitThames & Kosmos$99.00
14794Elenco 830 BredbloxElenco$7.95
13418Elenco Soldering StationElenco$37.00
10916EMC2 Periodic Table of Elements PosterEurographics$7.00
15750Emerald - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$10.99
14257Emerald Quartz - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.69
15703Emergency PE Tube Tent - 6ft$5.95
14750Emergency Poncho$0.95
14405Emergency Sleeping Bag$2.79
13555Emergency Space Blanket$1.29
16196Emoji Big Button Magnets$5.95
10612Energy Ball$3.79
15339Energy Conversion Kit$64.00
15254Engino 100 Dual Motor RC Ultimate SetEngino$139.00
15255Engino Forces, Energy and Motion KitEngino$54.00
15257Engino Solar Power PRO - Duo Core KitEngino$69.00
11695Enviro Battery 4M Kit4M$14.00
14050Environmental Test Lab Kit$54.00
13983Equal Mass Set$13.00
16406Equilateral Acrylic Prism - 1 x 2 inches$2.00
16405Equilateral Glass Prism - 1 x 2 inches$2.99
14477Equilateral Glass Refraction Prism 75 x 9 mm$3.95
10869Equilateral Optical Glass Prism - 25 x 75 mm$4.75
16363Etron 40 Basic Circuits Labs Kit$29.00
16427Etron 40 Digital Circuits Lab Kit$39.00
11168Eulers DiskToysmith$33.00
15797Eureka BallCreative Whack$22.00
15712Executive Chrome Newtons Cradle$20.00
15380Explore Geology - 10 Fossils Set$9.95
15381Explore Geology - 24 Rocks & Minerals Set$9.95
13155Extraordinary Ordinary Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
15451FairyBerries - White$22.00
14610Fart BombsToysmith$1.75
16393Fart Bombs XL - 3 pack$7.95
15130Fiber Optic Lazer FingersToysmith$2.49
10236Fiber Optics Voice and Data KitElenco$25.00
13347Fiery Mood RingGeocentral$2.95
15684Filter Paper$6.95
16445Finger Tally CounterxUmp.com$2.99
13434Fire Syringe$19.00
13791Flame SaltsWinsco$79.00
12254Flashing Neutron BallToysmith$3.95
14624Flask Electroscope$11.00
15816Flask Stand - Polypropylene$6.95
14102Flat Aluminum Electrode$0.99
14071Flat Carbon Electrode$2.49
14069Flat Copper Electrode$1.95
15672Flat Iron Electrode$0.95
14072Flat Nickel Electrode$2.95
14070Flat Zinc Electrode$1.95
15909Flexible Clamp$20.00
14909Flexinol MuscleWire - 70 deg C - 1m$5.95
12836Fling-Zing Chinese Yo-YoToysmith$0.95
13987Flint Dropper Bottle - 1oz Single$1.69
16156Flip Sand Art - Black and White$14.00
12459Flip-N-Spin Ladybug Wind-UpToysmith$2.00
13390Floating Colors Timer$4.95
10230Floating Magnet Rings KitDowling Magnets$6.95
13157Flower Power Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
13790Fluorescent LiquidsWinsco$69.00
14236Fluorescent Minerals Collection$39.00
15665Fluorescent Rocks Science KitGeocentral$13.00
12300Fluorite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16257Fluorite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
15825Flying Science Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
14126Folding BinocularsToysmith$4.95
14075Force and Reaction Fan Car$14.00
13431Force Table$169.00
13073Forensics Prepared Slides$38.00
16181Fossil Fish$12.00
14237Fossil Starter Bag$15.00
16151Foucault Sand Pendulum - 15 inch$36.00
16210Four Legged ALLBOT$149.00
15572Fractions Placemat$3.49
10127Fresnel Lens Sheet$1.79
14838Friction Block - 4-Sided$7.95
12484Frog Life Cycle StagesInsect Lore$7.95
15764Fuchsite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
13442Fuel Cell 10 KitThames & Kosmos$149.00
12182Fuel Cell X7 KitThames & Kosmos$109.00
14601Fulgurite - Lightning in a Box$4.95
16085Fun Building Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
13585Fun Fly StickUnitech Toys$19.00
13159Fun Guys Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
14510Fun Straws$7.95
16055Fun with Magnets Kit$17.50
12243Galactic Robot Wind-Up$2.95
15417Galaxy Kinetic ArtToysmith$22.00
16255Galena - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
16437Galvanized Wire$2.99
14260Garnet - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
14836Gas Law Apparatus$109.00
16328Geared DC MotorxUmp.com$2.99
15866Geared DC Motor and Toy Car Wheel SetxUmp.com$6.50
14445Gecko SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
14025Gems of the USACopernicus Toys$5.95
14263General Biology - 25 Prepared SlidesKonus$34.00
15169General Fossil Collection$25.00
12731Genetics & DNA KitThames & Kosmos$34.95
14598Genuine Meteorite - Large 40g Chunk$42.00
14599Genuine Meteorite Necklace$12.00
14209Genuine Meteorites$7.95
15398GEOCards USAGEOtoys$9.00
16390GeoCentral Crystals Science Kit$13.00
16389GeoCentral Fossils Science Kit$13.00
14161GeoCentral Igneous Rock Science Kit Geocentral$13.00
14261GeoCentral Minerals Science KitGeocentral$12.00
14777GeoCentral Rock Science KitGeocentral$13.00
14159GeoCentral Sedimentary Rock Science Kit Geocentral$13.00
11418Geometry 2 Study ChartBarCharts$5.99
15329GEOPuzzle AnimalsGEOtoys$12.00
15328GEOPuzzle USA and CanadaGEOtoys$12.00
15556Giant 20 inch Inflatable GlobeTedco$13.00
15331Giant Blue Political Inflatable Globe$35.00
14059Giant Glass Diamond$15.95
16159Giant Pin Art$34.00
16381Giant Shark Tooth Fossil - 2 inchxUmp.com$5.99
15547Giant Solar Balloon - 50 feetTedco$17.00
13607Glass Beads$12.00
14275Glass Beaker - 1000ml$6.99
14274Glass Beaker - 100ml$2.49
13060Glass Beaker - 250ml$2.99
16244Glass Beaker - 50ml$2.19
13061Glass Beaker - 600ml$3.99
14254Glass Beaker Mug - 400ml$19.00
14282Glass Boiling Flask - 1000ml$15.99
14279Glass Boiling Flask - 100ml$3.49
14280Glass Boiling Flask - 250ml$4.99
14281Glass Boiling Flask - 500ml$5.99
14276Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 100ml$2.79
13058Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 250ml$4.49
13059Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 500ml$6.49
16245Glass Erlenmeyer Flask - 50ml Widemouth$2.49
14362Glass Erlenmeyer Mug - 400ml$19.00
13068Glass Eye Dropper$0.79
15891Glass Eye Dropper - 12 packxUmp.com$7.95
13062Glass Graduated Cylinder - 100ml$4.99
14278Glass Graduated Cylinder - 250ml$7.99
13063Glass Graduated Cylinder - 500ml$10.99
16243Glass Graduated Cylinder - 50ml$2.99
15350Glass Lens & Prisms Set$29.00
10877Glass Lens Set, Set of 6$11.00
15681Glass Mirror - 4 x 4 inches$1.69
16246Glass Pipette MOHR - 10ml$1.99
15696Glass Plates - 10 pack$18.50
15186Glass Prism with Stand$10.00
16448Glass Stir Rod - 6 inch$0.33
13067Glass Test Tube$0.79
15687Glass Thermometer - Dual Scale$3.95
15685Glass Tubing Cutter$11.00
15102Glow Fossil Science 4M Kit4M$10.00
13736Glow GluxCopernicus Toys$5.95
16170Glow Human Skeleton 4M Kit$12.00
15960Glow Silly String$5.95
14976Glow Skeleton T-ShirtxUmp.com$5.00
15643Glow Space Walk Mobile$13.00
15736Glowing Chemistry KitThames & Kosmos$39.00
10547Glowing Gel Experiment KitCopernicus Toys$18.00
12126Glow-in-the-Dark Jar of StarsToysmith$12.00
14579Glow-in-the-Dark Moonstones$4.95
14633Glow-in-the-Dark RockGeocentral$2.00
10442Glow-in-the-Dark Star Finder$6.95
14805Gold GluxCopernicus Toys$5.95
16036Gold Magic Wand Kaleidoscope$8.95
15753Golden Mica with Tourmaline - Large Chunk (2-3 inc$10.99
15979Goniatite - 2 inch Real Fossil$5.99
15358Graham Condenser$29.00
15447Gravitron GyroTedco$7.95
11332Green Calcite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16118Green Cotton Pulley Thread$3.99
13815Green Laser PointerxUmp.com$19.00
10098Green Laser Pointer - Black$39.00
13482Green Laser Pointer - Silver$29.00
16038Green Magic Wand Kaleidoscope$7.00
15977Green Rose Chafer Beetle - Open Wings Specimen$8.00
15973Green Rose Chafer Beetle - Small Specimen$4.00
15708Green Sand Hourglass$8.95
16375Green Slag - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
15802Gross Science Gift SetxUmp.com$39.95
10975Gypsum Rosettes - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16305Halloween Wind-Ups Set of 4$11.95
10876Hand Held DC Generator$14.00
13548Hand Tally Counter$3.95
15098Hand-Blown Glass Drinking Bird$34.00
16153Hand-blown Glass Radiometer$39.00
14658Handheld Pocket Scope - Velleman HPS140IVelleman$199.00
10166Handheld UV Light$7.49
16332Happy Atoms Kit$169.00
15145Harbottle Apparatus$29.00
14408Hard Hat$6.00
12465Hatchin Grow DinoToysmith$2.95
15421Head GamesToysmith$12.99
10875Heat Conductometer$11.95
15845Heat Transfer Kit$34.00
14244Helium Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
10974Hematite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
15774Heros Engine Flask$22.00
13948Hoberman Original Mini SphereHoberman$18.00
12538Hoberman Sphere - Universe GlowHoberman$39.00
14835Hoffman Screw Clamp$2.00
13549Hook Magnet - 8lb Pull$1.89
15852Hooked Brass Weight - 100g$5.95
15851Hooked Brass Weight - 50g$3.49
13415Hook-Up Wire on Spool - BlackElenco$2.95
13416Hook-Up Wire on Spool - RedElenco$2.95
15674Horizontal Cast and Collision Tester$49.00
15650Hot Plate - 6 inch 1000W$19.00
14157Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer$149.00
15337How Clean is the Air? Kit$20.00
15338How Clean is the Water? Kit$39.00
15570HQ Flash Rollers$29.00
10838Human Anatomy Model - Large 20 inElenco$105.00
10959Human Anatomy Model - Small 10 inElenco$35.00
11251Human Body Placemat$3.49
10867Human Brain Model$44.00
10881Human Ear Model - Large$47.00
11025Human Eye Model$39.00
15235Human Kidney Model$39.00
14867Human Skin Model$45.00
10880Human Skull Model$42.00
10444Human-Powered Light BulbCopernicus Toys$3.95
16366Hydraulic Arm EDGE Kit$49.00
14249Hydrogen Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
13443Hydropower KitThames & Kosmos$44.00
14584Hyper-Flex Stretchy String$4.39
16370Ice Calcite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
15773Ice Melting Kit$18.00
15856Illooms Light-up Balloons - Marble 5 Pack$5.95
15133Illuminated Blue Ocean Globe - 5 inch$34.00
14933Illuminated LED Loupe$6.00
15605Illuminated Mini 16X Microscope$5.00
14226Illuminated Orbiter - Sun-Moon-Earth $259.00
11321Illusion Science 4M Kit4M$11.00
12328Illustrated Dictionary Of ScienceUsborne Books$29.00
14829Inclined Plane$57.00
13156Incredible Edible Plants Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
14229Inflatable Human Torso Model$20.00
14406Inflatable Pillow$2.95
14195Inflatable Space Shuttle$1.79
10508Inflatable World Globe - 12in$1.59
15171Inflatable Writable Globe - 24 inch$12.00
15801Innovative Whack PackCreative Whack$15.00
15956Insectoid 4M Robot Kit$17.00
16205Insta-Glow UV Pen Black Light$2.95
14809Instant WinterCopernicus Toys$3.95
15630Insulating Tape - Set of 6$1.59
13981Internal Combustion Engine Model - Gasoline$49.00
15315Interplanetary TattoosCopernicus Toys$5.95
10570Inventors Playing Cards$5.95
15455Invisible Ink - 2oz $6.95
15454Invisible Ink - 8oz $22.00
16409Invisible Ink Pen and UV LightxUmp.com$1.49
16214IO Shield for Arduino$49.00
14920IR Light Barrier Solder KitVelleman$10.99
16208IR Non-Contact Pocket Thermometer - dual C and F$14.95
10153Iron Filings - 12oz BottleDowling Magnets$8.95
13757Iron Filings Case$2.00
15755Iron Pyrite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
16184Iron Pyrite Cube in Limestone Matrix$13.95
12255IsoFlex Ball$4.95
16178Isotta Discovery Car$45.00
10421Jacob's LadderToysmith$4.59
15746Jasper Spearhead - Large$8.00
15251Jr. Scientist Mini Electric Guitar KitElenco$29.00
15250Jr. Scientist Tumbling Robot KitElenco$25.00
10327Jumbo Compass - 3 inch diameter $2.49
16412Jumbo Glitter Poppin Hoppers$0.95
13826Jumbo Helping Hands$9.95
13758Jumbo Magnetic Marbles - set of 5$4.95
15781Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand$5.49
14780Jumper Wire Set - Assorted 140pcsElenco$5.00
13855Jumping Frog Wind-Up$2.95
13856Jumping Monkey Wind-Up$2.95
16177Jurassic Skyrail$25.00
10436Kaleidoscope Making 4M Kit4M$12.95
15527Kalightoscope (Kaleidoscope) LampToysmith$13.00
15520Kendama Fade-Out $10.00
15521Kendama Stripes$12.00
13829Keychain Magnifier$1.00
13071Kids Chemical Safety Goggles$2.99
15222Kids First Biology LabThames & Kosmos$39.00
15223Kids First Chemistry SetThames & Kosmos$49.00
15986Kids First Physics Lab KitThames & Kosmos$45.00
13793Kids Pi T-ShirtxUmp.com$12.00
15957KidzLabs 4M Crystal Science Kit$14.00
16252KidzLabs 4M Green Energy Kit$21.00
13775Kilovoltron Van de Graaff GeneratorWinsco$248.00
15772Kinetic Theory Model$45.00
15925Kingii Dragon Robot KitOWI$39.95
13854Knife Switch - Double Pole Double Throw$2.95
15149Knife Switch - Single Pole Double Throw$2.29
12060Konus Academy Microscope 1000XKonus$229.00
11571Konus MotorMax-90 TelescopeKonus$349.00
10518Konus Space-6 TelescopeKonus$95.00
14247Krypton Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
16351Lab DC Switching Power Supply 0-30V 0-3A$99.00
14256Laboratory Counter / Timer$4.95
14874Laboratory Gyroscope$28.00
14142Laboratory Scissor Jack - Black Enamel$37.00
14855Laboratory Scissor Jack - Stainless Steel$44.00
14812Laboratory Vacuum Pump, 110V$205.00
16229Ladybug Life Cycle Stages$7.95
14035Lamp Board - 5 lamps$15.00
15333Large Brass Weight Set$69.00
14936Large Plastic Vernier Calipers$2.00
15351Large Spherical Convex Mirror$99.00
15534Large Tarantula SpecimenReal Insect$49.00
15011Laser Blox - Set of 3 - Red Green Violet$225.00
15928Laser Pet Toy$1.79
16391Lava In a Bottle$4.95
15129Lazer FingersToysmith$2.49
14788Lead-Free Solder Spool - 100gVelleman$13.00
16383Leaping Lights WatchxUmp.com$19.95
10210Learn To Solder Siren KitElenco$19.00
13955LED - Green 565nm 2.6V$0.29
13956LED - Red 635nm 2.6V$0.29
14646LED Pocket Microscope 20x - 40x$22.00
14801LED Robot Blinker Electronics Solder KitElenco$9.95
14784LEDs Set - Assorted 80pcsVelleman$16.00
14617Lemon ClockToysmith$5.49
14638Lenz Law Copper Tube$20.00
15766Lepidolite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$8.99
10157Levitation SetDowling Magnets$34.00
13978Leyden Jar - Separable$12.00
14443Life Cycle of Frog - Real SpecimenReal Insect$20.00
15937Life Cycle of Silkworm - Real Specimen$18.00
10866Life-Size Human Heart Model$39.00
11958Life-Size Human Skeleton$299.00
13532Light Crystal Prism - LargeTedco$14.00
16279Light My Bottle$9.95
12605Light Show StickCan You Imagine$7.95
16094Light Up Rail Twirler$4.95
13158Lily Pad Leap Prepared Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
16369Line Green Laser Pointer$49.00
16327Line Tracking Car DIY KitxUmp.com$8.99
16312Lip Balm Factory - Wild Science Kit$19.95
15189Liquid Crystal Sheet$12.95
15375Liquid Crystal Temperature Strip$15.00
15589Liquid Crystal Thermometer Stickers - 5 pack$5.95
15596Liquid Filled Compass - 1.75 inchxUmp.com$0.79
15617Liquid Timer Pen - Pink$2.00
15536Locust SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
10154LodestoneDowling Magnets$1.49
15472Lodestone Chunk$3.95
13417Logic ProbeElenco$20.00
16119Long Metal Coil Spring - Extends to 30 feet$13.00
13792Lucite Light RodWinsco$25.00
16099Lunar Light Show$20.00
15148Lung Demo Kit$27.00
15847Luster Rocks Kit$20.00
16311Luxury Soap Factory - Wild Science Kit$19.95
16068MaBoRun - Amazing Combo$29.00
16071MaBoRun - Amazing Big Wheel$15.00
16070MaBoRun - Amazing Shooter$15.00
16069MaBoRun - Amazing Stair Climber$15.00
16073MaBoRun - Mini Spinning Discs$16.00
16072MaBoRun - Mini Tornado$16.00
13429Magdeburg Hemispheres$6.59
14006Magformers - 14pc Set$18.00
14005Magformers - 30pc Set$45.00
14007Magformers Extreme FX - 62pc Set$85.00
16042Magformers Inspire Set - 30pc$49.00
16043Magformers Light Show Set - 55pc$99.00
16041Magformers Math Activity Set - 124pc$199.00
16044Magformers RC Cruisers Set - 52pc$99.99
15116Magic Bullet Train Magnet KitDowling Magnets$24.00
16392Magic Eggs$2.95
16095Magic Loops$3.95
10228Magic Penny Magnet KitDowling Magnets$25.00
15526Magic Rocks$4.75
12275Magic WormToysmith$2.00
15548Magical Crystal - BlueTedco$9.95
15549Magical Crystal - PurpleTedco$9.95
14620Magleads - Black (set of 10)$27.00
14621Magleads - Red (set of 10)$27.00
15606Magnesium Flint Fire Starter$4.95
11142Magnet BillsDowling Magnets$5.00
14897Magnet Science 4M Kit4M$14.00
10261Magnet Strip Hold ItsDowling Magnets$0.79
11671Magnet TapeDowling Magnets$7.49
11672Magnet Wand with MarblesDowling Magnets$6.95
13959Magnet Wire - 16 AWG$11.00
14175Magnetic Decision MakerKikkerland$11.95
16194Magnetic Dry-Erase Name Plates$14.00
14626Magnetic Field Model$39.00
14504Magnetic GluxCopernicus Toys$6.95
10441Magnetic Gyro-Fly WheelToysmith$3.75
13698Magnetic Levitator - ClassicToysmith$10.00
15828Magnetic Match Rings$11.00
14913Magnetic Metal Clips - set of 4$2.00
16396Magnetic Periodic Table Set$25.00
13715Magnetic Rings and Stand Set$2.95
15726Magnetic Sand Timer$9.00
15064Magnetic Science KitThames & Kosmos$29.00
16397Magnetic Sphere with Iron Filings Kit$14.95
10534Magnetic WandDowling Magnets$2.00
16293Magnetic World Map Puzzle$12.00
10231Magnets In Motion KitDowling Magnets$37.00
13849Magnifying Bug Viewer$4.00
10511Make Your Own Bubble Gum KitCopernicus Toys$16.00
12659Mantis SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
10520Map Compass$1.75
15744Marie Curie Glow Bobblehead$20.00
15692Mars Rock Kit$20.00
16304Mars Runner Flipper Car Wind-Up$2.95
13982Mass Force Demo Kit$12.00
14205Matched Halves Ammonite Fossil Set$4.99
15258Math Magic 4M Kit4M$14.95
14804Mathy TattoosCopernicus Toys$5.95
15450Maxwell Wheel - SmallTedco$22.00
10882Maxwells Wheel - Large$39.00
14141Measuring Plastic Jug with Handle$2.95
16121Measuring Tape - 10 pack - 60inch 150cm$4.95
11368Medical Abbreviations Flash CardsBarCharts$13.00
16179Metacanthina Trilobite$19.00
14221Metal Detector Robot 4M Kit4M$21.00
15642Metal Frame Newtons Cradle$14.00
11682Metal Jax and Ball SetToysmith$6.49
15602Metal Vernier Caliper - 6inch/150mm $12.00
15082Micro FiberOptic Light$3.95
16321Micro Speaker - 8ohm 1W with leadsxUmp.com$2.00
10469Microscope Accessory KitC & A Scientific$11.00
13605Microscope Cover Glass - 18x18mm 100pcs$1.49
13606Microscope Cover Glass - 22x22mm 100pcs$2.00
13160Microscope Slide Box - 50 Slides CapacityC & A Scientific$3.95
14613Mighty Magnet SetToysmith$9.95
15084Mind Twisters$2.95
13218Mineral Science KitToysmith$11.00
14232Mineral Test Kit$11.00
16292Mini Bean Kick Bag$2.00
15848Mini Bulb Socket with Terminals - Pack of 10$3.99
16150Mini Cherrywood Galileo Thermometer$20.00
15633Mini Cloth Measure Keychain$0.79
13975Mini DC Motor with Leads$2.95
13520Mini Desk Volcano$20.00
14127Mini Dinosaur Excavation KitToysmith$3.50
15868Mini Electronics BreadboardxUmp.com$2.59
15700Mini Folding Scissors$1.19
15635Mini Glue Stick Refils$1.69
14665Mini Hobby Speaker - 2 inch 4 Ohms$1.79
15895Mini Knife Switch - 10 packxUmp.com$14.00
11109Mini Knife Switch - Single$1.49
15673Mini Lamp Holder with Springs$1.49
13974Mini Lamp Receptacle$0.95
16323Mini LED Microscope 160X-200XxUmp.com$9.00
15668Mini Light Base - 6 pack$12.00
11108Mini Lightbulbs - 1.5V - Pack of 10$2.49
15597Mini Lightbulbs - 3.2V - pack of 10$2.95
16309Mini Liquid Compass - Pack of 10xUmp.com$2.95
16117Mini Magnetic Pole Finder$4.95
10616Mini Plasma Ball$13.00
13558Mini Plastic Vernier Caliper$0.79
16093Mini Voice Changer$11.00
14786Miniature RelayVelleman$1.79
15859Mirror Ball Spinning Motor - Battery Power$8.95
16155Mirror Ball String Light$14.00
14513Molecules Memory GamePomegranate$14.00
16176Mona Lisa Pixel Art Set$59.00
15857Money Maze BankSchylling$7.95
14898Money Safe 4M Kit4M$20.00
14023Monster BalloonCopernicus Toys$7.95
11686Mood MuddToysmith$3.75
15314Moon and Planets Memory GameCopernicus Toys$16.00
15693Moon Rock Kit$20.00
11820Moroccan Trilobite Fossil$7.99
13609Mortar and Pestle 30mlC & A Scientific$3.95
14680Mosasaur Dino Tooth$4.95
16238Mosasaur Teeth Composition$25.00
15754Moscovite Mica - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$6.99
16213Motor and Power Shield for Arduino$32.00
10156Motor Generator SetDowling Magnets$39.00
15063Motors & Generators KitThames & Kosmos$29.00
15071Moving Butterfly - Blue Morpho$20.00
15072Moving Butterfly - Monarch$20.00
16191MudWatt Classic Kit - Electricity from Mud$39.00
16193MudWatt Classroom Pack - Electricity from Mud$299.00
16190MudWatt Core Kit - Electricity from Mud$25.00
16192MudWatt Science Fair Pack - Electricity from Mud$79.00
10802Multi Voice Changer$16.00
16280MultiColor LED Submersible Platform$12.95
16298Multicolor Yo-Yo Strings - 5 pack$3.95
15934Multifunction 36 SMD Flashlight$4.95
15935Multifunction 60 SMD Flashlight$6.95
15198Multi-Function Survival Tool$1.49
12340Multiplication Tables Placemat$3.49
14903MuscleWire Demo Spring$9.95
14905MuscleWires Monster Moving Hand Kit$29.00
14904MuscleWires Project Book and Sample Kit$27.00
15429Muscular System Poster - LaminatedBarCharts$12.00
11215My First Lab Cordless ULTIMATE MicroscopeC & A Scientific$139.00
11739My First Lab Duo MicroscopeC & A Scientific$89.00
12543My Mystery UFO$9.95
16097Mystery Fire$2.99
10465Mystery StickCopernicus Toys$1.59
16387N50 Neodymium Bar Magnet - 50x10x5mmxUmp.com$4.49
16388N50 Neodymium Cube Magnet - 10x10x10mmxUmp.com$1.99
16385N50 Neodymium Disc Magnet - 10x3mmxUmp.com$0.99
16386N50 Neodymium Disc Magnet - 20x5mmxUmp.com$2.29
15990Nanotechnology Science KitThames & Kosmos$119.00
14600Native Copper Nugget$3.49
16227Nature Scope$11.00
16087Neon BulbxUmp.com$0.49
14761Neon Pin ArtSchylling$13.00
14245Neon Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
13783Neon WandWinsco$65.00
15312Neutral Litmus Paper - 100 strips$1.29
15348Neutralization Lens Set$2.95
16301Never Fall Airplane Wind-Up$2.95
16300Never Fall Bulldozer Wind-Up$2.95
16303Never Fall Fire Engine Wind-Up$2.95
16302Never Fall Tank Wind-Up$2.95
13405Never Fall UFO Wind-Up$3.95
12908Never-Fall Bumper Car Wind-Up$4.95
13693Never-Fall Robot Wind-Up$3.95
13886New York Demonstration Balance$39.00
16152Newton Glass Timer - 5 mins$18.00
15383Newton Spring Scale 20N$2.95
15382Newton Spring Scale 5N$2.95
15679Newtons 2nd Law of Motion Demo$25.00
15591Newtons Color Disc$35.00
10063Newtons Cradle - Large - 7 inches$16.00
10808Newtons Cradle - Regular - 5.5 inches$13.00
13915NG Crystals, Rocks and Minerals KitThames & Kosmos$49.00
15788Nightzone Hoops$5.00
16410NightZone Spoke Lights$9.95
16282Nikola Tesla Bobble Head$20.00
16342Nitinol Wire - 1ft$2.50
14250Nitrogen Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
11163Noise PuttyToysmith$2.00
15727Nostalgic Pack GyroscopeTedco$6.95
12837Number Slide PuzzleToysmith$1.95
11198Obsidian ArrowheadGeocentral$1.29
15694Oceanic Fossils Set$4.99
14623Oersteds Law Apparatus$23.00
10435Old World KaleidoscopeToysmith$6.95
16378Opalized Petrified Wood - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$7.99
16348Open DC Motor Demo - 1.5VxUmp.com$7.49
10968Optical Calcite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$2.99
13960Optical Illusions - 37 Projects BookPomegranate$12.00
10544Optical Illusions Playing Cards$7.95
13445Optical Science KitThames & Kosmos$31.00
12472Oral Hygiene Model$44.00
11199Orange Calcite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16371Orange Calcite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
15004Original 1955 Duncan Wooden Tournament Yo-YoDuncan$17.00
10835Original Butterfly Garden Kit with VoucherInsect Lore$25.00
10778Original Ladybug Land Kit with VoucherInsect Lore$25.00
15402Original Optic Wonder$9.00
12528Original SlinkyPOOF-Slinky$5.49
15981Orthoceras - 1 inch Real Fossil$1.99
14207Orthoceras Book Ends$49.95
14206Orthoceras Fossil in a Box$3.49
16162Orthoceras Fossil Plate$15.00
13717Outdoor Hanging Galileo Thermometer$39.00
15345Overflow Can$4.95
12970Owl PelletCopernicus Toys$5.95
15728Owl Puke KitTedco$14.00
14251Oxygen Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
15998Panda LED Keychain with Sound$2.00
16336Paper Airplane Fold-a-Day 2017 Desk Calendar$15.00
16435Parachute Skydiver Toy$2.49
15522Parafoil KiteToysmith$7.49
16443PCB Copper Board - 7x10cmxUmp.com$1.49
16432PCB Copper Prototype Board - 5x10cmxUmp.com$2.95
14119Peg GameToysmith$3.95
14916Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooling Module - 12VxUmp.com$4.95
14135Pendulum Clamp$11.00
15908Pendulum Wave Demo$39.00
16310Perfume Factory - Wild Science Kit$19.95
15230Perfume Science KitThames & Kosmos$59.00
15324Periodic Table Banner PenxUmp.com$2.39
15374Periodic Table in the Body Poster$22.00
15243Periodic Table Lamp$39.00
10068Periodic Table of Elements Poster - LaminatedBarCharts$12.00
12166Periodic Table of Elements T-ShirtxUmp.com$15.00
11250Periodic Table Placemat$3.49
11775Periodic Table Playing Cards$15.00
15097Periodic Table Reference Cards - 10 packxUmp.com$2.50
15559Pet Science Dog School Kit$17.00
15560Pet Science Kitty College Kit$20.00
10250Pet TornadoTedco$4.95
13066Petri Dish - 100mm Glass$2.49
13065Petri Dish - 60mm Glass$1.49
16249Petri Dishes with Agar Set$7.95
13341Petrified Wood - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16221Petrified Wood - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
13663Petrified Wood - Tumbled Bulk Mineral$0.50
14199Petrified Wood Slice$6.95
16307PH Meter Calibration Buffer Powder - 10 packxUmp.com$4.95
15598pH Paper Test Strips - Book of 100$1.00
16324PH TDS Temp 3-in-1 Digital Meter$44.00
11366Physics Discovery KitThames & Kosmos$28.00
11934Physics Pro KitThames & Kosmos$89.00
13909Physics Simple Machines KitThames & Kosmos$13.00
11367Physics Solar Workshop Kit v2Thames & Kosmos$62.00
10931Physics Workshop KitThames & Kosmos$59.00
14657Pi-Day T-ShirtxUmp.com$12.00
10464Piezo-Electric RocksCopernicus Toys$4.95
10252Pin Art - Large - 7 inchesToysmith$19.00
12268Pinky BallToysmith$2.49
13603Plain Microscope Slides - Pack of 12$1.29
10873Plain Microscope Slides - Pack of 72C & A Scientific$6.95
16352Planetary System WatchxUmp.com$20.00
10357Planisphere Watch$69.00
14227Plant & Animal Cell Model Activity Set$149.00
14269Plant Reproduction and Propagation - 10 SlidesKonus$16.95
16045Plasma Bulb Night Light by KikkerlandKikkerland$25.00
15805Plasma Light Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
15907Plastic AA Battery Holders - Block of 4$3.49
14198Plastic Balance Scale$13.00
13990Plastic Beaker - 250ml$1.79
13991Plastic Beaker - 500ml$2.79
10427Plastic BubblesToysmith$3.49
16111Plastic Cover Slips - 100 pack$3.95
13608Plastic Forceps - Pack of 10$2.00
14158Plastic Magnifying Lens - Dual 3X 6X$0.79
14817Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 100mL$2.49
14818Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 250mL$3.29
14819Plastic Measuring Cylinder - 500ml$5.99
16110Plastic Microscope Slides - 100 pack$3.25
16343Plastic Nesting Beakers - Set of 8$14.99
16457Plastic Petri Dish - 55mm$0.49
16456Plastic Petri Dish - 85mm$0.79
16447Plastic Petri Dishes - 55mm - pack of 20$4.99
16250Plastic Petri Dishes - 85mm - pack of 20$7.99
13611Plastic Petri Dishes with Agar - Pack of 2C & A Scientific$3.49
13557Plastic Syringe - 20ml Non-Sterile$0.95
13852Plastic Test and Culture Tubes - pack of 72$1.79
11222Plastic Test Tube Rack$4.95
13610Plastic Test Tubes with Caps - Pack of 2C & A Scientific$2.29
14910Plastic Tweezer Set - 4pcs$3.95
10258Plastic-Encased Block MagnetDowling Magnets$1.19
10259Plastic-Encased Disc MagnetDowling Magnets$0.95
13985Plexiglass Mirror$1.49
14791PN2222A Transistor$0.19
14802Pocket Dice Electronics Solder KitElenco$15.00
16411Pocket Etch A Sketch$8.95
12256Pocket Star FinderToysmith$5.00
16380Polished Fossil CoralxUmp.com$15.00
16379Polished Iridescent LabradoritexUmp.com$29.95
15138Political Blue Ocean Globe - 4 inch$14.95
13492Pop-Up Butterfly Habitat$20.00
14856Porcelain Funnel - 120ml 70mm$3.95
14482Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 150mm$9.95
14481Porcelain Mortar and Pestle - 75mm$3.95
13037Potato Clock 4M Kit4M$13.00
13099Power House Kit v2.0Thames & Kosmos$94.00
14926Power Pro DC Adapter - 12V 1000mA$4.95
14242Power Supply for Spectrum Discharge Tubes$175.00
16226Praying Mantis Life Cycle Stages$7.95
15850Precision Weight Masses Set - 8 Pieces$8.49
13414Prepared Micro-Slides - 12 Slides 36 SpecimensElenco$14.00
10470Prepared Slide Set - ElementaryC & A Scientific$19.00
10472Prepared Slide Set - High SchoolC & A Scientific$39.00
10471Prepared Slide Set - IntermediateC & A Scientific$33.00
15600Professional Solder Tip CleanerVelleman$9.95
14731Project Box 4 - 133 x 83 x 14 mm$2.95
14769Protostar Yo-YoYo Yo Factory$22.00
15770Pulley Table Clamp$4.99
15678Pulley with Table Clamp$11.00
16401Pumice - Bulk Mineral$1.49
15048Purple Laser PointerxUmp.com$19.00
15707Purple Sand Hourglass$8.95
16034Push-Button Switch with LeadsxUmp.com$1.89
12880Puzzle Maze PenxUmp.com$1.95
10971Pyrite - Fools Gold - Bulk Mineral$1.49
16166Pyrite Fools Gold - Large$1.69
15749Pyrolusite Geode$10.99
14045Quadruple Pulley$3.49
13661Quartz - Tumbled Bulk Mineral$0.50
14635Quartz Cluster - SmallGeocentral$1.59
15751Quartz Crystal Cluster - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$8.99
15763Quartz Crystal Point - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$8.99
16185Quartz Obelisk$39.95
10970Quartz Point - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.59
16404Quartzite - Bulk Mineral$1.49
15996Rain Gauge$2.00
14611Rainbow Glow DoughToysmith$2.95
15524Rainbow Pom BallToysmith$2.95
14486Rattleback - Multicolor Pack of 10$12.95
13537RC Flying Saucer$25.00
15567RC Hot Air Balloon$39.00
15989RC Machines: Space Explorers KitThames & Kosmos$89.00
15566RC Mini Racer in a Can$13.00
11999RC Snap RoverSnap Circuits$84.00
13988Reagent Bottle - 500ml$4.99
16308Real Insects Specimen Set 1 - 8 pieces$39.00
14449Real Scorpion USB MouseReal Insect$15.00
12130Rearview Specs$3.00
16376Red Jasper - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
15310Red Litmus Paper - 100 strips$1.29
16039Red Magic Wand Kaleidoscope$8.95
16139Red Pi T-ShirtxUmp.com$12.00
16079Red/Black Alligator-to-Banana Cable - 3 feetxUmp.com$2.95
15107Red-Blue Ceramic Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$1.29
15106Red-Blue Ceramic Horseshoe MagnetDowling Magnets$0.95
15661Red-Blue Plastic Encased Bar Magnets - pack of 2Dowling Magnets$6.49
15911Refraction Cup$2.95
13919Remote Control Machines KitThames & Kosmos$69.90
14441Remote Control Spaceman$29.00
15737Remote-Control Machines DLX KitThames & Kosmos$109.00
16333Remote-Control Machines: Custom Cars Kit$79.00
13774Replacement Belt for N-100V WinscoWinsco$20.00
13776Replacement Belt for N-105S KilovoltronWinsco$12.00
14155Replacement Wicks - Pack of 12$2.49
13284Reproductive System Study ChartBarCharts$3.99
14781Resistors Set - Assorted 480pcsVelleman$7.95
14779Resonance Bowl$129.00
13263Revolving Multi-Color Fiberoptic Light$12.00
16154RGB Fiber-optic Kit$115.00
15535Rhinoceros Beetle SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
16407Right-Angle Acrylic Prism - 1 x 2 inches$2.89
14628Right-Angle Optical Glass Prism$3.95
14629Ring Tripod Stand$8.95
13219Robot Duck 4M Kit4M$15.00
15479Robot Finger Push Puppet$4.95
13411Robotic Arm EDGE KitOWI$54.00
15988Robotics Smart Machines KitThames & Kosmos$119.95
16331Robotics Workshop Kit$175.00
15662Rock and Mineral Excavation Mini KitGeocentral$3.95
13217Rock Science KitToysmith$11.00
10370Rock Tumbler KitElenco$49.00
10372Rock Tumbler Refill KitElenco$20.00
16217Rocket SleepyLight$39.00
14024Rocks and Minerals of the USACopernicus Toys$5.95
12344Rocks and Minerals Placemat$3.49
13966Rocks Minerals and Gems Knowledge CardsPomegranate$8.95
13887Roman Arch Kit$29.00
11200Rose Quartz - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
15756Rose Quartz - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)$4.99
14500Rose Quartz Candle Holder$20.00
13493Rotational Inertia Ring and Disk$49.00
15680Round Stacking Mass Set$2.95
12637Rubber Band Paddle BoatToysmith$4.95
16096Rubber Band Shooter$8.95
14478Rubber Grip - For Hot Beakers$8.95
14144Rubber Stopper - Size 1$0.59
14145Rubber Stopper - Size 2$0.59
14146Rubber Stopper - Size 3$0.79
14147Rubber Stopper - Size 4$0.79
14148Rubber Stopper - Size 5$0.79
14149Rubber Stopper - Size 6$0.95
14150Rubber Stopper - Size 7$0.95
14151Rubber Stopper - Size 8$1.29
14152Rubber Stopper - Size 9$1.49
16067Rubiks Cube$12.50
14047Safe Plastic Slide Set - Animals$9.00
14048Safe Plastic Slide Set - Insects$9.00
14049Safe Plastic Slide Set - Plants$9.00
16247Safety Pipette Filler$4.89
14929Salt Water Fuel Cell ArachnoidOWI$17.00
14928Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster TruckOWI$22.00
16201Sands Alive! Glow Lunar Landing$28.00
16203Sands Alive! Glow: Car Crashers$29.00
16204Sands Alive! Glow: Volcano World$25.99
16202Sands Alive! The Sand Box - 1lb Original Sand$9.95
10978Sandstone - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16016Santa Solar Christmas Jiggler$2.95
16408Scale of Hardness Minerals Kit$20.00
15067Science Experiments On The Go KitThames & Kosmos$5.00
16197Science Pics Magnet Set$12.00
15427Science Review Study ChartBarCharts$5.95
12651Science With Air BookUsborne Books$5.00
10569Scientists Playing Cards$5.95
16098Sci-Fi Tube$9.95
14367Scorpion Master 100 LED Ultraviolet Flashlight$45.00
15929Scorpion Master 28 LED UV Flashlight$20.00
15930Scorpion Master 52 LED UV Flashlight$29.00
14366Scorpion Master 9 LED Ultraviolet Flashlight$11.00
12664Scorpion Specimen - SmallReal Insect$8.00
11058Scorpion, Ant, Wasp and Flower BugC & A Scientific$12.50
16398Screen Sieves - set of 4$74.95
11793Sea Monkeys Ocean ZooSchylling$13.00
11795Sea Monkeys Original Instant LifeSchylling$6.95
15719Sea Monsters Triops Kit$14.00
13330Sea-Monkeys MagiQuariumSchylling$15.00
15923Sea-Monkeys on MarsSchylling$15.00
14230Seed Germination Kit$5.95
15714Seismic Accelerator$11.00
13343Selenite - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.49
16222Selenite - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$3.99
14499Selenite Candle Holder$10.00
12299Selenite TowerGeocentral$3.95
14912Self-Locking Hemostat Pliers - 6inch$2.00
16167Septarian Slab$3.95
16335Sewing Circuits Kit$24.00
15476Shark 3D Wall Attack Plaque$49.00
15982Shark Tooth - 1 inch Real Fossil$1.99
15143Shark Tooth Fossil on Matrix$4.99
15978Shark Tooth Necklace$2.95
12336Sharks Discovery BookUsborne Books$5.00
13827Sharp-Blunt Dissecting Scissors $2.29
15906SHINCO-Scope Microscope with 5 Prepared Slides$69.00
13064Short Stem Funnel - 100ml Glass$3.95
16365Signal Generator - 1Hz to 8MHz$45.00
14975Silicone Lab Mat$8.95
15344Simple Halls Carriage$7.95
13888Simplified Stirling Engine$28.00
15253Simulated Frog Dissection KitElenco$49.00
16180Single Orthoceras Fossil in Matrix$7.99
11103Single Pulley$1.49
15430Skeletal System Poster - LaminatedBarCharts$12.00
16019Skeleton Solar Halloween Jiggler$2.95
10862Skyforce Rocket KitToysmith$13.00
15569Slackline HQ Inspiration$55.00
10337Slide Making KitElenco$12.00
16009Slim LED Night Light$3.95
13049Slippery SpheresDuneCraft$2.95
14076Slotted Weight Set with Hanger$15.00
16440Slush Stress Ball$4.95
15422Small Red-Blue Ceramic Bar MagnetDowling Magnets$0.95
15488Smart Car Robotics KitThames & Kosmos$116.00
16174Smart Circuits Lab$49.00
12831Smart Robot 4M Kit4M$17.00
15362Smoke Paper (Touch Paper)$9.95
16183Smoky Quartz Cluster$9.99
12632Snake Cube Puzzle$1.79
15539Snake Skeleton SpecimenReal Insect$49.00
16168Snakeskin Rock$2.95
10725Snap Circuits 300 Electronics KitSnap Circuits$59.00
16360Snap Circuits 3D Illumination Kit$55.00
14488Snap Circuits AC Adapter SnapSnap Circuits$18.00
15968Snap Circuits ArcadeSnap Circuits$59.00
16361Snap Circuits Basic Electricity$19.95
14487Snap Circuits Extreme 750-in-1 with PC interfaceSnap Circuits$119.00
14089Snap Circuits FM RadioSnap Circuits$25.00
14088Snap Circuits GreenSnap Circuits$79.00
11998Snap Circuits Jr. Snap Circuits$29.95
15971Snap Circuits Jr. SelectSnap Circuits$34.00
15008Snap Circuits Light KitSnap Circuits$69.00
15838Snap Circuits Light with AC Adapter KitSnap Circuits$99.00
15969Snap Circuits MotionSnap Circuits$79.00
15256Snap Circuits Motion DetectorSnap Circuits$25.00
15970Snap Circuits Sound & Light Deluxe KitSnap Circuits$139.00
15249Snap Circuits Sound KitSnap Circuits$79.00
16013Snowman Solar Christmas Jiggler - Black Hat$2.95
16012Snowman Solar Christmas Jiggler - Red Hat$2.95
14822Soft Iron Rod$2.95
16089Solar Bicycle Tail LightxUmp.com$3.95
13844Solar Car$19.00
16240Solar Cell - 1.5V 400mA 80x60mmxUmp.com$3.99
16090Solar DIY Micro Car KitxUmp.com$3.99
14917Solar Energy Electronics Experiment KitVelleman$27.00
15813Solar Fun Gift SetxUmp.com$54.00
15416Solar Hoot OwlToysmith$8.95
15065Solar Mechanics KitThames & Kosmos$32.00
14616Solar Mechanics Science 4M Kit4M$17.00
13921Solar Power KitThames & Kosmos$45.00
13922Solar Power PLUS KitThames & Kosmos$79.00
13768Solar Powered RainbowmakerKikkerland$29.00
13679Solar Powered Solar System KitOWI$20.00
10543Solar Print KitToysmith$12.00
10432Solar Print Refill PaperToysmith$5.95
10094Solar RadiometerTedco$14.00
14219Solar Robot 4M Kit4M$17.00
14218Solar Rover 4M Kit4M$15.00
13400Solar Science 4M Kit4M$10.00
14906Solar Space Wings Kit$19.00
15042Solar Spinner$8.95
16295Solar System Magnetic Playset$12.00
11249Solar System Placemat$3.49
15167Solar System Simulator$119.00
13709Solar UV Beads - 250pcs$5.50
13837Soldering Iron - 30 Watt$6.49
15629Soldering Iron Stand$4.95
14787Solderless Electronics Starter SetVelleman$25.00
15155Solenoid / Electromagnet with Iron Core$44.00
15814Space Exploration Gift SetxUmp.com$44.00
16285Space Galaxy Wall Clock$15.95
10450Space Wonder GyroscopeTedco$9.95
15565Spacerail - Level 5 - Marble Roller Coaster Set$49.00
16060Spacerail - Level 6 - Marble Roller Coaster Set$89.00
16061Spacerail - Level 9 - Marble Roller Coaster Set$79.95
15309Spare Gold Leaves - Pack of 6$6.95
15158Spark Timer Accelerator$34.00
15404Sparkling WheelToysmith$2.00
13984Specific Gravity Set$11.00
12662Spider SpecimenReal Insect$8.00
16374Spiderweb Obsidian - Large Chunk (2-3 inch)xUmp.com$8.99
16149Square Galileo Thermometer - Black Finish$49.95
14496Stainless Steel Yo-YoToysmith$9.99
16349Standalone USB Temperature Data Logger$29.00
16048Standing Rainbowmaker by KikkerlandKikkerland$39.00
15415Star FinderToysmith$9.00
11201Star Mica - Bulk MineralGeocentral$1.99
15863Star Sphere - 8 inch with 36 LEDs$25.00
14589Star-Ball Magnetic PuzzleCreative Whack$34.00
11252Stars and Constellations Placemat$2.99
16212Start to Solder Educational Kit$49.00
15103Static Science 4M Kit4M$14.95
15346Steam Generator$29.00
14821Steel Balls - Pack of 100$4.95
14485Steel Rectangular Bar Magnets - 4in pair$2.95
16051Storm Glass by KikkerlandKikkerland$19.95
14503Strain - The Bioengineering GameCopernicus Toys$25.00
16362Streak Plates Class Pack - 40 White + 40 BlackxUmp.com$79.00
14792Student Electronics BreadBoard$12.00
12343Subtraction Tables Placemat$3.49
14669Subwoofer Speaker $25.00
16291Suction Ball$2.00
16402Sulfur - Bulk Mineral$1.49
15376Sun Spot - Solar Oven$59.00
15880Super Capacitor - 100F 2.7VxUmp.com$2.95
10391Super Science Magnet KitDowling Magnets$25.00
15834Super Solar RecyclerOWI$17.00
12125Super Stacking TopsToysmith$7.95
13480SuperSafe Green Laser Pointer$39.00
14138Support Ring and Clamp - 4 inch$5.95
14139Support Stand with Rod$16.00
14854Swivel Clamp Holder$9.95
11965Syringe Ballpoint Pens - Set of 4$2.00
15896Syringe PenxUmp.com$1.95
15833T4 Transforming Solar RobotOWI$17.00
16403Talc - Bulk Mineral$1.49
12670Tangle Jr. ClassicToysmith$4.50
12249Tape Measure KeychainToysmith$2.49
12665Tarantula SpecimenReal Insect$24.00
15242Tech Light Lab$47.00
15555Tedco 12 inch Inflatable GlobeTedco$5.95
15552Tedco RattlebackTedco$2.59
16165Tektite - Rough Specimen$1.69
10207Telephone Bug KitElenco$7.00
14798Temperature Controlled Soldering StationElenco$29.00
14143Test Tube Brush$0.95
11223Test Tube Clamp$1.29
16218The Cartoon Periodic Chart Flash Cards$20.00
16220The Cartoon Periodic Chart Mug$13.00
16219The Cartoon Periodic Chart Poster$22.99
14172The Genius of Charles Darwin PosterEurographics$7.00
10091The Original GyroscopeTedco$7.50
15449The Original Hoberman SphereHoberman$39.00
16025The Periodic Table: A Visual Guide to the Elements$14.95
13286The Senses Study ChartBarCharts$3.99
15316The SpillNot $13.00
11164The Tar Pits SlimeToysmith$2.95
13735Thermochromic GluxCopernicus Toys$5.95
10179Thermodynamic Drinking Bird$6.49
10216Thermodynamic Hand Boiler$5.95
14618Thermoelectric Generator$32.00
15357Thermometer Clamp$5.95
16171Tin Can Edge Detector Robot 4M Kit$16.00
12259Tin Can Robot 4M Kit4M$16.00
12732TK2 Microscope KitThames & Kosmos$79.00
13149Tongue Depressors$6.00
14228Tornado Demonstration Model $279.00
16416Torpedo Level$2.00
12939Totally Gross Card Game - Tin Edition$12.00
16341Touch Board Starter Kit$199.00
10704Touchable BubblesToysmith$2.00
15808Traveling Science Gift SetxUmp.com$29.95
16169T-Rex Dinosaur DNA 4M Kit$14.00
15022T-Rex Pen$7.95
16283T-Rex Table Lamp$29.00
15036Triangulated Bamboo Puzzle$7.95
16284Triceratops Table Lamp$29.00
13671Trictenotomid BeetleReal Insect$12.00
12599Triops Eggs$5.95
11105Triple Pulley$2.99
14046Triple Tandem Pulley$2.99
15244Tripod Periodic Table LampxUmp.com$35.00
13703Tubular Spring Scale - Blue 250g$3.95
13705Tubular Spring Scale - Brown 1000g$3.95
13704Tubular Spring Scale - Green 500g$3.95
13706Tubular Spring Scale - Red 2000g$3.95
16455Tubular Spring Scale - White 3000g$3.95
15849Tubular Spring Scale - Yellow 5000g$3.95
13657Tumbled Pyrite$7.00
15087Tundra Playing Cards$4.00
11567TV Rock - UlexiteCopernicus Toys$5.95
16209Two Legged ALLBOT$99.00
13973Two Potato Clock$15.00
13986Two Way Burner Stand$4.95
11247U.S. Map Placemat$3.49
10930Ultimate Chemistry Set CHEM C3000 v2.0Thames & Kosmos$299.00
15952Ultra Glow Air Power Soccer DiscCan You Imagine$15.95
16417Ultrabright COB Keychain Light$3.59
12237Ultraviolet Touchable BubblesToysmith$3.49
15658United States ScrunchMap$7.95
13291US Map Poster - Laminated BarCharts$10.00
16315US Treasure Mining$14.00
11835US Weights and Measures Placemat$3.49
16294USA Magnetic Puzzle Map$12.00
13510USB Interface for Robotic Arm EDGEOWI$39.00
16088USB Temperature Sensor with Probe - PCSensor TEMPer1F$25.00
15456UV Blacklight Bulb$13.00
16359UV Blacklight Spotlight$45.00
15733UV LED Glass Loupe - 16x21mm$6.95
16083UV Light Blacklight KeychainxUmp.com$1.69
13784Van de Graaff Demo DVDWinsco$15.00
16207Vertex 3D Printer v2.0 - K8400$749.00
16453Vibration DC Motor + AA Battery Holder w/Switch$2.95
16441Vibration DC Motor 130 - 1.5-6V with leads$1.79
15489Vibrobot KitThames & Kosmos$35.00
14800Voice Changer Electronics Solder KitVelleman$11.00
15741Volcanoes and Earthquakes Playing Cards$5.95
14844Voltaic Cell$29.00
14073Voltaic Cell with Porous Cup and Electrodes Set$33.00
12657Walking Stick SpecimenReal Insect$12.00
13697Wall BugsToysmith$4.95
16102Wall Thermometer with HygrometerxUmp.com$3.50
15974Wasp - Small Specimen$4.00
14153Watch Glass - 65mm$0.95
15620Water Beads$1.49
15671Water Clock$13.00
16314Water Vortex Lamp$22.00
13845Water Wheel Timer$4.95
14497Wave Skipper BallToysmith$4.95
14860Wax Dissecting Pan$15.00
11833Weather Placemat$3.49
13399Weather Station 4M Kit4M$13.00
15731Weird Slime Workshop Kit$13.00
13265What Is Biology All About - Illustrated BookUsborne Books$5.00
15677Wheel and Axle$9.95
14767WHiP Yo-YoYo Yo Factory$9.00
15980White Ammonite - 1 inch Real Fossil$2.99
15645White Sand Hourglass$8.95
14233White Streak Plates - set of 10$10.00
11741Wicked Wings Slide SetC & A Scientific$9.00
15372Wide Range pH Solution Kit$20.00
13889Wide Range pH Test Paper$2.00
16114Widefield DIN 10X Microscope Eyepiece$33.00
12701Wilderness Survival Playing Cards$6.95
15740Wildflowers of America Playing Cards$5.00
10887Wimshurst Machine$75.00
13916Wind Power Kit v2.0Thames & Kosmos$44.00
12260Windmill Generator 4M Kit4M$12.00
15787Window Writers - Set of 4$12.00
16172Wind-Up Wiper Glasses$5.95
13773Winsco Van de Graaff GeneratorWinsco$695.00
14140Wire Gauze 5 x 5 inches$1.29
15603Wire Stripper Tool$5.95
15528Wood Fidget PuzzleToysmith$2.95
14396Wood Grain Newtons Cradle$15.00
10798Wooden Boomerang$4.95
13247Wooden Test Tube Rack$4.95
11376World and U.S. Map ChartBarCharts$4.99
11248World Map Placemat$3.49
16286World Map Wall Clock$22.00
16122World ScrunchMap$8.95
14971World's Simplest MotorTedco$5.95
10144Worlds Strongest MagnetsDowling Magnets$12.00
16368X119 FPV Quadcopter Drone - 6Ch 5.8GHz White$195.00
16367X163 Quadcopter Drone - 4Ch 2.4GHz Black$89.00
13469X-Ball - Magnetic PuzzleCreative Whack$34.00
14248Xenon Spectrum Discharge Tube$20.00
14177xUmp Gift BagxUmp.com$1.95
12541X-zylo Ultra - Flying Gyroscope$7.95
14588Y-Ball Magnetic PuzzleCreative Whack$34.00
16446Yellow Hand Tally CounterxUmp.com$3.39
13767ZeCar Flywheel CarKikkerland$14.00
13301Zoology Study ChartBarCharts$4.00
14265Zoology Vertabrate/Mammalia - 25 Prepared SlidesKonus$34.00

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